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Sumeragi and Joseline had a meeting with the 672nd Hundred Ogre Gathering and talked about the Peach Boy. The Ogre geezer reveals that the Peach Boy single-handedly defeated the Ogres army. The Ogres decided to take revenge on the Peach Boy Mikoto. Millia enters the competition to win the prize. Then Sumeragi confronts Sally asking her to join him. Mikoto told Sally to choose between the two of them. Mikoto swore that she had to kill all the Ogres. Let’s find out who Sally will pick in the latest episode of Peach Boy Riverside. Sally thought the day would come where humans and Ogres coexist, but things turned the other way around.

A long time ago, monsters were rampant in the West Continent. The constructed humans built their high castle walls in fear that the monsters would wipe them out. They train soldiers day and night to fight threats. But the power of the monsters is extraordinary, and they destroy everything. No human can fight demons until one day, a traveler arrives. The traveler enters the city and finds the knights chasing a young woman. The woman was the princess, and the knights sent her back to the royal palace.

The lady refused to go to the royal palace and said she wanted to look outside and go on a trip. The princess meets the traveler, asking if he can do something for her; he tells the man to help him as a terrible criminal is after him. The man agrees to hide the princess. The knights continued to chase the princess and realized that they had to bring her back. The traveler misled the knights and said the girl went to the other side.

Previously on Peach Boy Riverside Episode 4

The traveler tells the princess that the terrible villain is not here. The princess asked the traveler her name, and she revealed that she was Mikoto. She told Mikoto that she was Saltherine Aldarake, and they called her Sally. Sally points out that she is the princess of the Aldarake Kingdom. The two gathered together and went to the bakery. The lady tells the princess that she is of marriageable age and settling down.

Sally agreed and bought two buns for her and Mikoto. Sally tells Mikoto that the shop’s walnut bun is the best. The two enjoy a meal together, and Sally says they’re going to the next stop. Mikoto commented that she had never seen a princess walk freely like Sally without an escort in all the countries she visited; Sally replies she will never know anything about other countries. In the evening, Sally cooks for Mikoto. Mikoto thanked Sally, who said she could repay him by telling the story of her journey.

Peach Boy Riverside

Peach Boy Riverside

Princess and Peach

Sally also says she wants to go on a trip and leave this boring secluded kingdom to see the outside world. Mikoto replied that this kingdom was not boring because it was peaceful, had good food, and was beautiful with good people. Sally replies that she knows, but she wants to experience something new. Sally asked Mikoto to stay in the castle since it was getting late, and they would talk about her trip tomorrow. Two Ogres watched the two from a distance and were angry that it was the Peach Boy.

In the morning, Sally enters Mitoko’s room and is surprised that Mikoto’s chest is flat. Mikoto replied that he was a man, and Sally thought he was a woman. Sally told Mikoto to explain why she was prettier than him because he was a boy. They both fell, and Sally became embarrassed that the sheets touched Mikoto’s face. The two left, and Sally told Mikoto to take her with her. Mikoto replied that the journey was more dangerous. Meanwhile, inside the castle, an Ogre appears, saying that he has come to rule this kingdom.

The old geezer Ogre told the king that he was here to trade, and that they would sacrifice thirty men every month to keep him from slaughtering them. The guards tried to fight back, but the Ogre cut off its head with its bare hands. He leaves and says he will wait for their answer. The Ogre tells Peach Boy and goes into hiding, realizing that he must withdraw from his plans or he will meet his end. Then Mikoto killed a group of Ogres who challenged her. Sally tells the king that she is on a trip. That’s how the two met and traveled.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5 release date

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5 release date is July 29 2021. You can watch Peach Boy Riverside on crispy, VRV, and Ani-One Asia; You can also view Spoiler & Recap: Peach Boy Riverside Episode 4.


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