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The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace has debuted with the release of two episodes. Let’s check out the latest update for the latest episode of The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace. The Episode starts with Paula talking about Rin, who went to train. Ysley comments that Rin took out Hayato and Prontea and taught them how to fight. Rin is a survivor of Idaten who fought demons 800 years ago. Ysley also says that Rin is the only living being who understands the involvement of the devil in the past.

Rin is the strongest Idaten out there, and if they’re going to learn how to fight, Rin is the first person everyone wants to learn; Ysley reveals that at this point, it is dangerous to be a part of Rin or Hayato. Hayato tells the two that the doctor they are fighting is a robot. Ysley wondered who was controlling the doctor. And the person now has all the data the robots collected during their battle. Paula listens as Isli talks about Idaten. Ysley spoke of the demon beast’s powerful minion.

The two realized that if the henchman attacked during the war, they would be defeated. Isli thought that if they persisted with Hayato and Rin under the premise of training, they could avoid the possibility of being killed. Paula believes that Ysley is exaggerating as he also talks about Rin killing them. Meanwhile, Hayato was training to fight with Rin. Rin pinned Hayato with the ground and showered him with a barrage. He releases a colossal beam and blasts Hayato along with the ground; Rina grabbed Hayoto with her legs and hit him to the ground.

Previously on The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Episode 2

Rin realized that Hayato was not on the same level as her and threw him into the lake. Ysley and Paula watched the training at the top of the mountain. Ysley comments that Rin is as brutal as he remembers. Paula says she can’t call the training because it looks like a beating; Ysley replied that it was the right way to train an Idaten. But the problem is that Rin doesn’t understand the theory because she does what she wants.

Paula realized she couldn’t take the hit and asked Ysley why they couldn’t go and train with Prontea. Ren sensed the presence of something and disappeared. The two wonder when Rin left, but she appears behind them. Rin tells Ysley that they have met again while leveling up his powers. Ysley wondered if he would be beaten like HJayato, who was still in the lake. Rin says he has spent fifty years without meeting Ysley.

God Idaten Only Knows Peace

God Idaten Only Knows Peace

New Controller: Demon King

Paula looked at Rin and wondered why she was thirsty for blood. Rin was angry that Ysley had appeared after fifty years. Ysley realizes that Rin is angry than he thought, and a wrong answer means death; no reason enough to save him. He thought of an old trick in the book that if he failed to convince her, he would throw dirt in his eyes and run away. Ysley bowed in front of Rin and said that he couldn’t deny that he escaped from the train.

But he knew how arrogant he seemed after all this time, and now he had accepted that Rin could teach him to fight. The trick works, and Rin sheds tears at a man who begs her to teach him the first time. Rin is driven by his sense of duty to fight demons, but an Idaten neglects his training to study in the human world. Rin is happy that Ysley is back and that she can train him. He comments that he understands that Ysley has realized his duty. Ysley realized that Idaten’s real training was about to begin.

Rin notices the girl and asks Ysley about the girl, and Ysley replies that she is the new Idaten. The girl says that she is Paula and she is happy to meet Rin. Rin wonders who called Paula. Paula replies that she was “summoned” by Prontea. Meanwhile, Pirasa works with her squad to punish the criminals. Kageki is killed for toying with Prasa, who goes to a meeting with Takke. Miku praises the Demon Lord saying he gave them human form and intelligence. The Demon Lord announced that they would start by reviewing Idaten’s recordings.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Episode 3 Release Date

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Episode 3 release date is 30 July 2021. You can watch The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace online at crispy and VRV; You can also view Preview & Recap: Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5.


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