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News reporters revealed that there had been an explosion off the Megafloat coast of Tokyo Bay. The road to Megafloat has been closed due to the bomb, and the defense forces have set up a blockade at the Megabrige entrance. Kondo couldn’t believe it was another incident. Chikage arrives with two people and reveals about the Ex-Arm auction. Minami asked Chikage who this person was.

Chikage reveals that Wanibuchi is the captain of Public Safety External Affairs 4. The other is Lieutenant Miyabe. Chikage informs his team that they will investigate this case together with External Affairs 4. Wanibuchi comments that Chikage misunderstood. He reveals that this is not a joint investigation, the Chikage crew will be working under their command. This is an order from the top brass to restore the credibility of the Japanese police.

Ex-Arm Episode 7 will be released on Monday, February 22, 2021, 1:05 AM JST. New episodes of Ex-Arm will be available every Monday. You can support this anime official at and Crunchyroll.

Ex Arm

Ex Arm

Previously in Episode 6

Wanibuchi comments that the Chikage crew has been screwed up last time. The higher ups agreed with the belief that they needed some checks and balances. Natsume comments that he doesn’t care who gives him orders as long as he can catch Beta. Minami wonders who Beta is and Natsume reveals that he is a man who looks just like her. Natsume comments that he needs to drop Beta because he is the person behind this bomb.

Ex-Arm Auction

He thought that they would get all the answers if they could catch Beta. Kondo asked what they would do. Chikage comments that they will be taking part in the casino auction undercover. Meanwhile, King revealed that the flashy island was built with a casino to help with the recovery efforts of Tokyo Attack, Tokyo Megafloat. The Ex-Arm action was deliberately held there. He asks Soma how it feels to return home, and Soma looks at him.

As the Chikage crew begin the investigation, Natsume uses a drone to check what’s going on around the casino. Alisa told Natsume to keep it up to date and make sure it didn’t get caught. If Natsume was caught, he would probably be auctioned off. Alma and Kimura were inside the casino, acting as if they were part of the auction. Alma tells Kimura that a bomb has just exploded, but he won’t know because the bomb is here.

Kimura wondered where Kondo and Minami were. Alma and said that Lieutenant Miyabe and the two were acting as bodyguards for a certain group. Kimura saw an old man getting out of the car and asked who it was. Alma revealed that the political organization was named Jinkoku-Sha and its president, Hayama Gaho. Hayama pulled all the ropes in the Japanese economy without ever being in the spotlight.

Ex Arm

Ex Arm

Alma greeted Hayama and led him into the casino. Wanibachi told Chikage to quickly identify and analyze the people attending the auction. Alisa sees Nguyen from the Hanoi Farm arms dealer. He also spotted members of the Bathala smuggling circle. Miyabe said he could see Dario Goldoni from the Falcone Familia. Gina and Aristarif from the Russian mafia group Spiritus.

Former Mysterious Arm

Wanibanchi comments that criminals from all over the world have gathered here for Ex-Arms. Wanibanchi comments that this is a golden opportunity to catch them all in one fell swoop. One of the women met Alma, and the king of Al Jarde helped Alana to wake up. Another woman asks why is she helping the android. Al Jarde said he cares about beauty, not who it is. The auction begins, and the performers greet the guests attending the performance.

He told guests to take a look at the Ex-Arm lineup currently available. Perpetrators reveal that their first work played a major role in the suicide bombing here at Megafloat. It shook Japan to its core, and it was the Ex-Arm that could turn people into bombs, Number 9. The second was the mystery Ex-Arm that hit the market for the first time, Number 16. Today the main attraction is the legendary creations in behind the famous Tokyo Attack, Number 11.

The auctioneer reveals that the highest bidder there will return home with the three Ex-Arms. Hayama thought that he would get Number 11, and he couldn’t let the criminal bastard have it. The criminals teamed up and Alma found a message that everyone who cooperated with Hayama would be killed. Alma and the others unlocked the level 3 genetic code and helped Hayama escape. But on their way, they met the Ex-Arm who was fighting them.

Ex-Arm Episode 7 Preview

Please see how Natsume revisits his past here Ex-Arm Episode 7 before she meets the accident and becomes Number 00. Let’s meet again on Monday after episode 7 is released.

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