Riverdale Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers – Info

“Riverdale”, the American teen drama TV series has returned with its fifth season and will soon be broadcasting its ninthth episode. Developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the series premiered on the 26thth January 2017. The event received very positive reviews from critics as well as viewers. As a result, it garnered a loyal and huge fan base over a period of time. In fact, the series now has an average score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average score of 6.9 / 10 on IMDb. Anyway, now let’s take a deeper look at the article everything about this week’s episode.

Everything you need to know about “Riverdale”:

“Riverdale” is an American teen and mystery drama developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The series is based on the character Archie Comics and adapted by Roberto. Cole Sprouse narrates the series because the storyline revolves around the life of Archie Andrews in the small town known as Riverdale. Gradually, the story continues as the image of the seemingly perfect city unfolds and reveals the darkness hidden behind it. Berlanti Productions, CBS Studios, Warner Bros. Television, and Archie Comics are the production companies behind the show with Warner Bros. Television Distribution which acts as the sole distributor. Anyway, let’s now take a look at the main cast of Season 5 of the mystery teen drama.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 9 Spoilers, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Photo of the members of the main cast of “Riverdale” Season 5.


KJ What as Archie Andrews: KJ Apa is a New Zealand actor, singer and musician. He has been a part of many famous series and films such as “I Still Believe”, “Shortland Street”, and “The Hate U Give”.

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper: Lili Reinhart is an American actress and writer. He is popular for his work in “The Good Neighbor”, “Hustlers”, and “Surviving Jack”.

Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge: Camila Mendes is an American singer and actress. He has starred in many high-income films and shows such as “Dangerous Lies”, “The Perfect Date”, and “Dear Class of 2020”.

Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones: Cole Sprouse is an American actor who started working as a child artist. He is best known for his work from “Five Feet Apart”, “Friends”, and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”.

Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge: Marisol Nichols is an American actress who rose to fame after doing series and films such as “Scream 2”, “24”, and “The Gates”.

Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl flowers: Madelaine Petsch is an American actress and YouTuber. He is popular for being a part of shows and films such as “F the Prom”, “Sightless”, and “Polaroid”.

Erinn Westbrook as Tabitha Tate: Erinn Westbrook is an American model, actress, singer and dancer. Some of his best works include “Not Satisfied”, “Awkward”, and “Mr. Films.”

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 9 Spoilers, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

The trailer from the previous episode was “Riverdale” Season 5 Episode 8.

What to expect from the upcoming episode of “Riverdale”?

The title for the ninth episode of ‘Riverdale’ Season 5 is ‘Chapter Eighty-Five: Destroyer.’ In this episode, we will see Archie and Veronica working together to raise the spirits of the Riverdale High students after the Bulldog loses several matches. In addition, Jughead will also try to shift his focus to school. As a result, he will realize that a certain student can use his help. Despite all this, Betty has to make a difficult decision and will contact Cheryl to help her make a decision. After all, the upcoming episode will see Betty in the spotlight as she will try harder than ever to ensure that the women of Riverdale are promised safety. After all, Promo TV released the trailer for the ninth episode on their official YouTube channel 4 days ago. It has been viewed over 669K times and you can click to watch it below.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 9 will be released 24th March 2021 that is, on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. You can watch The CW to watch the episodes at the time indicated. However, if you missed the episode for some reason, you can show it later The CW official website. For people streaming their series on Netflix, new episodes will be available 24 hours after their TV premiere. However, US Netflix users will have to wait for the entire series to stream on the app. So brace yourself when your favorite teen drama returns this week with another thrilling and emotional episode. Until then, stay tuned for more updates on the show and let us know in the comments section what you think will happen in the upcoming episodes.

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