Sasquatch Review: Docuseries Hulu Is A Fascinating True Crime Keeper


Sasquatch is Hulu’s latest documentation investigating the criminal underworld surrounding mythical creatures. We all know the urban myth of Bigfoot. A conspiracy was pushed into the zeitgeist after 1967 to find a tape containing “Bigfoot”. A new documentary series about Hulu explores this urban legend. However, if you went into the series expecting some kind of supernatural exploration from legends, you’d be wrong. Not, Sasquatch far more creepy and terrifying than Bigfoot’s sightings. This is a series of interviews with people around a notorious murder that is rumored to be linked to a legend. The series premiered on Hulu on April 20, 2021. It pushes the line between urban legend and true crime. Joshua Rofé is the director while Mark and Jay Duplass are producing the series.

At the center of this series is gonzo journalist David Holthouse. The series follows him as he tries to solve a strange twenty-five year old murder case of three people. According to rumors, three marijuana farmers were killed by Bigfoot in Northern California. Bizarre rumors about this famous legend point the Holthouse to a series of cryptic people. Director Joshua Rofé previously directed the Lorena Rabbit series, Lorena. Meanwhile, producers Mark and Jay Duplass have worked on documentaries such as Evil Genius and Wild Wild Country. David Holthouse is a gonzo journalist who has infiltrated street gangs and white supremacist groups in the past.

The Sasquatch Hulu Trailer

Sasquatch flows upstream.

Sasquatch Episode Synopsis

It begins with a story that David heard in 1993. The story is about three men who are brutally murdered by Sasquatch on a weed farm in Northern California. Nearly three decades after he heard the story. And now, he’s teamed up with documentary maker Joshua Rofé to investigate the gruesome tale. As a result, the series explores areas where cannabis growers rarely live. It also spreads through drug addicts, mysterious men, and unsolved murders. Back in the 90’s, when he heard his story, David was working undercover on a farm. He has tackled this story about the three Mexican workers who killed Bigfoot, tearing them apart. From then on, he wasn’t sure if it was true. But it fits with another story about Bigfoot. There are stories of workers being crushed by rocks and rumbling sounds in the forest.

Episode 1 of the docuseries features various people talking about Bigfoot as scientific fact. David interviewed many people who talked about mythical creatures they knew to be real. It’s not just that they think Bigfoot is right; they want the whole world to catch up. One of the men, who claimed to be a hunter, spoke of being crushed while he was inside the tent. Others talk about seeing Bigfoot’s eyes when he was 10 years old. Episode 2 investigates a criminal subculture in the mountains of Northern California. David faces a very real and terrifying threat in his pursuit of concrete evidence. And in the final episode, David meets the source of the underworld and confronts a dangerous suspect. David continues to follow the trail of his investigations deeper into the jungle of greed, revenge and murder.

Hulu Sasquatch release date

Image from Hulu’s Sasquatch (2021).

Dark Stomach of Crime and Marijuana

For cryptozoology enthusiasts, there is still enough content to chew on. There are lots of interviews with “experts” at Bigfoot. It started out as a fairly quirky exploration of legends but later evolved into something even more sinister. At first glance, this may seem like a quirky documentary about a conspiracy of mythical creatures, but it’s more than that. His real strength lies in the tense moments David finds himself as he continues the investigation. There have been several interviews with people whose faces were blurred, or whose voices were muffled. At that time, docuseries became terrifying. As the Holthouse plunges deep into the investigation, the story becomes even more mysterious. The more the series continues, the more unsolved mysteries present themselves. Speaking of documentaries, David once shared how at times, he felt like he was pushing it too much. Some of the characters in the series are not only shady but also outright psychotic.

This documentary focuses on the dangerous and highly competitive marijuana business in the mountains of northern California. It also investigates lawless areas where even the police are afraid to step in. There’s a whole culture of racism and lawlessness up there and it’s been permeating the region for a long time. The Docuseries touches on how the gold rush of the 19th century brought businessmen to the country. However, the people who came were not the most honorable. This was the case again with hippies in the late 20th century. This documentary focuses on the history of the place, especially Spy Rock. The area has been a hotbed of lawlessness and murder, with bodies frequently found. Sasquatch started out as a pretty quirky and ridiculous documentary about legends and conspiracies. But he distinguishes himself from the rest as he continues to explore the darkness that surrounds Bigfoot.

Sasquatch Hulu Watch online

Footprints presumed to be Bigfoot.

Holthouse Experience During Making

The Holthouse talks about how he understands why legends have become facts to those who believe in him. He told how his adrenaline was high enough when he went to the forest alone. In his adrenaline rush, he says how understandable it is to believe in Bigfoot. Talking about his experiences in the forest, he said, “It feels like the Sasquatch is behind every tree, right.” In a recent interview, David also revealed the scariest part of making the documentary film. He talked about how he finds himself alone in the mountains and how it affects a person. In the forest in the mountains, he said that a person was completely invisible. GPS stopped working, so did cell phones and connectivity. In such a situation, David finds himself, he claims it is very scary indeed.

David spoke about an interview he had with a woman while following sources. On one trip, he spoke with a woman who claimed to be a witness to a murder. He added that he told him about the body which was later buried on his property. He says how the interaction terrified him, with him believing he had pushed his luck too far. The series is full of moments and situations like this. As David went further into the investigation, the interaction became increasingly tense and uncomfortable. The people he met and talked to began to feel uncomfortable as the investigation deepened. Later in the series, we start seeing people with their faces censored and blurred and voices altered. And it is this tension and anxiety that makes this documentation worth replaying. David himself is an interesting character, and his gonzo journalistic talents are put to good use.

David Holthouse Sasquatch Documentary

Gonzo Journalist David Holthouse.

Sasquatch is a Fascinating True Crime Documentary about Mythical Bigfoot

Sasquatch is a compelling and gripping documentary of real crimes. This three-part series delves into the urban legend of Bigfoot but uncovers even more mystery. It begins with a quirky approach to the legend with goofy characters talking about conspiracies as well as their facts. That’s what you expect from a documentary called Sasquatch. But rather than in a supernatural way, the series delves into the guts surrounding crime and racism. It mainly focuses on the area called the Emerald Triangle. Known as the largest cannabis producing region in the US, it also holds many mysteries and crimes. This evil and the perilous past associated with the region make up for the darkness of this series. And it’s quite a trip from the seemingly ridiculous start to the left-hand turn that it takes later.

With so many documentaries that we receive from streaming sites, the desire for more grows even bigger. However, documentary films have recently decreased quite a lot in their execution. There is a similar formula adopted by all documentaries these days. This has become the kind of cheating popcorn movie. It also disturbs true crime documentaries. But, fortunately, Sasquatch delivers true evil with competence. There is a lot that can be done for docuseries. One of them is David Holthouse, who is good at investigating mysteries and interviewing dangerous people. People may be disappointed that the series is not what they expected. But it is the true evil part of urban legends that makes it interesting to me. Our ratings for Hulu Sasquatch is 4 from 5.

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