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Trailer for Rajkumar Rao upcoming film titled Roohi was released on YouTube about 3 days ago and has garnered a lot of appreciation. Roohi, a horror comedy film starring Rajkumar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor, and Varun Sharma seems like the perfect mix of scary stuff, overlaid with humor. This film is a follow-up to Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao Starrer Stree, which came out in 2018. So let’s preview the film, and break the trailer down into sections.

Rajkumar Rao

Brief explanation about Trailer

So when the trailer started, we were told about the witch, who was watching over the newlyweds. He has a habit of kidnapping the bride, as soon as he sees the groom asleep on the first night of their wedding. But while the witch’s silhouette seems to be moving, as she is introduced, in an instant we see Hitesh and Lakiresh kidnap. Roohi, in the middle of a busy road. They did this, to save her from the clutches of a witch before she married. While they manage to get him into the middle of the forest to keep him safe, they find themselves trapped there, together Roohi, to their surprise they had been possessed.

While the spirit seemed to be moving away from his body, Hitesh went upstairs Roohi and introduced himself. He didn’t stutter, but only twisted the words as he spoke. Her innocence strikes Roohi, and he smiled. But a minute to the moment, the spirit returns to action. Hitesh feels sorry for such a girl Roohi to be caught under the grip of an evil spirit and speak to Lakiresh about the same. Lakiresh came out and came back with a goat, buffalo and hen, which was scary Roohi. When asked about why the animals were brought, he referred to them as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, respectively. Roohi said she was a vegetarian but mockingly, Lakiresh replied that she shouldn’t be selfish. Because the person in him likes to have non-vegetarian food and he will eat it at any cost.

Janhvi Kapoor

We then saw Hitesh visit various places that claim to exorcise a spirit from a person’s body. She visits an Indian exorcist who manages to free a woman from being possessed by a spirit, but in the end, the same spirit takes possession of a man, who is sitting right next to her. On witnessing this, the places became somewhat chaotic, and when Hitesh asked him about it, one of Baba’s followers said that he was fully responsible for liberating someone from spirit possession. If it takes control of someone else’s body, he is not responsible. His logic scared him, and he left the place.

Hitesh and Lakiresh then take it Roohi to experienced exorcists who cast out spirits with magic paan. According to him, as soon as a possessed person consumes paan, the spirit immediately leaves the body. But all in vain when the magician takes complete control Roohi body and finally got rid of the exorcist, before he could even react. Seeing Roohi completely out of control and behaving dangerously, he tied her to a tree. We then saw them pick up Roohi leave, and the exorcist explains the whole problem to the men.

Varun Sharma

Possessed witch Roohi very strong, and almost impossible for them to drive him away. He was referred to as ‘Mudiyapairi’ who was just going away Roohi if the witch is married. But when Hitesh asks, why if he’s not married? The only answer he got was Death. We then saw Lakiresh acting strangely as if he was under a spell. He admits that he fell in love with the witch and started acting dramatically. Perhaps the only man the witch actually wanted to marry was Lakiresh, and that was what terrified Hitesh. So, when he recreated the Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge scene, it terrified Hitesh, because he didn’t want him to be under the control of a witch either. So will Lakiresh marry Mudiyapairi? Because the only way to get rid of it is to get married. Will it have a similar ending to Stree? Well, we never know.

Will Roohi bring back the audience?

Well, when we take a look at the newly released trailers and teasers, the film has managed to create a lot of buzz around it, especially since they are getting some Stree the vibrations that surround it. Stree had previously been a hit and managed to woo audiences with an outstanding film. And since Roohi is the result of the same creative team and managed to get the perfect cast, we are sure this film will be welcomed by the masses.

Last year, Janhvi Kapoor OTT release titled Gunjan Saxena: Kargil Girl, take her absolute credit. And now, he was back in a completely different avatar, something he had never done before. Do not miss the co-stars Rajkumar Rao, which never fails to surprise us with the kind of script he uses and puts his heart and soul in it. He has also gone through a winning streak with his previous releases White Tiger and Ludo, which was released digitally and garnered appreciation from across the country.

Janhvi Kapoor, as seen in Gunjan Saxena

What do the trading experts say?

Trade analyst Girish Johar said in his comments Roohi has managed to create a lot of buzz around it, solely because of its star cast and horror-comedy genre who managed to create a place worthy of the hearts of previous viewers. He believes that the cast has a good handle when it comes to box office and the genre has proved successful too in the past. The team hasn’t started their promotions yet, but he feels that if the content manages to catch viewers’ attention, he is confident that the creators will definitely have a pretty good start at the box office.

Speaking of the same, trade expert Atul Mohan felt the film was good overall and might be the first A-lister film to arrive in theaters with 100% occupancy if all the states allowed it. The film is an extension of the 2018 hit Stree and follows the same genre, with Maddock film become a producer again. This though is a feature Rajkumar Kumar as the leader, same as before, but things may not be the same, because the scenario is different now. People during the lockdown had changed their movie viewing habits, and didn’t choose to go out and go to the movies. So, Roohi might have to face some difficulties. But as we have said for a long time, a good product is strong enough to draw viewers’ attention towards it. So I hope.

Roohi Team

What else did Dinesh Vijan have?

While producers held back from holding back their films and opting for OTT releases, Dinesh Vijan has really fought the pandemic. He has four films scheduled, which will be released this year. Besides Roohi, he has Mimi, starring Kriti Sanon, Shiddat, starring Radhika Madan, Sunny Kaushal, Diana Penty, Mohit Raina and Hum Do Hamare Do starring Kriti Sanon, Rajkumar Rao, Paresh Rawal. All of these films will hit the big screen this year. He promised that the films were aimed at the big screen and would definitely captivate audiences.

Kriti Sanon

Roohi’s release date

Roohi originally scheduled to appear on the big screen in June 2020 but shifted to March 2021 due to the ongoing world pandemic. Since theaters reopened, no new films have been released yet. So, Roohi will be the first major Bollywood film to hit the big screen, after the lockdown. Overall, the film will be the first to arrive at theaters, after the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting allowed cinemas across the country to operate at full capacity from February 1, with the correct COVID-19 safety protocol. So don’t forget to treat yourself to this horror comedy that’s coming on March 11, 2021, at the nearest cinema.


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