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Private Lives is a South Korean drama released in 2020. Released on 7 Oct 2020, and aired on 26 Nov 2020. The series is based on the lives of con artists and how they cheat with people’s privacy. life. Drama available on Netflix. This is an original Netflix series. The series is also available to watch on Dramacool and telegram. Being a genuine Netflix series, it is not available on Viki and Viu. It is predictable that they will not be available on this network any time soon. So if you want to watch Netflix is ​​the best place to do it. Private Lives is a crime thriller romance and comedy.

His drama is quite average not over the top. MyDramaList gives a straight 7.5 rating while IMDb gives a 6.5 rating which is average. The rating is not above but the drama. This is not what you would expect from a trailer. There are a total of 16 episodes. The genre is romance and thriller. The duration of the episodes varies but the maximum duration is 1 hour 15 minutes per episode. There is only one season on the board now, no other season to be expected.

Private Lives 2020 – Star Cast

The drama Private Lives stars Seohyun as (Cha Joo-Eun), Ko Gyung-Pyo as (Lee Jeong-hwan), Kim Hyo-Jin as (Jeong Bok-Gi / Jeong Yoon-Kyung / Sophia Chung), and Kim Young. -Min as (Kim Jae-Wook / Edward Kim). They are the main characters and play different roles as con artists. Other supporting actors who support the plot are Park Sung-Geun as (Cha Hyun-Tae), Song Seon-Mi as (Kim Mi-Sook), Yoo Hee-Je as (Park Tae-Joo), Hwang Dae-Ki as ( Under Park Tae-Joo), Jang Won-Hyuk as (Choi Yoon-Seok), Song Sang-Eun as (Ko Hye-Won), Ha-young as (Yoo Mi-Young), Lee Hak-Joo as (Kim Myung -Hyun), Park Sung-Hoon as (Jung Dae-Sang) and Lee Yun-Seol as (Kang Soo-Jin). There are many other supporting cast as well. The series is full of new people and incidents. All the supportive and non-supportive players helped build the plot.

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Private Lives is a South Korean romance thriller drama released in 2020. It is an original Netflix series. The plot revolves around a group of con artists who are also known as con artists. Seohyun is the main character who has a conman family background. He was going through difficult times in his life because of his parents’ profession. This affected his life and he chose the path of what his parents did. He was raised as a veteran con artist.

Go Kyung-Pyo is a boy who works as Team Manager 2 of the GK Technology Development Team. He’s also part of several detective agencies. The agent’s name is a spy detective agency. Both Seohyun and Kyung-Pyo ran into each other and nearly married each other. Kyng Pyo looks like an ordinary human but he is a mysterious figure. Jeong Bok-Gi is a professional con artist. His charismatic and elegant looks also often put other con artists in trouble. His other jobs are usually targets, other con artists. Kim Jae-Wook is Bok Gi’s partner in crime.

The rogue team discovers some of the nation’s secrets. They all try to reveal the secret. In order to reveal their secrets they must fight against a big company. What must be seen is whether they can reveal secrets and use all their experience and knowledge to deceive people.

Plot Analysis

The private Lives series begins with a speech discussing privacy. It talks about how internet usage has put everything on the threshold. People expose their full life via the internet and it becomes private and accessible. With the introduction, we can see Joo Eun in her beautiful white wedding dress. At that time, he looked worried. He went to flashback in 2009 when his parents and him used to cheat people. They are professional con artists and deceive people for money. They call their scam business “documentary shooting”. Being a fraud was in his blood so he also inherited it.

He is a younger age does not want to end up like a con man but growing up is no different in his life. It is seen that he lives a friendly life where he goes out to eat with Han Son and talks about his revenge from 9 years ago. He starts discussing revenge over meal. He goes back to the past where he landed to enter college. At that time he introduced Han Son to his mother while saying that he would make a great documentary artist. His father was hired by a woman to name Bok Ki to help them raise money in the name of religion.

Bok Ki and his partner Jae Wook then steal the funds raised by Joo Eun’s father. They blame everything on Pastor Cha (Joo Eun’s father) and leave the country. They get worse when Joo Eun’s father’s savings in this church are also stolen and he has been scammed. He had no money left and after that, he was imprisoned. Seeing his father helpless, he felt bad that he couldn’t do anything.

His mother also left him. The plot runs at the same speed. Eun Joo meets the detectives about the fraud that must occur and finds out that the detective was also a fraud by her. Even after trying to plead in court, he was sent to prison for 18 months. Her story had the upper hand after she was released. Jae Wook is forced by the finance manager to commit suicide. She meets a retired Sook and runs a barbecue restaurant with other friends.

Plot continuation

She works at an office and meets Jung Hwan after which they both start dating. Jeon Hwan takes Eun Joo to see her parents when she says that she is an orphan. He double-checks about Hwan and finds out that he works with a verified profile. Eun Joo lives a double life around Hwan because he has feelings and is confused by the con profession. Eun Joo gets a marriage proposal by Hawn and he accepts the proposal.

He assigned several people to be his friends and family while the wedding took place. However, the marriage never took place because Hwan never showed up. At that moment, he realized that he was a con artist and he was being scammed. Eun Joo is asked to identify a corpse that is burning and unrecognizable. DNA takes another picture but seeing the police Eun Joo’s reaction feels strange. It made him realize how emotionless he was. Eun’s cruel mother asked them to pay the money in two months.

He asks Han Son to find Jeon Hwan for him. Overall the plot revolves around getting a con artist and being a con man too. The drama ends with a raid on a spy detective agency three years later. Jeong-hwan is released from prison and Joo-Eun runs into him. Kim Jun-beom came with Joo Eun. Bok-Gi visits Kim Sang-man in prison. The last scene ended when Cha Joo-Eun had her wedding day with Lee Jeong-hwan. It was closed when his friend came to the bridal chamber walking towards him. The look on her friend’s face would have brought bad news but the drama closed the note.

Final Verdict – Personal Life

Overall the Private Life series is something refreshing to watch from a typical romantic K drama. The ratings are not that great but the drama is good. It has several sensations that add to it that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I found things a little confusing at some point. The only drawback in question is the addition of more characters. Many characters end up adding grit which causes great confusion. Character development takes a back seat as character recognition improves.

Overall, if you are someone who is into thriller romantic comedy, you can definitely give it a try as it will not disappoint you. Yes, you may lose track here and there but in the end, everything is connected and easy to understand. The drama ends on a very bewildering note and it is dubious that the main character is married or not or what news has come with her friend.

You can really expect the season as it ends on an obscure note overall this drama is fine and good to watch one time.

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