Release Date, Promos, and Where to Watch Ex-Arm Episode 11

The battle continues at the Ex-Arm auction, with Beta dominating and controlling the Ex-Arms. Soma wants to avenge Al Jarde’s death. But he was swallowed up by one of the Ex-Arms. Minami wanted to save Soma before Ex-Arm gained complete control over him. Kimura had arrived with Number 00 Alpha on the battlefield to be controlled by Natsume. Today we’re going to take a look at Genes of the Original Sin Battle 010 below.

Natsume summoned Ogre to come his way as Minami told him to end this hopeless scenario. Minami and Alma display their kiss code to unlock EX-ARM Number 00 Alpha’s full network capability. Natsume successfully linked up with Ogre and became Ignis Type-03 EX. Alpha was happy that he had become a new version of the Ogre. He tells Beta that seeing his face irritates him. Beta said he had fought him the other day.

Previously in Ex-Arm Episode 10

Number 11 is watching as the drama opens soon, and he is impressed by Apha’s abilities. Beta taunts Alpha about the day he thrashed and destroyed Tokyo. Alpha replies that now is a rematch, and he will take revenge. He created a gust of wind to summon his machine gun. Alpha starts firing several shots at Beta, who uses his armor to block the bullets. Beta tells Alpha not to rush too much, or he will get slapped.



Alma fought the Ex-Arm Black Panther which was too fast for him. Black Panther uses cat moves to dominate the battle. Kimura interfered with Alma’s stalling for time as Natsume ordered Ygg and Minami to go with Jinkoku-Sha. He informed them that he, Alma, and Kimura would take care of the enemy. Minami is worried about Soma, who is inside the Black Panther’s body. Ygg, pay attention to that and use the synchronizer to gently immobilize Minami.

Gift From Outer Space

He realized that if Soma died in front of Minami, he wouldn’t handle it. Kimura carried Minami on his back. But the Black Panther wanted to destroy them, and Alma knocked him out. She tells him to face it, and Number 11 remembers his past. His boss informs him that he has confirmed the Ex-Arms as a gift from outer space. It was a weapon that used supernatural abilities when linked to life forms.

At No.11 at the moment, notice that Alpha has gotten stronger during the battle. What the master said was happening. Gifts from outer space indicate supernatural abilities. Alpha tells Alma that they can win the battle and return home. Alpha realizes that Number 21 has the power to freeze objects in the air. Number 21 can use that power both in attack and defense. Beta and Alpha attacks tell him not to take it lightly.

He jumps and glides through the air while firing several shots into Beta’s chest. Meanwhile, Kimura comments that the old man is still alive for now. They take care of the president in a safe room. Minami is still unconscious, but Ygg keeps her stable. Kondo noticed Minami’s wound advertisement warning Ygg about it. Ygg comments that they should leave the building immediately. Returning to the battlefield, Alma stops Pather from escaping, and the two of them mount a massive attack.

Sacrificial Pawn



Alma landed a slide kick as he shot Pather. The upper floor exploded, and the two of them fought mid-air as they fell to the first floor. Alma noticed that Pather could use her power in only two places at once. He avoided the two places and attacked him in the third place as he opened up. As they landed on the floor, Pather was startled as she was under Alma, pointing a gun to her chest.

Pather wondered how Alma could pull off those moves when she wasn’t Ex-Arm. Alma told Pather that she wasn’t what she used to be. He also reveals that he’s not a sacrificial pawn anymore. Alma told Pather not to try funny moves because he wouldn’t block bullets. He reveals that no one will order him anymore, and no one will control him anymore. Defeating criminals is in his blood, and justice will always triumph.

From now on Alma vows to fight for himself and those he loves for his own free will. Kimura heard Alma’s speech and asked Ygg what he was talking about. Ygg reveals that when he got rid of Alma’s brainwashing, he realized something. All of Alma’s mental and physical boundaries had been removed. He could kill someone without being ordered to and of his own accord. Meanwhile, Natsume discovers that Number 11 is his brother, and they work together to defeat Beta.

Ex-Arm Release Date 11

Ex-Arm Episode 11 will be released on Monday, March 15, 2021, at 1:05 am JST. You can stream or watch Ex-Arm online at Crunchyroll. Let’s take a look at Ex-Arm’s update and preview below.

Ex-Arm Preview 11

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