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Let’s take a look at the final third episode of Redo of Healer. At night a mysterious girl runs away from something. He managed to hide and saw the red spell that he stretched out and it entered his body. Meanwhile, Keyaru goes camping with his two cool guys. Having fulfilled their needs, he headed and sat by the fire.

Keyaru takes out a wand and comments that they need to get an item that can withstand Freia’s magic. He revealed that the Divine Armament was the strongest weapon only heroes could master. As its sacred name implies, it was not created by humans, but something that was inherited from it from time immemorial. It started out as a gemstone, but when a hero got it, a pact was formed. It took the form of a weapon befitting the hero.

Redo of Healer Episode 9 Release Date

Redo Of Healer Episode 9 will be released on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, at 11:30 p.m. on ANIPLUS and HIDIVE. Take a look at the updates and previews below.

Previously on Redo of Healer Episode 8

Keyaru continues to reveal that there are only three gemstones in the Gioral Kingdom. In the first world, Keyaru was not given divine armor. But if he got the gemstone, he wondered what weapon it would become. Keyaru decided that he needed to find out. He comments that he wants to take revenge on Blade and Bullet. Keyaru also said he would kill them and get all the weapons.

Repeat Healer

Repeat Healer

In the morning, the three of them went outside and reached the edge where they could see Branica. Kureha comments that from outside here it looks like an ordinary city. They both enter Branica and he is impressed that humans and demons live together. Keyaru reveals that Branica is a frontier town. Twenty years ago, the Gioral Kingdom was at a disadvantage due to an invasion by demon beasts. They quickly fell into defensive combat.

They both enter the bar, where the waiter welcomes them. Keyaru and the girls share a table with one human and an Ogre. He said he had heard that humans, for beings, and demi-humans all coexist here. But he never thought they would all drink together like this in the same pub. Humans say that relationships are not always like this. The man reveals that they were abandoned twenty years ago, but they will decide to live together.

Healer Meets Demon Lord

The feudal lord here is making some risky negotiations with demon beasts. Satan agreed to coexist with humans. But as time went on they began to accept that they were all equal and equal. While they are still enjoying and drinking, a mysterious veiled girl arrives. He sat near Keyaru and introduced himself. Keyaru notices that he is a demon lord. She noticed that she had become younger than in the previous world, and that her hair was a different color.

Keyaru uses the power of his eyes and finds out that he is a future demon king. He thought that there was no way a girl like this could become a demon lord in four years. The two of them continued to eat and drink while the Ogre explained that there are demons who hate humans. He reveals that there is a demon lord who rules all demon beasts as a whole. The Ogre reveals that no one who has ever seen a demon lord knows what it looks like.

The human man thought that the demon lord was a muscle bound man with huge fangs and dozens of horns sticking out. They didn’t realize that the girl sitting with them was the demon lord. Keyaru says that the Demon King is a cute girl, and he points at her. They laughed, and the man said he could get it out with his finger. The girl denies that she is a demon lord. They are attacked, and the girl proves that she is a demon lord.

Repeat Healer

Repeat Healer

Hero of Recovery

Kureha and Setsuna help the demon king to battle the intruders. But the demon’s leg was paralyzed by the poisoned arrow. Keyaru helps the demon king and challenges the demonic creatures that are chasing the girl. He killed a one-horned demon creature and decided to leave the place. The two of them went to a safe place and started treating the girl’s wounds.

While they were inside the building, Keyaru told the other two people to leave them alone. He says he wants to talk to demon lord girl alone. Keyaru reveals that he is the hero of recovery, Keyaru. The girl’s wings were spread out, and she started to float in the air after hearing what Keyaru had just said. Keyaru tells the demon girl that her goal is to get the devil’s heart this time and save everyone.

In the morning, he woke up to find Keyaru with the three of them. He asks Keyaru if he wants to do that with her, and Keyuaru says he won’t force her. Eve couldn’t hold back her feelings, and she joined Keyaru and the others. He told Keyaru that he would show him that he is an adult and can keep him.

Preview of Redo of Healer Episode 9

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