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Roohi is an Indian Hindi Horror film. It was one of the most talked about films even before its release. For a very long time, Bollywood did not provide its fans with horror-comedy films. However, what has surprised filmmakers lately is that they are interested in this genre film. Just like today’s filmmakers, Hardik Mehta tries to combine the two genres. Moreover, this film is the first film to be released in theaters in 2021. This is due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, because cinemas can greatly contribute to the spread of the corona virus if these guidelines are not followed properly. The release of this film is very important to the film industry as it marks the crucial beginning of the entertainment business. Thus, the year 2020 did not reach the target due to the pandemic. Also, that year caused huge losses to the showbiz industry.

Roohi's release date

Roohi’s poster

Roohi Trailer

The trailer for this Indian horror film was released to fans on February 16, 2021. Thus, the trailer managed to break the 14 million mark on its first day of release. Especially on the first day of release the trailer has been watched 14,123,568 times. In addition, it is also trending number one in India. The teaser film was released on February 11, 2021. Thus, the teaser shows the horror side of the leads. In addition, before the trailer was released, two movie posters were released. The poster also has a tagline – “Mard Ko Zyada Dard Hoga”. It is also titled as “Aiayega Zaroor Iss Bhootiya Shaadi Mein.”

Roohi’s release

You will be surprised to learn that the original title of the film is not Roohi. On February 15, 2021, the filmmakers decided to change the name of the film. The initial name of the film is Roohi Afzana. Then changed to the name Roohi. So, this film is always in the spotlight. Moreover, initially the film was scheduled to be released on March 20, 2020. However, after a few days, they shifted the release date to April 17, 2020. However, before the film’s release, a pandemic swept the world. Hence, this is the reason why the film is stand-by. But now the film was finally released yesterday, which is March 11, 2021. ‘Roohi’ was released in theaters after the Indian Ministry of Broadcasting on February 1 announced the permission to release the film in theaters.

Roohi cast

The Roohi film cast involves a balance of actors. There are famous and famous faces as well as a blooming new star leading itself. The names of the characters and their roles are as follows.

  1. Rajkumar Rao as Bhawra Pandey – She is one of the main cast of the film.
  2. Janhvi Kapoor as Roohi – She is the lead actress of the film.
  3. Varun Sharma as Kattanni Qureshi – He is also one of the main cast of the film.
  4. Alexx O ‘Nell as Team
  5. Manav Vij as Gujya Shakeel
  6. Sarita Joshi as Budhiya
  7. Sumit Gulati as Paras
  8. Rajesh Jaiswal as Roohi’s father
Roohi's release date

The main character in Roohi

However, Janhvi Kapoor, the lead actress, was last seen in Gunjan Saxena. It is Netflix an original that was quite successful. The next film being planned is Dostana 2 opposite Kartik Aryan. Rajkumar Rao, who needed no introduction, was last seen at the White Tiger. Moreover, the film was a huge success. Even White Tiger is a Netflix Original. Thus, the next film to be released is Badhaai Do. Nevertheless, Varun Sharma was last seen in Chhichhore and also in a cameo role in Jai Mummy Di.

Roohi’s story

The story is based on the film Stree. Stree was a huge success and was released in 2018. Roohi’s story is set in and all over Bhagalpur. In addition, Bagadpur is shown as a place where people speak different dialects in the film. Moreover, Bagadpur, according to the film, has a tradition of “pakdai byah” or kidnapping of brides. So, here is the story of the two boys in the film. This boy is a boy from a small town. Among them, there is Bhawra Pandey, played by Rajkumar Rao, and Katanni Qureshi, played by Varun Sharma. Furthermore, Bhawra Pandey and Katanni Qureshi turned out to be contract thugs. They are the ones who do “pakdi byah”.

Bhawra and Kattanni then kidnap a girl named Roohi. Roohi in the film is first shown as a simple and unpretentious girl. However, Bhawra and Kattanni soon find out about Roohi’s other side. It appears that Roohi is possessed by a spirit named Afza. Furthermore, it appears that Bhawra is in love with Roohi, while Kattani is in love with Afza. The strange romance that takes place in this trio is hilarious. Moreover, Bhawra is considered to want to get rid of Afza’s spirit in Roohi. This is because he wants the only roohi and is afraid of Afza. In fact, Kattanni wanted Afza not to leave so he could have an affair. While finding solutions to their problems, they encounter many strange but funny situations.

Roohi's release date

A scene from the movie Roohi

Roohi Production

The film Roohi was directed by Hardik Mehta. In addition, the producers of the film are Dinesh Vijan and Mrighdeep Singh. With them, Roohi’s writers were Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and Gautam Mehra. Moreover, the film’s music director is Sachin Jigar. Meanwhile, the lyricists of the film’s songs are Amitabh Bhattacharya, IP Singh, and Jigar Saraiya. However, the film was produced under Maddock Films and Jio Studios. Jio Studio not only produces articles but has also distributed them. Moreover, the film was edited by Hufeza Lokhandwala. Thus, the total length of this film is 145 minutes. At the same time, the total film budget is 35-40 crore.

The main success of the film

Even after being criticized by many critics. The three main actors, namely – Rajkumar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor, and Varun Sharma, were seen putting on extraordinary performances. Moreover, the three characters have supported and complemented each other a lot on screen. Thus, Roohi managed to get a fair amount on the first day’s release itself. We believe that mahashivratri holidays contribute a lot to this fine collection. Apart from the Covid 19 Pandemic, Mahashivratri helped a lot in getting Roohi to start generously. Released on Thursday, Roohi raised 3.06 crore in bulk in India on its first day.

Overview of the Roohi film

Rajkumar Rao was once again seen as the best at playing a small town man with bright hair and a goofy smile. However, his characters may remind you a lot of his character in Stree. He made sure to separate the two characters from different films with different acting skills and gestures. Varun Sharma, on the other hand, as usual, didn’t disappoint us this time too. With perfect comic timing, proper delivery of expression, it shines through the entire film with ease. Even though Janhvi Kapoor also outperformed his role. He’s just as great in the role of Afza and gives us goosebumps. However, she is innocent and weak in the role of Roohi. What’s more, some of the scenes come from the iconic film Titanic where Rose leaves Jack to die. Second, the famous ‘palat’ scene from Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge.

Like all other films, this film also has a few flaws here and there. First, this film lacks a deeper and more intense narrative. The mention of the characters’ backstories is not strong. This is because, after a point, the narrative will fade from your mind. However, the duration of the film is more than 2 hours. This film finally pushes us towards a pretty good concept of self-love. Moreover, Panghat and Nadiyon Paar are two groovy songs. That way, they’ll stick in your head even after you’ve finished watching the movie. The two songs are given at the beginning and end of the film respectively. The film also has a good portion or dose of entertainment. Nonetheless, we hope that this film brings profit to Bollywood after the losses it has faced during the pandemic.

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