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In order to end the holly war that occurred 3000 years ago, the Wizard Gowther used a forbidden spell. It consists in changing the person’s memory and the perceptions of all who know him. After 3000 years, the curse was finally lifted, and all those perceptions began to crumble. The man whose memory was altered by the Wizard Gowther began to rampage. At the same time, the king was surprised that Estarossa had the wings of a goddess.

Gowther comments because Demon Estarossa was not around in the first place. That was the true form of Estarossa, Mael of the Four Archangels. Tarmiel couldn’t believe Mael was in front of them. Mael realized that his brother had told him that killing demons was not a sin. He continued to kill the demon countless times, impressing his brother. His brother tells him that one day he will be smarter than him. Mael became stronger and became the Archangel who was most feared by the demons.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 6 will be available on its official platform on Wednesday, 17 February 2021, 5:55 JST. Visit Netflix to get more updates about this anime. Let’s find out how Estarossa became Mael below.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

Previously in Episode 5

One day Mael saw Elizabeth and Meliodas making love in a cave. It worried him because Elizabeth didn’t even glance at him and chose to be with Meliodas. All the time, Mael trains hard and defeats demons to impress Elizabeth. But his efforts were in vain as Meliodas took Elizabeth from him. It broke Mael’s heart, and she was attacked by anger, hatred and became Estarossa. That day he decided to cut his hair and wings.

Commandments of Love

The Demon Lord was very proud of him and considered him the number one son. He decided to give Estarossa a gift. Estarossa doesn’t believe that her father gave her the Commandments of Love that her brother left behind. He used his chest to take orders of love. After receiving it, hatred and evil power filled his body. Estarossa was very happy that she gained new powers. But now, he was disappointed that he had lost that power.

Estarossa had returned to Mael when he wanted to kill Elizabeth. He shed tears regretting why he killed so many of his comrades. He started asking why and who did this. Gowther comments that it was him and Mael that could now destroy him. Mael realized that Gowther was the Ten Commandments of the Demon race. Mael slammed Gowther with the ground. He beat him with stones and asked why he made him hate his brother Ludociel as his enemy.

Mael was angry that Gowther made him admire Demon Meliodas as his brother. He started hitting Gowther with punches. He threw Gowther and landed a double kick in Gowther’s stomach. Mael told Gowther that what he did was an unforgivable sin. He asked Gowther why he chose him. Gowther reveals that the start of the Holy War 3000 years ago. It started because of the imbalance in power between the devil and the goddess.

Demon Race vs. goddess

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

The Holy War was triggered when Meliodas betrayed the devils and went to the side of the Goddess. By infusing a warrior with strength equal to that of Meliodas on the devil’s side, balance could be restored. The warrior is Mel, who becomes Estarossa to restore the balance between the two races. By letting the goddess lose Mael and the devil to get Estarossa, the balance of power can be maintained.

However, once the Holy War started, nothing could stop it. Before becoming safe winners, the Goddesses activate the Coffin of eternal darkness. That’s when Gowther decided to take a step and end the Holy War. Mael’s comment was why he suffered and was insulted by the Holy War. When he stepped on Gowther’s hand, he was shocked because Gowther’s body had holes. Gowther reveals that he is a doll created by the Sorcerer Gowther.

Mael was angry that she was going to take revenge on a doll that didn’t even know what pain and suffering were. King intervenes by separating the two and comments that he made up one of the Seven Deadly Sins rules. Mael comments that she will make King feel pain because Gowther is a doll. He attacked the King with an Arrow of Salvation which crushed the King with the ground. Mael reveals that the Arrow of Salvation is a saving power that grants the Demons painless death.

Gowther stood in front of the King and asked Mael to destroy him, who was a sinner. Mael was delighted to hear that and said he would take the final blow. King unleashed Chastiefo’s true spirit spear the first time from Chastiefol. He attacked Mael with the Spear of Judgment, but Mael blocked him. Sariel and Tarmiel decide to save Mael from the darkness. They decided to fight Mael.

Preview of Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 6

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