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The creators of Money Heist are back with a new series entitled ‘Sky Rojo.’ It is a series with elements of action, thriller, crime and drama. Sky Rojo is a genuine Spanish sitcom. On March 2, 2021, the production released the official trailer for the first season of Sky Rojo. The Netflix original series debuted on March 19, 2021. There are eight episodes in its first season. Each episode is about 30 minutes long.

It’s only been a few days since its release, but the series is already generating a lot of buzz. The story, acting, and script were all well received. The show’s creators have worked hard to portray the harsh reality of prostitution in today’s world. This article will provide you with all the information you need about the latest Netflix series ‘Sky Rojo.’

Main Plot and Explanation of Sky Rojo

The first season of the Sky Rojo series revolves around three girls named Coral, Wendy, and Gina, who are forced into the prostitution industry. The three join together to escape the club and seek liberation and freedom. However, running away was more terrifying than ever. The pimp Romeo of Club Las Novias Tenerife and his minions Moises and Christian chase after them.

Sky Rojo Season 1

A Still From The First Episode Of Sky Rojo

The series follows the three girls’ brave escape efforts as well as the relentless pursuit of their henchmen. The trio’s unity to cooperate and their desire to live openly were also observed.

Where It All Begins

Three girls in a BMW car appear in the first scene. They listen to music and appear panicked and in a hurry. “Private Stripteases,” these words are written in Spanish on the side of the car. These three young women work as prostitutes in nightclubs. The death of the club boss, Romeo Clarita’s wife, culminates in the closure of the club in the next scene. As a result of his departure, they were given the first day of leave after being unemployed for too long. Romeo, who is depressed, plans to open a bar the next night.

Romeo, the club owner, forces himself on Gina that night to overcome his grief over the loss of his wife. He refused and pushed her aside. After this, he ordered Gina to be a prostitute in the club forever. Also, how Gina owed her more than 5000 euros, which she had to pay, she threatened Gina’s mother and child if she didn’t comply. This resulted in a fight. He smacked Romeo’s cheek with the cover. Romeo takes out a pencil and starts stabbing Gina. When Coral and Wendy hear about the fighting, they go to the site to protect Gina. Next, Coral slams a heavy goblet into the back of Romeo’s head, knocking it out and knocking him unconscious in a pool of blood. He appears to be dead.

Sky Rojo Season 1

Two Minions- Moises and Christian

Trio’s escape

This is where the real story unfolds. The group panics and flees from the club. They began looking for ways to live freer lives. We have returned to the world of automobiles. Where the girl who is driving collides with another person, possibly killing her despite the fact that they nearly killed two people. The three of them were in the best moods they had ever experienced. And they end up fleeing to the life they have always wanted, despite the fact that they have left their passports, securities and money behind.

However, they soon find out in the next episode that Romeo is not dead and his men are looking for the girls. They then devise a plan for their safe escape, which includes incidents such as almost crossing the henchmen, running away from them, and so on. They spend every second of their life as if it were the last. The plot turns romantic when Coral and Moises end up together. Then Romeo’s henchman, Moises, worked for the opposing side.

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Sky Rojo Season 1 Ends

Sky Rojo’s Season 1 finals were just insane. When Romeo’s accomplice returns. Romeo is getting revenge after knowing the love corner of Moises and Coral. He also feels cheated by Moises, and it reminds him of the time he saved Moises from prison. Moises was part of his father’s murder because he used to beat Moises’s mother.

Romeo demands that Moises retaliate by killing the three prostitutes. To this, he agrees and guarantees his commitment, as well as his readiness to go to any lengths to restore Romeo’s confidence. He sets the task of tracking down the three girls and destroying them. Furthermore, Coral’s return to the club is one of the three’s last plans.

