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One of America’s newest sci-fi dramas, Syfy’s Resident Alien, comes with a comedy twist. The show officially starts its first season on January 27, 2021. So far, with only a few episodes, the show has received quite positive thumbs up. Created by Chris Sheridan, the series is based on the comic book of the same name by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. Critics and audiences alike applauded his humor and the outstanding performance of Alan Tudyk as Captain Hah Re. So, the series has covered 3 full episodes, and here we take a look at what happened in the latest episode of Resident Alien and what we can expect from the upcoming Episode 4.

Resident Evil follows the story of aliens who fall on Earth and decide to hide in a nearby town. Disguised as a city doctor, his mission is immediately in jeopardy when a 9 year old boy can see his true form. So, without further ado, let’s recap Alien Season 1 so far and check out the upcoming Episode 4 titled “Birds of a Feather”.

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Recap On Resident Alien Season 1

Earlier in Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 3 titled “Secrets”, it opened with the local police discovering something unusual in the city. A random appendage that leads the town sheriff to believe a serial killer is on the loose. With Sam’s death in town and now an unconventional leg, the whole chaos panics the entire city. Panic took on a new level for Harry, who was just starting to experience emotional intelligence and what feelings are.

Preview And Recap: Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 4

Fear began to overtake Harry. So, he decided to cover Harry’s real body before the police found out. Before Harry and the Police can reach the corpse, the corpse is already washed up from the river. Harry felt a little relieved and found the wet corpse and brought it home. He threw the body into his basement freezer, which was already filled with lots of bison meat. Moving on from this problem, Harry begins to find the missing spaceship parts again. Especially the part of a super weapon designed to wipe out humanity.

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The New Duo In Town

Now that’s not all for today. On the other hand, some new people are coming to town, and these people may not be friendly to our old alien Harry. The show brings us flashbacks to the first episode. The time when Harry landed on earth. Harry wanders around the New Mexico desert until he surprises passers-by with his extraordinary appearance. Harry steals his horse, and the cowboy just watches in shock.

Preview And Recap: Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 4

Now, we return to the present, where the same cowboy tells his story to anyone who will listen. He is even ready to write a book about his experiences. Soon, he met an anonymous duo who were quite interested in the story. The duo listened attentively to the cowboy. Immediately, half the woman took out her gun and shot the cowboy as he stole his book. Half the men were left shocked and shouted at him. He stated that they were not ordered to kill. It seemed that the girl was playing a very different game and was hunting Harry. They are bound to collide sooner or later.

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Preview: Resident Alien, Season 1, Episode 4

The fourth episode of Resident Alien Season 1 will be released 17 February 2021. Entitled “Birds Of Feather, the official synopsis of the episode states that Harry will travel with Asta to Ute Reservation so that they can become Asta’s grandmother. There he will learn more about community and what it means to have one another. You can see the trailer below.

While the promo is pretty short, we can see where it’s going, Harry. So she and D’Arcy were having dinner with Max. We can clearly see Harry’s past being further investigated. On the other hand, the boy decides to enter Harry’s house to bring proof of his extraterrestrial existence.

So, breaking things down, Of course, Harry still struggles with human emotions and feelings, as seen in the last episode. She still hates humans who try so hard to control her feelings. So, the upcoming episode will probably create more tension on Harry’s feelings, who will study the meaning of community. She may have been taught a sense of belonging by Asta’s grandmother, and her hatred for humans may start to disappear little by little. Next, we’ll keep you updated on more about Resident Alien Season 1 episodes, so stay tuned for Otakukart.

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