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Mael frees himself from the control of the Commandments and allies with the Seven Deadly Sins to end the Holy War. Meanwhile, in Camelot, Chandler, and Cusack unite and become the First Demon. In Purgatory, the battle between Meliodas and the Demon Lord continued. Meliodas wanted to return to the Mortal Plane.

Liar attacks the Demon Lord, but he is sent flying, and Ban checks if he is okay. The Demon Lord started attacking Ban and Meliodas. He told Meliodas that he would not allow him to return to the land of the living. He wanted Meliodas to be the next Demon Lord. Check out the weekly schedule for Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 below.

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 9 Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 9 will be released on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, at 5:55 JST on Netflix. Further updates of the battles will be released next week; keep in touch. Check out the following recap and update.

Previously on Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 8

The Demon Lord misses and Ban attacks with Physical Hunt which he manages to repel. Forbid notification that its powers are beginning to be withdrawn. The Demon Lord said that when he guarded the gates, nothing came through. Meliodas replied that he was not the one who decided that. Meliodas Attack with Full Counter deflected.

Ban comments that the Demon Lord has even absorbed magic that was deflected on him. He asked the Captain what this person’s magic was made of. Ban wonders why their attack didn’t work on the Demon Lord. Meliodas replied that his magic had the same name as one of his titles as Demon Lord. He said that the Demon Lord is Ruler.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4

Mortal Plane

Wild rushed in with Zig Zag Wild and jumped into the air, where he created Spinning Wild. The Demon Lord captured Wild and told him that he never studied. He dumped Wild. He released a punch which blew them away from the gate. Meliodas wakes up and asks where the bastard is. Wild said that they were fascinated by him.

Meliodas lowered his head and said maybe he wasn’t meant to return to the Mortal Plane. Wild comments that it’s not like Sir Meliodas said something like that. He also said he was committed to not giving up until he saw his younger brother again. Meliodas said he was not against their return. But all he wanted to see was Elizabeth’s curse to death. Ban reveals that Elizabeth’s curse is starting to take effect. If Meliodas lost his heart, it was all over.

Ban hugged Meliodas and told him they would get out of him no matter what. They will save their girls, and he will bring Eline back to life. Meliodas will break the curse of the princess. He slapped Meliodas for not showing he was happy with her. Meliodas said that it would not be that simple. The two of them ran and returned to where the Demon Lord was. When they got there, the Demon Lord said he was tired of listening to them.

Demon King vs. Meliodas

He pointed his sword at them and said the more they tried to steal his power, the stronger he became. The Demon Lord told them no matter how strong their attacks were; they will never scratch the skin. Meliodas unleashed a Revenge Counter which had just made dust on the Demon Lord’s face. The Demon Lord comments that Melioda’s moves are just a clone of what he learned from Chandler.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4

She tells him that if he doesn’t use his real magic, he won’t be able to fight it. But that was impossible because Meliodas was afraid. He landed a hammer blow that smashed Meliodas with the ground. The fight continued for a week, and Meliodas did not give up on his friends. But they were continuously beaten and sent flying. Ban asked Meliodas how many times they tried. Meliodas replied that it was too much of a thing.

Liar reveals that they have tried 6093 out of 0f 6093 and never won a single battle. Sixty years have now passed when the three of them challenged the Demon Lord. But they never reached his feet. Tire slaps Wild’s butt who is injured, and heals. He realized that for the past sixty years, he had stolen the Demon Lord’s power. It made Wild’s wound heal instantly. Ban thought that with this kind of power, it would be very easy to bring Elaine back to life.


They found something and returned to challenge the Demon Lord. He couldn’t believe that they were in front of him after all the beatings. The use of Inversion weakens the Demon Lord. He said that even if he was weak, he would never allow Meliodas to reach the Mortal Plane. Forbidden to restrain the Demon Lord from using the attack called Reward. Meliodas reaches the door that leads them to the other side, but he realizes that Ban was caught.

He came back and saved Ban and told him to leave, he was going to stop the Demon Lord. They trick the Demon Lord, and Ban is teleported in front of Elizabeth and the others. He told them he was doing his job; they have to go to the Captain’s place. Ban heads to the battle where Elaine is. He defeats the devil by simply folding his fingers, and he catches Elaine, who falls. Prohibition uses the “Prize” to revive Elaine, and it works, but she loses her immortality.

Preview of Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 9

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