Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 23: Release Date & Preview – Info

At the mansion, Garfiel fights Elsa, and Federica fights Maylie. Garfiel jumped up and managed to stab Elisa’s left eye. She falls on her back, commenting that it hurts. But she regenerated her eyes and teased Garfiel. Garfiel realized that Rem told him that Elsa wouldn’t die so easily.

Elsa told Garfiel that no matter how many times he killed him, he would continue to regenerate. Garfiel replied that he would kick his butt no matter how many times he regenerated. Elsa asks her if she thinks she has the strength to beat a woman like her. He also asked if he couldn’t feel Mabeast’s presence.

Release Date Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 23

Re: Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 22 will be released on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at 22:30 on Crunchyroll. Check out the following updates below.

Previously on Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 22

Garfiel guaranteed that his younger brother would drive Mabeast away. While passing the mansion, Subaru and the others are being chased by Guiltylowe. Subaru thought that leaving Garfiel back backfire on them. He thought they should live with him; it will be an easy battle. Subaru realized that Rem’s life was at stake.

He told Suwen and Petra that it was time for him to use the incomparable knowledge of the modern world. Subaru stepped forward and faced Guiltylowe alone. He lured the beast into the empty room. Subaru unleashed a Dust Blast and told the beast to feel the spirit of science. After the attack, he was surprised why it didn’t work.

Re Zero - Starting Life In Another World Season 2

Re Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Suwen and Petra appear from the top of the building with a hole. They began to attack the best with oil. Candles fall on the oil, and everything starts to burn. The bears also started flaming and chased after Subaru while burning. Subaru jumped down, and the beast missed and fell outside the mansion through the window. The mansion began to catch fire. The Mabeasts also caught fire, and Subaru started running with everyone.

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Mysterious Voice

Subaru told Suwen and Petra that they shouldn’t waste too much oil. He handed Rem to Suwen and told him to run away with Petra. Subaru told Petra not to worry, and he had to save Beatrice, who was in the library. He couldn’t leave Beatrice because he wasn’t aware of the situation. He probably burned and died together with the mansion. Subaru went to save Beatrice. At the same time, Emilia was inside the Santuary.

He realized that he had to face the impending disaster. Emilia closed her eyes and woke up in another world. He realized that he had seen a future where everything was ruined. The world was covered in blood, but only Emilia was still alive. She commented that “I hated you from the day I met you.” Emilia closed her eyes again and woke up in another world. He panicked that the disaster would be the worst in the future.

Emilia heard a voice say, “You are a hero, you can’t even use a sword without it, Thief.” She also heard a woman’s voice saying that she knew Emilia and Subaru were both tired. The woman apologized and said that she was a burden to Subaru and Emilia. Another mysterious voice said, “My precious granddaughter has grown up to be a good young woman.” The voices apologized because they couldn’t kill him.

Terrible Witch

Re Zero - Starting Life in Another World Season 2

Re Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2

The woman told Emilia that she was thinking of killing someone who turns into a good person. Another voice said Natsuki Subaru would be killed as promised. Emilia is teleported to where the magician Echdina lives and finds out that she doesn’t exist. Just when he wanted to touch the cake, another magician appeared. He pointed his finger at Emilia’s hair. Emilia asked the magician who he was.

The witch replied that she was a scary witch who could make her hair stand up just by touching her. Emilia asked the terrifying magician about Echidna’s whereabouts. The terrifying witch replied that Echidna didn’t want to see Emilia. Emilia realized that she had hurt Echdina at their third trial. The two of them talked about the third trial and the future. The terrifying witch shows Emilia a door that leads her to the trial; she told him to finish it.

Emilia left an advertisement with the message that she would enjoy a tea party with Echidna next time. When he opened the door, he was teleported to Santuary. Emilia finds Echdina’s grave. He also saw a spell that produced a barrier. He used his hand and broke the spell and barrier. Meanwhile Roswaal fights Rem and the battle continues at the mansion.

Preview of Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 23

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