Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 22: Release Date and Preview – Info

Roswaal was still so stubborn that she didn’t want to partner with Subaru and the others. Rem asks Emilia to save Rosawaal as she will become the new ruler. Roswaal arrives at Santuary and argues with Emilia, but he leaves both of them. Rem followed suit, and they started fighting. Before going any further, note that Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 has only two episodes left. See below.

At the mansion, Garfiel fights a witch, Elsa. She attacked him with the knife he used to block his teeth. Garfiel told Frederica to stop standing like a statue and do something. Frederica is going somewhere to do her part. The two of them kept changing blows while destroying parts of the mansion.

Release Date Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 22

Re: Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 22 will be released Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 10:30 p.m. in Crunchyroll.

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Previously on Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 21

Elsa sent Garfiel flying, and he landed on the floor with his butt. He mentions that he is the Intestine Hunter, Elsa Granheirt. He replied that he was the strongest shield in Santuary, Garfiel Tinzel. Garfiel said that this was his first battle, and he showed it very well. Meanwhile, Beatrice is in the library.

Subaru visited her, and she asked him why he was here. He replies that he’s here to get it out, and this time, he’s dragging her to the lamp. Beatrice tells Subaru to take care of his own business. She also told Subaru that no one had asked her to do something like that. Subaru replied that he didn’t have time to argue. Subaru asked her if she knew what was going on outside.

Re Zero - Starting Life in Another World Season 2

Re Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2

The Great Book of Wisdom

Beatrice reveals that she is aware of an intruder at the mansion. But this is a great spirit forbidden library. No matter what threat lies outside, nothing will happen to him and those on the inside. Subaru replied that door crossing only works on closed doors. Beatrice asked how the enemy knew about that weakness.

Subaru remained silent, and Beatrice said Roswaal told him (Elsa). She started trembling because she realized she knew the truth. Beatrice said it meant her death was written in Roswaal’s Tome of Wisdom. Subaru asked why she had that expression on her face. Beatrice reveals that maybe her fate is already in stone.

Subaru asked if it was written in his black book that he should let the psycho kill him. Beatrice replied that nothing was written in the book; his fate was empty as usual. She asks why did she allow herself to end the way Roswaal wanted. Subaru told him that he could make decisions for his life as usual.

The Mabeasts

Beatrice asked what she had decided for herself before. He reveals that all he’s doing is obeying Mother’s orders here in this mansion, alone. He began to wonder who Beatrice was, what he had done in life. Subaru had just listened to Beatrice tell him how her life had been. Beatrice mentions that everyone left her, Mother, Ryuzu, and Roswaal. She said that she was destined to be alone, and all she needed was this book.

Re Zero - Starting Life in Another World Season 2

Re Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2

Beatrice reveals that the book has a soul in it. But now he was relieved that he was mentioned in the Tome of Wisdom. He said it means you haven’t forgotten him. Subaru reasoned with Beatrice, who finally kicked him out. Subaru got back up, he opened the door; he discovered that the library had been moved to another room. Suwen and Petra arrive, and Subaru informs them that they had to escape centuries ago.

Suwen revealed that Mabeasts are already everywhere. Petra reveals that the crystal doesn’t work against Mabeast. Suddenly the mansion began to shake, and Frederica chose all of them. He jumped out through the window and landed on the ground. Frederica turned around and showed Subaru that he was carrying Ram. Subaru was glad that Ram came out and was safe. Maylie, with her beast hippopotamus, arrives and starts taunting them.


Maylie comments that he will take two servants with him. Frederica put Ram on Subaru’s back and told him to run away. Petra worries that Frederica will die. Frederica convinces her that she is fighting for her life because she has reunited with her brother, Garfiel. They head to Roswaal’s room and leave Frederica fighting Maylei.

On their way, they met Guiltylowe. Meanwhile, Emilia enters the Trials again and finishes them. When he came out, he found the villagers waiting for him. He tells them that he will get rid of the barrier. Emilia reveals that all trials are not over yet, and there is no reason to keep them all in the Santuary.

Preview of Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Episode 22

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