Preview: I’ve Killed Slime for 300 Years and Maximized My Level Episode 4

Before she reincarnated into another world, Aizawa Azusa worked hard until one day she passed out and died. He died at the age of 27. Then Azusa awakens in heaven and meets Angel. He discussed it with Angel, but he thought he was dead. The angel informs her that she is still alive, and Azusa describes her brief journey that ended at such a young age. The angels took pity on him and realized that he was struggling. She asked Azusa to say her wish to grant it.

Azusa thought the Angel was bluffing because she had left her body on earth and now she is in heaven. He wondered why the Angel was determined to help him. Azusa hopes she will enjoy her life while she is on earth, but things are even worse for her because she is struggling and doesn’t have access to basic necessities. Azusa told the Angel that she wanted to be reborn in another world in the highlands where she would live a peaceful life. The angel told him he could do that and asked him something else.

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Azusa asked the Angel if there was anything she could do to grant all her wishes. The angel tells him that he helps the girls for free and whatever he likes will come true. Azusa told Angel that after her reincarnation, she wanted to live an endless life without dying. The angel spoke a few words and sent Azusa’s soul to another world. She fulfilled all her wishes. In the morning, Azusa found herself standing on a hill. She realized that she was in the spotlight, and that was one of her desires.

He headed to a nearby house and found that the Angel had prepared everything for him. Azusa looked in the mirror and realized that she had turned into a beautiful woman. He found that he was no longer 27 years old and now he was 17 years old cool. Azusa celebrates that she will not grow old or die. He comments that his past life has disappeared, and now he will live this new life completely. He started building farms and hunting slime as he went to town every day. After 300, he became stronger due to the slime’s power.

Azusa started her adventure and made more friends and saved their lives. One day she fought a dragon that was defeated with one slap. Then he headed to the city and met an old man who showed him where to join the adventurers guild. Azusa headed there and met the receptionist who greeted her. The adventurers found that Azusa was too strong and that her power to kill slimes every day for 300 years was the same as the adventurer who had defeated 4380 dragons.

I've Killed Slime for 300 Years and Maximized My Level

I’ve Killed Slime for 300 Years and Maximized My Level

Highland Witch

They announce that he is the new strongest adventure in the whole world. Then he met Laika, who challenged him the first time, showing off the power of his dragon form. Laika is defeated and befriends Azusa, who becomes her teacher. Azusa started crushing her enemies and tearing them apart. She became famous and received the title of being called the Sorcerer of the Highlands because of her strength and knowledge of medicine. Laika and Azusa started living together, and she became their initiator and assistant.

Azusa likes cook Laika, and she tells how she has lived alone for 300 years. Laika was impressed by the way Azusa killed slime. Meanwhile, a new enemy arrives and decides to challenge Azusa. Laika became closer to Azusa, and they encountered a new enemy who had just arrived. Laika decided to show the results of her training and face the enemy alone. He told Azusa to sit and watch.

Laika defeats their enemy, and they decide to protect the country. Later Azusa discovers that Falfa has a sister Shalsha who wants her head. He also discovered that Falfa and Salsha were nearly 50 year old slime spirits that had appeared from the slime he had killed. But Falfa thinks Azusa is her mother, and Shalsha wants to avenge the slime that Azusa has killed. Then she managed to convince the sisters and live peacefully with them.

I’ve been Killing Slime for 300 Years and Maximizing My Level Episode 4 Release Date and Preview

I’ve Killed Slime for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Episode 4 will be released on Saturday, April 24, 2021, 9:00 p.m. JST. You can watch I’ve Killed a Slime for 300 Years and Maximized My Level online, Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS.

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