Shadows House Episode 4: Preview and Recap

Emilico realized that he knew nothing about Shadows House. He decided to learn everything himself. On his way, he runs into Mia, who gives him a strange look and wonders if Mia is mad at him. Mia grabs her hand and greets her excitedly, and she realizes that Mia is trying to make fun of her. Emilico comments that he thinks Mia hates him. Mia revealed that the last time they met, she was blown away by Sarah’s emotions. Rosemary arrives and tells them they can start their lessons today.

They were going to take Emilico around the house today. They show the hall cleaning tools. Rosemary reveals that it is also called the assembly hall for living dolls. Emilico commented that when he finished cleaning the great hall, he would put his broom here. He sees some guns and asks them what they are. Rosemary reveals that they used them for emergencies, but now they’re just kept there because they don’t happen often.

Previously in Shadows House Episode 3

During their tour, Emilico saw a staircase that might lead them to another room. She asks about it, and Rosemary reveals that started heading into the kitchen and laundry room. Lou reveals the work of veiled dolls in the kitchen and laundry room. Rosemary told Emilico not to think about it. Then they visited the classroom where Emilico was going to study there. Rosemary told him that he would study another time; today is about tour.

Emilico looks at a map of the Shadows House house and realizes that the house has a different floor. As her touring teacher, Rosemary comments that the living doll room is under the Shadows residence. They also show the portraits they wore when they played Faces. Rosemary revealed that her arms and legs were wrapped in lace so that her face would stand out.

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She reveals that it is a live doll’s formal dress. They told him that he would wear that outfit on his debut. Emilico wondered when that day would come, and he told him it would come soon. Rosemary also told Emilico that Lou had yet to make his debut, and that they would do so on the same day. Emilico thought Lou had done everything because he was the first to arrive at the Shadow House.

Emilico’s Shadow House Tour

Shadow House

Shadow House

They showed me another great hall that they cleared last time. Emilico noticed the dust, and he showed it to the others, wondering where the dust had come from since the place was cleared. Rosemary told him not to worry about such a small amount. On the way, Emilico saw a room with numbers, and Lou revealed that the room could lead them to the debut hall.

Emilico asked what they did during their debut. Rosemary reveals that the debut hall is a ceremony where Shadow and Doll’s competence will be assessed and whether they will become an asset to the Shadows family. Once a member of the Shadows family debuts, they are said to have faces that are a sign of maturity. Emilico asked if Mrs. Kate was immature. Mia reveals that Kate is on probation, and Emilico wonders if her debut isn’t going well.

Rosemary and Mia looked at each other and revealed that they shouldn’t give any details about their debut. Mia tells him to do his best, and he realizes that some information is confidential. Emilico wondered if there was a doll older than Rosemary. He replied that there were many of them, and that they were in another wing of the house. Then Emilico made his debut and saved a girl who was about to be consumed by Shadow from his wish.

Shadows House Episode 4 Release and Preview Date

Shadows House Episode 4 will be released on Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 12:30 PM JST. You can watch this anime online, AnimeLab and Funimation.

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