Preview: Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 6

After defeating Janome, who has turned into a snake, the lab is engulfed in flames. Sawa decides to save everyone, but everyone dies because they realize that Sawa is a good person and they can’t let him die for their sake. Elena and Jin arrive at the scene and watch the building catch fire. Only Sawa managed to get out with Asahi but she wanted to save everyone. Elena comments that Sawa is a stupid girl and that woman’s revenge is over. The next day, Elena has a meeting with a man who uncovers a secret organization fighting anti-government forces.

Elena realized that the man’s story was boring, and she decided to get closer to him. She blew out a few kisses, and when she kissed him, he jumped away. Elena pulls the man back, and they both fall on the sofa. When they were about to do so, Elena felt uncomfortable and headed to the restroom. She begins to commit, and the man follows suit, thinking that she has annoyed him. Elena comments that as her ghostwriter, she has to guess what’s going on. The man doesn’t understand that she said she is pregnant.

Previously in Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 5

Jin and Sawa travel together, talking about a recent incident. He revealed that Yoshinobi was happy that the snake problem had been taken care of. Jin assigns Sawa a new mission. But Sawa told him that he didn’t care anymore and Jin noticed that Sawa chose to leave because of Asahi. He had her use the organization to survive, and she could go home and rest; she will keep in touch. On the way home, Sawa wonders why her white crow, Nana, chose her.

Meanwhile, Elena gets better, and she rubs her stomach, wondering why it must be him. The man who impregnated her realized that she was a father, and she came out of joy. When he’s outside, he screams, this is good; I’m so excited. Hooray, Me’s father. Elena heard that, and she smiled. Later, Asahi waited for Sawa at the gate of his house, and a girl passed by him and fell. The girl’s parents came and comforted her in front of Asahi.

Parental Love

Snow White and Blood Fishing Rod

Snow White and Blood Fishing Rod

Asahi realized that she never got that love from her parents. Her father bothered her a lot because her mother was a woman who liked to look beautiful all the time, and their relationship was bad. The girls’ parents tell their daughter to stop crying, and they sing a song of pain, pain, going for her. Asahi remembers the day when her father kicked her, and she hit the wall. She realized that there was nothing to comfort her that day, and she lacked the love of her parents.

Suddenly Sawa comes, and she welcomes her back and realizes that Sawa treats her like a mother, and she feels parental love. They both enter the house and enjoy dinner together. But he noticed that Sawa was bothered by something ever since he got rid of the person who killed his parents. Asahi asks him, but Sawa asks him about his wound. Asahi replies that he is used to pain, and Sawa comments that there is no pain one can get used to.

The two of them comfort each other, and Sawa tells Asahi about her older brother’s story. Sawa also reveals that her brother has left, and that her revenge is over. The next day Makoto realizes that the war is over, and he tells his doctor that he is leaving Japan. Doctor asks why is he helping his people. Makoto reveals that he can’t let them rob them of their freedom. Sawa swore that he would never kill anyone again.

Fishing Release Date: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 6

Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 6 will be released on Wednesday, May 4, 2021, at 01.29 JST. You can watch The Princess of Snow and Blood online at Crunchyroll. You can also read Preview: Fishing rod: The Princess Of Snow And Blood Episode 5.

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