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Leo brings tea and snacks for Mauro and asks him to convey his wish. Mauro begins to wonder, and Leo tells him that he can grant all his wishes. Leo receives a call and goes out while Mauro is visited by a mysterious girl. He asked Mauro if he woke up and what he wanted. Mauro replied that he didn’t know how it was, and that he wanted it all to end. He realized that he was kind to others, and not like him to do that.

The mysterious girl stretched out her hand and told Mauro to hold her hand. He told Mauro to defeat the corrupted priest. After that, her wish would be granted, and she took her hand and disappeared. Mauro is teleported to the church, where he must complete his mission. When he got there, he began to wonder where he was, and he realized that he was in a holy place. Mauro started looking for the corrupted priest.

Shadowverse Episode 43 will be released on Tuesday, February 24, 2021, at 5:55. You can get the latest episodes at Crunchyroll or Anime-Planet. Let’s see how Mauro will meet the corrupt pastor below.



Earlier in Episode 43

While he was still looking around, an unknown woman appeared dressed as a priest. She tells him it’s not confession day. They both sit down, and he offers her tea. Mauro said he didn’t want to drink it. The lady said there was no lack of smell or taste at all. He also commented that a tea like this world only has beauty in it every day. The woman revealed that this is a world where people never envy or hate other people.

Broken Priest

Mauro comments that this is like a dream or a nightmare. The lady asks why is he not surprised. Mauro replied that he was in the same place a while ago. The lady asks is this a dream, who is dreamer, Mauro or him. Mauro reveals that he is looking for a corrupt priest. He asks if he’s a broken priest, and he asks if he knows how his world has ended. Mauro replies that he doesn’t remember, and he reveals that he was the one chosen.

Mauro was supposed to meet him, but he was defeated. Now that he was facing her, the memory of that ancient hero was engraved on the legendary card, the Imperial Saint. The woman decided to fight Mauro. He reveals that he is Eris Antule, and he wants to test Mauro. Mauro comments that if he passes the exam, he will get his passport to go. The woman said she was the judge. Mauro tells Eris that he will beat him, and he tells him to try.

Hiro unleashed Rabbit Healer along with the four cards on his deck. He ended his turn, and he summoned the Countdown Amulet, Prism Relic. The Prism Relic effect does two damage to enemy retainers. It crushed Mauro’s attacker, and Eris ended his turn. Mauro noticed something about Eri’s card. He realized that Eris was another Countdown user, and he drew another card. He discovers that Eris is a corrupted priest and decides to save him.

Mauro Vs. Broken Priest



Mauro played the Sledgehammer Exorcist and commented that he wouldn’t lose so easily. Eris retaliates by playing Octarelic, and that affects activating and dispelling one follower with four defenses or less. Octarelic swallows Sledgehammer, and Eris comments that it is a prayer. Prayers to heaven that bring false peace, and he asks Maro if he ever prayed. Mauro said that he had prayed many times, and that his prayers had been answered.

Mauro thought that Leo was answering his prayer, but he was wrong; he is only the chosen one. Mauro reveals that he should have fulfilled the task given to him, but he betrayed the world. He never paid the price for his evil deeds, but he is still alive. Perhaps Eris’s comments that suit Mauro are peace. He activated Last Word and destroyed Relic Prism. A random relic card is moved from the deck to his hand, and he plays Tetrarelic.

Tetrarelic created Relic Guardian, and he added and expanded Relic Preists. Eris smashed Mauro’s countdown to zero and began showering him with powerful attacks. He also attacked the Cursed Maiden with an evolved Priest Relic. Eris commented that if Mauro had the other strength to beat him, then despair couldn’t beat him.

Mauro decided to end the battle with one move. He summoned Skullfane, who sentenced all enemies to death. Eris commented, what a powerful combination, and she’s blown away. She thanks him for turning him into a good pastor. Mauro said goodbye to her, and he thanked her for offering her tea. She is teleported back to her world and realizes that she doesn’t have to lie anymore.

Shadowverse Episode 44 Preview

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