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River Where the Moon Rises is an ongoing South Korean drama featuring Kim So Hyun, Na In Woo, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yoo Hwa in the lead roles. Until episode 5, Kim Ji Soo was also a part of the show as the lead role until controversy broke out and he was no longer a part of the show. Kim Ji Soo once accused him of bullying at school, and felt regretful and even apologized, but immediately after the controversy, he changed, and within a day, he was replaced by Na In Woo. The drama’s story is based on the Dal Chronicles of three states and deals with the life history of Pyeong Gang, who later became the queen of Pyeonggang.

Brief Recap From Previous Episodes

In episode 10, we saw after Pyeong Gang confessed about On Dal’s identity to his father, they were both kicked out of the kingdom; her father states, you are no longer my daughter and asks them to leave the place immediately with a hard slap on her face, they leave the palace and wander around in ordinary clothes, soon they meet On Dal’s mother who is also angry. Pyeong Gang teaches On Dal how to use the main attack. The love that sticks to On Dal is ready to do anything for Pyeong Gang and states that as long as they are together, he will give everything to protect her. On Dal asks Pyeong Gang to hide the ongoing practice with his mother as she will fall ill when she hears about her son’s fight.

River Where The Moon Rises

A Still from River Where The Moon Rises

Episode 11 begins with Hae Mo Yong being attacked, where Go Geon steps in to save him. He then sat beside her while she slept after being sick from the attack and dismissed her as a mysterious woman. Go Geon or master Go is reminded of the memories he had when he stopped Pyeong Gang, but he apologized and left him.

While Pyeong Gang and On Dal practiced their sword skills, her mother came to check to see what she was up to; he didn’t want his son to learn fighting skills because soon after, a swordsman would definitely see blood and destruction. She didn’t want her son to become a human butcher and angrily leave the place. Hae Mo Yong met the chief cheonjubang and discussed with him what grudges he held against the king and him. Hae Mo Yong wants to know the reason why he wants to take revenge on the king.

He then told a story about a great priest who loved a girl and wanted to save the lives of his wife and child. He cannot save his wife or children, and he is his own pastor; he wanted revenge for his son and wife who had died. Then, Pyeong Gang invites On Dal to train at Wol Gwang. Pyeong Gang leads On Dal to training and says goodbye with a sweet kiss.

Later, Pyeong Gang visits his father in secret and informs him of the reforms that are taking place to build the Sunno tribe. They have a long chat about her marriage and crown prince. Furthermore, the palace is turned upside down when superstitious rituals are performed in the palace for the birth of a child. Meanwhile, Madame Sa saves Pyeong Gang, and the two of them are attacked at just the right time. On Dal comes and helps them fight.

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River Where the Moon Rises Episode 12

River Where The Moon Rises

Still image from River Where The Moon Rises

River Where the Moon Rises episode 12 is scheduled for release on March 23 at 9:30 p.m. KST. In episode 12, we can see Pyeong Gang comfort On Dal that it’s not his fault; he is not a murderer, but a defender who defends and saves the lives of his mother and wife. The Pyeong Gang explains that the people who came to kill them were the ones who were sent by Go Won Pyo to kill them; continues, Dal faces deep regret after killing all the men and asks if she looks pathetic to the Pyeong Gang.

On the other hand, Go Geon immediately asked Hae Mo Yong if he loved him. Soon, Dal realizes that he must take out his sword to protect the one he loves. Go Geon tells Pyeong Gang whether you follow the traitor will be punished or not. The King is seen experiencing pain in his heart and being crushed on the floor, while Pyeong Gang is trapped with guilt for making On Dal through it all; she thinks he tricked her, but On Dal admits she knows that all along still decided to continue. Pyeong Gang is the only woman he loves; his wife is everything, and he will do whatever it takes to protect and make him happy.

This episode will reveal many hidden truths and will also showcase the true love between Pyeong Gang and On Dal. Apart from the original KBS2 network, you can also watch this drama at any time Viki.

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