Release Date Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World S2 Episode 47

With only three episodes left to conclude Re: Zero, let’s find out how Subaru and Emila will solve the problems in Santuary. Subaru was with Suwen and Garfiel, but he was worried that he wanted to stop the raid on the mansion, but it happened. Suwen thinks that negotiations will help solve the problem. Subaru decided that he should return to the mansion immediately. Garfiel says they can go with him, but Suwen is worried about Santuary.

He comments if they all go there, nothing will be left in Santuary. Suwen asked Garfiel if the barrier wouldn’t stop him, and Garfiel said it wouldn’t be a problem. He reveals that she is like his sister; he has a half-blood father and a human mother. Garfiel reveals that his mixed blood is too thin to be stopped by the barrier. Subaru comments that he knows Garfiel and Frederica have different fathers. Garfiel replies that his mother is lucky with boys.

Episode 47 Re: Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 will be released on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 10:30 p.m. in Crunchyroll. Check out the details here: Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 46.

Earlier in Episode 46

Garfield comments that Subaru should have told him earlier that he found out about his father. They prepared a wagon to head to the mansion, and Subaru said he would show the strongest enemy. Garfiel said he couldn’t wait to destroy the enemy and show them how strong he was. Subaru told Ram not to do anything stupid and gave him the crystal. Rem said something like that wouldn’t happen; he will protect Santuary with Suwen.

Re Zero - Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2

Subaru thanked Garfiel and Suwen by telling them, “Thank you, two idiots.” Suwen also called him a fool and asked him if he couldn’t thank them in a normal way. The old people from the village told Subaru not to worry about them. Their internal staff had told them everything. Subaru leaves the village with Garfiel while Rem meets Emilia at the gate of the Santuary. He told Emilia that the three idiots had left, but he thought Suwen would stay.

Throne of Luginica.

They had left for the mansion, and Emilia replied that she was angry with Subaru. Emilia asks Rem if Subaru meant it when he said he loved her. He wondered why she wasn’t the one waiting for him at the gate of the Santuary. Rem comments that Subaru cares for Emilia more than anyone else. He asks Emilia if her return means she has passed the Trials. Emilia nodded her head in agreement.

Emilia reveals that she is capable of dealing with her past, but there are two more trials to deal with. He also said that later he would have to visit the cemetery again later. Rem comments that Emilia has grown stronger. He apologized for not believing that Emilia would pass the Trials. Emilia accepted his apology and asked if she had helped Subaru because she thought he was a whiny. Rem told Emilia that she should take note that she silly helped her.

He bent down and asked Emilia to save Roaswaal, who was possessed by delusion. Delusions had bound Roswaal’s soul like a curse for a very long time. Emila asked what she had to do. Rema told him to take the royal throne. After Emilia ascended the throne of Luginica. Roswaal’s wish will be fulfilled. He also asked Emilia to give Roswaal a reason to live in the present and the future. Emilia agrees to save Roswaal.

Witch’s Delusional

Re Zero - Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2

Emilia couldn’t understand why being the ruler had anything to do with saving Roswaal. She told Rem that she wanted to repay him for trusting him. Emilia offered her hand to Rem, but Roswaal came. Emilia tells Roswaal not to go any further, and she tells him that she pity him from the bottom of his heart. Roswaal also told Emilia that she didn’t know how to be loved other than doing what people expected of her.

He says Emilia is forced to face a past she never wanted, and he congratulates her on overcoming the Trials. Roswal continued to say that he believed Emilia was incapable of attending the Court. Emilia said the same words that Subaru had spoken when facing Roswaal. Roswaal asked if Emila had borrowed those words from Subaru. Emila tries to answer, but Roswaal intervenes by badmouthing Subaru.

Roswaal abandoned the two because she couldn’t win the fight, but Rem followed suit. He asked why he was waiting for Emilia when he told her not to. Rema reveals that she came to take Roswaal from witch’s delusions. Rem releases lost spirits and decides to fight Roswaal. Meanwhile, Subaru and Garfiel have arrived at the mansion.

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