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The Hero of the Sword had successfully carried out his plan. Keyaru manages to trick Blade, who is known to persecute every beautiful woman. Keyaru is dressed as a beautiful woman, and Blade is attracted to her. Blade thought that Keyaru was a woman, but when he tried to rape her, he touched her and found out that she was a man. He asks Keyaru what these carrots are doing in your underwear. Keyaru reveals that he is a man. Hero Blade is shocked and loses the urge to rape Keyaru. The final episode of Redo of Healer is below.

Blade only raped women because he was a lesbian. After losing his strength, Keyaru stabbed him, and he fell unconscious. Keyaru wants to make fake Heroes like Blade, Bullet Gun, Hawkeye, and Norn pay to tinker with people’s lives. The Heroes played with human life, and most of them brutally killed or mistreated humans in public. As a hero of the sword, Keyaru wants to save humans from these heroes. Hero Blade wakes up and realizes that he is still with Keyaru. She has taken her Rargnakor so she won’t be able to fight back.

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Keyaru tells Blade that he has a surprise game he wants to play with. He summons four powerful zombies who have a strong masculinity. Keyaru reveals that the zombies are angry, and they also want a woman to satisfy their manhood. She tells him the game is to satisfy their hunger or immortality. If he could follow the four zombies until sunset, they wouldn’t cost him his life to be saved.

One of the zombies tore open his top, and their mouths started watering when they saw his chest. Blade accepts Keyaru’s play, and he takes off his clothes. All zombies swapped Blade all night, but he was tired, and he couldn’t breathe. Keyaru uses Heal so he can follow zombies. But their manhood was too strong for Blade. Keyaru was impressed that he had managed to keep up with him until now. But when the day has one hour left for the sun to set, Blade collapses.

Repeat Healer

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Bullet Gun Hero

All of the zombie tanks are emptied, but they refill quickly to finish them off. Keyaru notices that Blade is dead before the zombies finish him off. She leaves, smiling that she has paid for her sins of murdering and raping innocent people. Keyaru realizes that his next target is the Bullet Gun Hero. After Bullet Gun, he had to beat Norn, and he was worried that Hawkeye was stronger than him.

In the morning, Keyaru visits Karaman’s shop to collect the money. Karaman gave Keyaru the money and asked him to serve more. She tells him that the potion yields a lot of profit. Keyaru reminds Karman that his dream has come true, and that he has now opened a shop. Suddenly, Keyaru sensed a strong man behind him, and he discovered that it was Hawkeye. Hawkeye started talking about serving with Karman. But everything he said, he was referring to Keyaru.

He complimented the portion and acted like he wanted to attack Keyaru. Keyaru jumped back and showed a fighting style. Hawkeye praised Keyaru for having a great time. Keyaru noticed that he didn’t have to fight now or else he would be finished. Hawkeye warns Keyaru not to mess with the Hero, or he will pay with his life. He bought back a portion and headed for his territory. Setsuna arrives and tells Keyaru about Hawkeye’s strength. Keyaru replied that he was stronger in the bedroom.

Hero of Recovery

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They both go home, and Keyaru tries to find a way to beat Hawkeye. He realized that after Blade died, he also gained his strength, but he stored it in a glass ball. Keyaru took the glass ball and summoned the Hero of recovery. He tells the recovery Hero to give his power to defeat other Heroes. The Hero of Recovery asks Keyaru if he is ready to save the world. Keyaru answered yes and agreed that he would use strength for good deeds.

Keyaru received Georgius in his right hand which gave him the power of immortality. She smiles and head says that he will save everyone and have fun with women as he likes. He goes to hot women, and they do it all night. Later, Norn went with Hawkeye to speak at the Branica Kingdom. They didn’t get along with the citizens, and they started killing them.

Norm orders his soldiers to kill all humans and demons. He wanted to create a nation that was not against them. Meanwhile, Keyaru finds Karman killed. He headed outside and started killing all the soldiers, and some went to Norn and reported. They tell Norn that the Hero of the sword killed his soldiers. Norn told them to catch Keyaru.

Redo of Healer Episode 12 Release Date

Redo Of Healer Episode 12 will be released on Wednesday, March 30, 2021, 23.30. You can watch Redo of Healer on ANIPLUS and HIDIVE. Take a look at the updates and previews below.

Preview of Redo of Healer Episode 12

read Redo of Healer Episode 11. That’s what the final episode of Redo of Healer has to offer.

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