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However, Episode 6 is the upcoming episode of K-Drama which fans all over the world are waiting with bated breath. The drama, which has aired on JTBC and Netflix since mid-June, has made fans addicted. We’re halfway there, as 5 episodes have been released. Only 5 more left before we find the answer to today’s question – Will Jae Eon and Prophet End Up Together?

Nevertheless, the storyline follows the lives of students in the art and sculpture department at a fictional university in Seoul. They are all young people in their 20s struggling to define the many relationships and emotions in their lives. The main plot centers around the lives of Yoon Nabi and Park Jae Eon. Nabi recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend after his affair. She falls in love with a mysterious junior – Park Jae Eon. Jae Eon is every girl’s dream out there. But maybe, he’s also their worst nightmare because he can’t commit.

Will Jae Eon change for the Prophet? Or, will he change for Seol-a? Who will Jae Eon end up with? To find the answer to all of this, let’s find out what’s going to happen in Nevertheless, Episode 6.

However, Episode 6: Release Date & Preview

Nevertheless, Episode 6 will be released at 11 p.m. KST 24 July 2021.

In However, Episode 6, we will see the distance between Jae Eon and Nabi getting wider. In fact, Nabi will be spending more time with Do Hyeok in this episode. In fact, there’s a small clip that even shows the two outside of a camping car together. Meanwhile, Bitna and Kyu Hyun are also getting closer. What’s more, the fact that Sol and Jiwan’s relationship was more than just friendship was something Sehun also paid attention to. Clip in preview teaser for However, Episode 6 shows Sol, Jiwan, and Sehun at a cafe as Sol covers Jiwan’s feet with a shawl, and Sehun finds things a little weird.

Another relationship that seems to be growing slowly is between two people in the professor’s office – Gyeong Jun and Min Young. Min Young has nowhere to live, and Gyeong Jun offers her a room at his house. He was taken aback by the offer at first but considered taking it as he couldn’t possibly stay in the office forever. Maybe we’ll see more developments here However, Episode 6.

How to Watch However, Episode 6 online?

You can watch Nevertheless, Episode 6 at Netflix, right after airing on the South Korean channel JTBC.

However, Episode 5: Recap

Nevertheless, K-Drama Plot Summary

Prophet and Jae Eon

Nevertheless, Episode 5 is called ‘I Know Nothing Will Change, Yet. This episode is certainly very different from the previous episodes in the series. Here, not everything is happy in heaven between Jae Eon and Nabi. On top of that, the plot also shifts to other characters, which is a relief. That’s because the previous episodes left quite a bit of ambiguity regarding some of the characters, starting to annoy the audience. So, let’s find out what happened in However, Episode 5.

Starting from episode 4, Episode 5 starts with a stranger getting out of the car and crashing into Jae Eon. The Prophet was also injured during a fight between the two. What saves the day is that Jiwan and Sol hear the Prophet’s cries for help. They talk about their friendship standing on the steps leading to the terrace. After hearing Nabi’s screams, they ran to Jae Eon’s repair shop and called the police.

Later at the police station, it turns out that Jae Eon actually saw the stranger’s sister. The problem here was the fact that she was already engaged to another man. The stranger warned the Prophet in good faith that he had to leave Jae Eon so as not to get hurt. The Prophet was shocked by all that had happened. He tells Jae Eon that he doesn’t want to see him again. Jae Eon tries to stop him, but Nabi pulls his hand from his grip and walks away. Back home, he started throwing away the dress Jae Eon bought and the one Jae Eon lent him.

Bitna and Kyu Hyun’s friendship

Nevertheless, Episode 6

Bitna and Kyu Hyun on the terrace

Meanwhile, Kyu Hyun and Bitna’s relationship has finally reached stability in However, Episode 5. Throughout the episode, Kyu Hyun is seen distancing himself from the rest of his group of friends. He not only looked aloof but was utterly heartbroken. Se Young has arranged for Kyu Hyun to go on a date with his friend. However, he tells Bitna that the girl rejected him, which might be the culprit behind his ordeal.

This makes Bitna angry. In fact, when he got drunk one night after class, Sehun called Kyu Hyun to pick him up. She explodes at him. Kyu Hyun was surprised to find out that he was actually sad because of Bitna and not his date. In fact, the two kissed and made up. Then, Kyu Hyun carried him on his back and carried him home. Interestingly, the two also decided to start dating. However, Bitna is drunk, so we hope she doesn’t ‘regret’ this decision as well.

Friendship of Jiwan and Sol

Nevertheless, Episode 5 Recap

Jiwan talks to Sol excitedly.

Initially, after a fight between Jae Eon and the stranger, Jiwan and Sol make up in a park. Jiwan tells Sol that their relationship has always been like this. They simply stopped discussing this matter altogether. However, Sol tells Jiwan that this time is different and maybe they should talk about it. However, they ended up just ignoring it.

Later, during their class, the professor comments on Sol’s work and asks if she’s lazy because she decided not to go overseas for the exchange semester. Jiwan is shocked that Sol hid this from him too. He ran out of the classroom and started rummaging through his locker. Sol followed him but was stopped by Sehun to speak. Again, this episode also hints at a possible romance between Sol and Jiwan, but we still don’t know for sure.

Nabi and Jae Eon: Are They ‘Just Friends’?

Nevertheless, Episode 6 Preview

Jae Eon teaches Nabi how he can work with metal in the garage

Back to Nabi and Jae Eon, the atmosphere between the two of them certainly becomes awkward in this episode. Not once did we see the two of them getting closer to each other. In fact, they couldn’t seem to even look at each other. The Prophet had to present his exhibition idea and select an assistant. After discussing the idea, when asked who would be willing to volunteer, Jae Eon raised his hand. The Prophet accepted him as an assistant. Interestingly, one of his juniors who seemed to like him raised his hand. The Prophet also accepted it.

Later, Nabi and Jae Eon went to the workshop below his residence to start working with metal. Jae Eon taught him by guiding his own hands. The Prophet did not shy away from their closeness. But then again, he didn’t read too much of it either. The two of them had a good time with each other. However, it turns out that Seol-a is waiting for Jae Eon somewhere. She called him non-stop, but he never picked up. Then Seol-a catches Nabi leaving the smithy.

Who Really is Seol-a?

Also, did we tell you that Jae Eon changed his cell phone number? It’s still not clear why he did it. He gave Nabi a new number when he left the workshop. It can be speculated that he wants to start again now that the Prophet has seen him at his lowest point. Maybe Jae Eon really wants to be a better human being. But, the question remains – does he want to be better for the Prophet, or is there someone else?

However, Episode 6 Release Date

Nabi, Jae Eon, and Seol-a

You might be wondering why this is even a question, given everything that has happened between the two of them. Well, just before the episode is about to end, we see Seol-a on the University campus, probably waiting for Jae Eon. Nabi goes to the soda dispenser when Seol-a stops him to ask about Jae Eon. The Prophet was a little surprised and asked her about their relationship. Seol-a told Nabi that she and Jae Eon had dated, but then they broke up. However, Nabi was confused to hear that they were dating again. He also saw Seol-a’s butterfly engraved lighter. Nabi made a hasty decision here, perhaps something that could change his relationship with Jae Eon forever.

Nabi had overheard Seol-a talking on her phone about getting her hair cut. So, before confusing him, Nabi told him that he shouldn’t shorten his hair because Jae Eon likes to do it by tying the girl’s hair. Obviously, this does not require further solving. Keep watching this page for more updates on However, Episode 6.

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