Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 45: Release Date, Preview, and Recap

Emilia has reached the door where she must break the spell, but Pandora is at the door. Pandora was happy that Emilia had found the door for her, but she didn’t know where the key was. Emilia wonders why Pandora is her because she knows Pandora is fighting Fortuna. Pandora reveals that all they are after is the seal. Emilia asks Pandora why she is here, and Pandora apologizes.

Pandora reveals that Emilia wants to know about Bishop Romanee-Conti and his mother. He also tells Emila not to worry since both of them are safe, and Emilia asks if he’s telling the truth. Pandora comments that she won’t hurt anyone; what they seek is a seal. Emila asks Pandora if she will leave the forest when she is done with the seal. He too will leave without hurting anyone around here. Pandora agrees and says she doesn’t want to make the necessary sacrifices.

Episode 45 Re: Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part will be released on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, at 10:30. Try Re Zero on Crunchyroll.

Re Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

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Pandora asks Emilia to give him the seal key, and Emila wonders why. Pandora comments that the seal is shaped like a door; it won’t open without a key. Pandora reveals the key is in Emilia’s hand, and Emilia nods her head, saying she knows nothing about it. Pandora comments that hiding it wouldn’t be wise. Emilia, admit that she doesn’t know anything and she doesn’t have the key. She also comments that no one gave her that.


Pandora tells Emilia that she will destroy everything in the forest until she finds the key. Emilia is terrified and reveals that she will break the seal. Pandora praises her that she will open it, and it is beautiful for her. Pandora asks if Emilia has the key, but it is obvious because she is a witch’s daughter. Emilia couldn’t understand why Pandora had told her that she was a magician’s daughter. Pandora asks him to break the seal now.

Pandora tries to convince Emilia that once the door opens, they will leave. Emilia stepped forward and looked at the door. He wonders if he should open it or not, and maybe Pandora is fooling him. Pandora tells Emilia to think of herself as the key. Emilia looked at her hand, and she saw the key appear, but only she could see it. He asked Pandora if he could see the key, and Pandora said that the key is only given to people who are qualified to have it.

Now Emilia can go and open the door, and her wish will be granted. When he wanted to open the door, he realized that he had made a promise. Emilia promised her mother that she would never break the seal. Pandora tells her she knows that promises are important, but there are times when decisions have to be made. Even if it didn’t mean breaking a promise, Pandora asked Emilia which hope she would look for, hope of keeping or breaking that promise.

Re Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2


Pandora tries to convince Emilia to break the seal, but Fortuna arrives. He attacked Pandora with a crystal and sent him flying. Fortuna asks Emilia why she is in the forest. Pandora is recovering from her wounds and teleporting near Fortuna, saying that it was cruel to ask Emilia that. He also told him that Emilia had come out for him because he wanted to help him. Emila saw the speed at which Pandora was lying, and she saw a crystal with blood.

Emilia wondered how Pandora survived the attack. Pandora is happy to know that Fortuna is not Emilia’s mother. Fortuna looks like Emilia and Pandora starting to tease Emilia’s real parents. Fortuna was angry and continued to stab Fortuna with crystals. Pandora continued to regenerate each time she was killed and teleported to different places. Fortuna slapped Emilia because Pandora teleported in front of Emilia, and Fortuna apologized.

When he picked it up, Emilia turned into Pandora’s body, and Fortuna threw it away. He looked near the door and found Emilia standing there. Pandora tells Fortuna that she has won Emilia’s heart. Fortuna comments that no one will believe Pandora’s words. Pandora challenges Fortuna to convince Emilia in her own words. If Emilia opened the door, Pandora would leave without hurting anyone. That day Emilia passed the trial, but her mother was killed.

Episode 45 Preview

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