Roohi Ending Explained: What Happens In The End?


Roohi is a 2021 horror comedy directed by Hardik Mehta. Dinesh Vijan has produced the film under the banner of Maddock Films. This film stars Rajkumar Rao, Jahnavi Kapoor, and Varun Sharma in the main characters. It follows two clumsy friends, Bhawra and Kattani, who are hired to kidnap a bride. Troubles started when Bhawra fell in love with the kidnapper while Kattani fell in love with the ghost who possessed him. Roohi blends two genres – horror and comedy with lots of Bollywood tropes. The film revolves around two clunky and bizarre mistakes, Bhawra and Kattani. Bhawra is a sneaky reporter for the local newspaper Mujeerabadi Zalzala. Kattani is his best friend and best friend. But the two of them are of different and even more shady professions. It is revealed that they work for a bad person under the name Guniya Shakeel.

Baagadpur, where they live, has a tradition of kidnapping brides. This tradition is evident in many eastern cultures. The duo work under local marriage broker Guniya Shakeel as professional bride kidnappers. They get a tip to kidnap a woman named Roohi, which they succeed in doing. However, Shakeel ordered them to keep her in a secluded place because her marriage was postponed. Roohi is possessed by a witch named Afza. Bhawra falls in love with Roohi when Kattani develops something for Afza. Things start moving when Shakeel orders them to kill Roohi. The duo have fallen in love with the physical and the supernatural and disobey Shakeel. Then, they decided to get rid of Roohi from the witch. They set out for a town called Chimattipur, which is famous for its exorcisms and tantricism.

Roohi afzana cast

Rajkumar Rao plays Bhawra while Varun, his best friend, Kattani.

Roohi Ending Explained

This film tells the story of the duo Bhawra and Kattani who try to marry the same girl. Bhawra has fallen in love with Roohi while the latter has a crush on the witch Afza. The duo defy their boss Shakeel and even take Roohi to Chimattipur for his exorcism. There is another subplot where Afza wants to get married on a full moon night. At the end of the film, the two of them cannot marry her. Roohi embraced Afza and thus, himself, and married her. The end is a symbol of a woman finally breaking through the heteronormativity and patriarchy of Indian society. And in this world of film, people kidnap brides and marry them by force. There is no concept of consent and by extension, independence. Roohi broke free from these patriarchal shackles as he embraced Afza, signifying his independence.

Bhawra meets a woman outside the shaman’s place. The woman is played by veteran Sarita Joshi. He seemed to know the secret to Roohi’s healing. He is also skilled in all matters relating to mudiyapairi magicians. It was because a similar magician possessed it once. In order to show Bhawra that she was telling the truth, she revealed her feet. They are slightly bent or not straight. He then tipped Bhawra on how to get rid of possession. She tells him that she has to trick the witch into marrying a man. And it will heal ownership. However, there is a warning, the process can lead to death. We see the woman in the last scene again. He looks at Roohi and smiles as he leaves on the scooter, being free. Then she disappeared, leaving behind her sandals, perhaps indicating that she was a mudiyapairi witch herself.

Roohi film star cast

Rajkumar Rao, Jahnavi Kapoor, and Varun Sharma star in Roohi (2021).

Separating from the Patriarchy

In the end, Roohi hugged his inner magician. The witch is a symbol of her inner violence. There is a difference between the two personalities, one is shaped by society, the other is the repressed true self. Historically, women have always been ostracized and oppressed because they were strong and independent. They were even staked and burned because the patriarchs were disturbed by their spirit of freedom. They branded women as witches because of their sin of being independent and strong. This film features the same patriarchal society that looks like a dystopia but it’s true. In the end, Roohi broke away from this society, embracing his inner “magician”. The ending also symbolizes the breakdown of general heteronormativity in Indian society.

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