Preview: La Reina del Flow Season 2 On Netflix

La Reina del Flow, also known as The Queen of Flow, is a Colombian musical telenovela based on the reggaeton genre. Produced by Sony Pictures Television and Teleset for Caracol Televisión, the show had a successful first season. Originally released only in Colombia, the show has already gained international acclaim and viewers when it arrived on Netflix. The show became so popular that it even won an International Emmy Award. With 80 new chapters in the new season, players have even met to watch the first episode of season 2 together in February 2021. Now that La Reina del Flow Season 2 is released, let’s see when it will be released on Netflix.

La Reina del Flow is the story of Yeimy Montoya, a young singer who believes in the wrong people in the past. His only mistake in loving the wrong person makes his life messed up which leads to the death of his family members. As he got closer to the truth, he was framed for drug trafficking, which caused him to lose his freedom in prison. As he got older, he worked undercover with the police to bring down the people who ruined his life. He takes on the persona of music producer Tammy Andrade in which he approaches his enemies. He took revenge, after which his enemy was imprisoned.

What’s the plot for La Reina del Flow Season 2?

La Reina del Flow Season 2 will portray a new chapter in Yeimy Montoya’s life. According to Charly Flow actor Carlos Torres, events only took place two years after the events of the first season. Now, as Yeimy tries to live a life filled with creativity and personal moments, she finally gives herself the chance to love a friend from her childhood, Juancho. They enjoy time together because they hold concerts and can share happiness. But her growing happiness comes to a halt when she receives messages that threaten her and her loved ones. Considering how the events in La Reina del Flow Season 1 led to the end of Charly Flow’s career, he suspects her to be the culprit. And thus begins a story filled with adrenaline, romance and musical genres.

While Yeimy believes that Charly is the person behind the bullying, he admits to being a changed man. She even went on to say that she missed what she used to feel for him. Charly ends up making enough merits in prison to get free, after which she contacts her new ally, which puts Yeimy’s universe at stake. Even though he had enough troubles to bother him, they only compounded with the arrival of the White Shark Production Company. The company is headed by an eccentric businessman, Mike Rivera, who is a strong shark in the music business, who puts forward Surround Vibes. While the story itself will be quite engaging, the fun will be added with more music and guests coming to the show.

When Will La Reina del Flow Season 2 Be Released on Netflix?

La Reina del Flow Season 2: When Will It Be Released on Netflix?

Carolina Ramírez as Yeimy Montoya in La Reina del Flow

La Reina del Flow Season 2 is set to arrive on Netflix somewhere in Late 2021. The show will premiere on April 26, 2021. People can watch episodes of La Reina del Flow Season 2 on Caracol Televisión. Episodes from La Reina del Flow Season 2 will air Monday – Friday at 9 p.m. local time Colombia. The previous season had a total of 82 episodes, while this season is set to have 48 episodes. The show was originally renewed back in October 2018. It even started filming back in early 2020 but was only delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Finally, filming resumed in October 2020, only to finish in March 2021.

Season 2 for the show can only be watched in Colombia right now. And for viewers around the world, they may have to wait until the second season finishes broadcasting. After that, the seasons can be added to the Netflix library. Given that the show has 48 episodes planned, it will take at least 2 months for the season to finish airing on television. The streamer hasn’t confirmed it yet, but given Twitter fans’ reaction could lead to the decision. For now, you can watch the first season Netflix. Netflix is ​​a streaming service that is known and used around the world. If you want to subscribe to Netflix, you can get them every month. It will be available for $ 8.99, $ 13.99, and $ 17.99 for Basic, Standard, and Premium memberships.

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What will be the cast?

La Reina del Flow Season 2: When Will It Be Released on Netflix?

Carlos Torres as Charly Flow in LA Reina del Flow

The cast will have multiple actors reprising their roles in new installments. First and foremost, we have Carolina Ramirez as Yeimy Montoya, Carlos Torres as Charly Flow and Andrés Sandoval as Juancho. Then there are Adriana Arango, Lucho Velasco, and Diana Wiswell who respectively play as Ligia de Cruz, “Manín” and Catalina Bedoya. Finally, there are Mariana Gomez, Mariana Garzón, and Sebastián Silva reprising their roles as Irma, Vanessa Cruz Granados, and “Pite”.

Additional characters include Juan Manuel Restrepo as “Mateo”, and Marcelo Dos Santos as Mike Rivera. Meanwhile, Juan Palau, Luna Baxter, and Kiño acted as Drama Key, Silvia Duarte, and Axel. Cast for the role without notice included Pedro Roda, Pedro Ochoa, Erik Rodríguez, Pedro Suárez, Ángel David, Ciraldo, Kevin Buri, and Camila Taborda.

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