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Sentinelle is an upcoming French action thriller based on the life of a French soldier who is seen fighting and being a very active part of various military operations carried out by the army. Sentinelle seems to be a unique film because of the different storylines. Almost all military-based films are generally based or dominated by male counterparts in the films but in this film, this film has the main role played by a female actor and the story is also based entirely on women. domain point of view.

Sentinelle recently got the release of a trailer for the film which was highly appreciated and eagerly awaited by the audience and managed to get a lot of likes. The film will not be released in theaters, but is ready to be released on the digital online streaming platform Netflix. French films are great to watch even if you don’t understand French, audiences around the world with open hearts love various French films around the world which means language is never a barrier when it comes to films. Only you need good content to please your audience; language will never be a problem.

Upcoming French Action Thriller Film- 'Sentinelle'

Upcoming French Action Thriller Film- ‘Sentinelle’

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Player & plot details

The film’s cast includes the following actors:

  • Olga Kurylenko
  • Marilyn Lima
  • Michel Nabokoff
  • Martin Swabey
  • Carole Weyers
  • Guillaume Duhesme
  • Andrey Gorlenko
  • Antonio Malinova
  • Gabriel Almaer
  • Blaise Afonso
  • Michel Biel

This film is also included in the Action thriller film genre with darkness involved in it as the story. The lead role in the film Sentinelle is played by French Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko is a famous military officer who recently returned home after being part of a film’s very dangerous but traumatic combat mission. The back of the story continues when the officer’s sister has been brutally sexually assaulted by someone and when she finds out about her sister’s situation and then she decides to take revenge on the person who has turned against her sister, this is the movie. involves high action through deadly military skills she tries to do everything to change everything to destroy and take revenge from the man who has done evil acts on her sister.

Sentinelle will be a cool, film-centric film that basically tends to be action stories that deal with women. On a merciless hunt to find and take revenge against that man to get his sister’s justice, you will see all the deadly scenes of the action related to various military operations that are generally carried out, someone from a military background completely different skills to fight together and at this time we have used these skills in films in the past as well which embrace and demonstrate the extraordinary skills of the defense personnel.

Sentinelle: Trailer Details and Release Date

The movie trailer has recently been released and as said the audience is very excited about the film and looking forward to seeing the film. The film’s release date is scheduled for 5th March 2021, and most importantly, the creators will not release theaters, but this film is only for digital online streaming on Netflix. So, if you want to experience a real crisis of military life from the point of view of defense personnel with great actors involved, you only have to watch it after March 5, 2021, only through Netflix. The film also sets a glimpse of the military operations that took place in parts of Syria, a very traumatic operation was carried out there the film, and then he prepares to go on to his next mission, which is only related to his own. life it is his sister. The screenplay and direction of the film was done by Julien Leclercq.

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