Sky Rojo Season 1

Still Image From Series Last Episode

Coral is brave enough to enter the club and steal money, papers and passports while the club owner is around. He meets Romeo at a nightclub. Coral tries to convince him that he needs to rejoin the club one more time. However, Romeo is very aware of his relationship with his men, which is very unfortunate for them. She challenged him and joined in a sword fight with him. Coral saves Romeo during a fight when he faces a heart attack. This causes Romeo to lock Coral up later. We still don’t know why Coral continues to make the decision to save her.

Last meeting

The last and final meeting of the season involved two girls Wendy, Gina, and henchman, Moises. Wendy and Gina dig a big hole in the ground and wait for the henchmen. They intend to trap the two henchmen in a hole and bury them with sand. The plan worked when Moises got stuck in the hole but started shooting the girls. Wendy got on the crane, dumping sand at Moises. He was successful in the same way. Wendy, however, was shot dead by Moises.

The season’s closing scene ends with Coral describing the story. It makes viewers wonder about each character’s life. As a result, there is anticipation for the new season.

Sky Rojo Production, Cast and Crew Details

Production and filming for the first season of Sky Rojo began in November 2019. The first filming location for the set was Madrid which later shifted to Tenerife. The next set was moved to Castilla – La Mancha for the first four months of 2020. Then came the unfortunate wave of COVID. Production was postponed until shooting started again in October 2020. Sky Rojo Season 1 was streamed on the hugely popular platform, Netflix. This latest series is produced by Vancouver Media. For production management, the heading members are Juan Lopez Olivar with Cristina Lopez Ferraz.

Ship’s crew

Sky Rojo Season 1 was created by Money Theft producer Alex Pina, along with Esther Martinez Lobato. Both are also executive producers of the series. The co-executive producers on the set are David Barrocal, David Victori, and Migue Amoedo. The two created together with David Oliva, Juan Salvador López, Javier Gómez Santanderas and Mercedes Rodrigo to form a scriptwriting team. The cinematographer team includes David Azcano, Miguel Amoedo, and David Acereto.

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The main cast members involved in this series are mentioned below-

  • Coral, played by Veronica Sanchez: This character is an employee at the Las Novias Club who is a former biologist.
  • Wendy, played by Lali Esposito: This character flies to Spain, choosing strange paths to earn money.
  • Gina played by Yany Prado: This is a Cuban afro woman who lies about her job and is taken to the club.
  • Romeo, played by Asier Etxeandia: One of the main characters. A pimp and owner of the Las Novias Club.
  • Moises played by Miguel Angel Silvestre: He is the one who tries to save three women from Romeo. Originally Romeo’s henchman.
  • Christian played by Enric Auquer: He is one of the henchmen. Also, Moises’s younger brother.

Sky Rojo’s S1 Review

Sky Rojo has received a lot of positive reviews and feedback. It is an intense, gripping, and compelling drama. The story also reflects true friendship and unity as secondary themes. This theme seems like an afterthought, and the audience seems to be enjoying it. In addition, the central theme of this series about the cruel effects of prostitution has come out beautifully. It has done an excellent job of raising public awareness. The tension that runs through the series, and indeed in every episode, about the life-threatening situations of the three girls is captivating.

Sky Rojo Season 1

Still Shot From The Series

But all that thinking comes with a particular theme that doesn’t even once make it seem boring or just revolves around the main message. The show has a good pace with the storyline. The episodes are also short and sharp. Therefore, no plot stretch was observed. The crowd must be ready for next season. We rate Sy Rojo’s first season 3.8 / 5.

When will Sky Rojo Season 2 be Released?

Actually, coming to the basic questions first. Will there be Sky Rojo Season 2? Yes, of course. There will be another season for this wonderful series. It has been announced by the director himself, along with the release of Sky Rojo Season 1. To date, no premiere date for the second season of Sky Rojo has been revealed. To date, no work on the project has started.

Filming for the first season began in November 2019. However, due to limited COVID-19, filming had to be postponed. The shooting portion took about 6 months to complete. By paying attention to this timeline, we can anticipate Sky Rojo Season 2 will debut in the early months of next year, 2022. Hopefully it will be released soon. If there are new updates, you can count on us to bring them to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for Otakukart!

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