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Queen Sugar is an American drama series now returning with its 5th season. This television show airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network and is created by Ava DuVernay, who also serves as Executive Producer with Oprah Winfrey herself. This story is based on the 2014 novel of the same name written by Natalie Baszile. Queen Sugar tells the story of three brothers from Louisiana, namely Nova Bordelon, Charley Bordelon West, and Ralph Angel Bordelon. Now, after their father’s death, they had a difficult time followed by the decisions they had to make in the 800 hectares of sugar cane that their father left behind. While the story revolves primarily around this family feud, Queen Sugar also sheds light on racial profiling, slavery in American history, inequality in the criminal justice system, and issues surrounding African America.

Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 1 entitled ‘Late-February 2020’ begins with Nova doing a ritual to get rid of her bad habits. It seems like she is embracing her new journey with positive energy. This can be seen with him cutting up his Locs as well as dating a white ex-cop who used to cheat on his wife.

Parker plays Charlie’s rival in the race for the highway route.

Meanwhile, her brother, Ralph Angel, received a notification in the mail. It states how the highway, which they have struggled so hard to destroy, is being actively built. This highway would not only pass through his property but also pass through more than half of the black community. While all this was going on, their sister Charlie was the first black councilor newly elected on St. Petersburg. Josephine. He has worked 24/7 to help the community as well as farmers, but he faces obstacles in the form of his new rival, Parker.

Parker tries to convince Charley, to make a deal on a highway route, but he is rejected. So, Parker decided to play dirty because he used his powers to become a board member at St. Josephine too. On their 1stst Annual Anniversary, she stood beside Charlie and announced to the people that she had considered their application and that the highway route would be changed. However, now, the toll road will not pass through agricultural land, but directly through the St. Josephine.

Ralph Angel and Darla

Preview and Recap: Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

Ralph Angel and Darla had a moment when they decided to get married.

Now, as everything seems to contradict the protagonist, the episode ends on a positive note. Despite their first attempts, Ralph and Darla decide to get married. The Covid-19 pandemic was mentioned at the beginning of the episode, but until now it has not reached the US.

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When will Season 5 Episode 2 be Released?

Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 titled ‘Mid-March 2020’ will be released on February 23, 2021 at 8 p.m. ET. Make sure to change the time above to your local time zone to watch the episode when it airs every Tuesday. You can watch all episodes by Queen Sugar on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Episodes are also available for streaming Oprah, Amazon Prime video, Vudu, FuboTV, and YouTube TV.

Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 Preview

Preview and Recap: Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2

Blue must learn the truth about the world and how they treat the Black Community.

Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 titled ‘Mid-March 2020’ will see characters finally see the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This will put Ralph Angel, Darla, and Blue in quarantine at their home away from everyone. This was the start of the lockdown, meaning that the Black Lives Matter Movement was imminent. The show will also adapt these targeted moments as the George Floyd murder took place at the hands of the police. So, in the face of such emotional baggage in the midst of a worldwide lockdown, Ralph Angel and Darla can’t handle it anymore. With tears in their eyes, they tried to explain to Blue how he might one day deal with such an event. So he had to take care of himself, to maintain the behavior that was most suitable for his own safety.

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