Preview and Recap: Getter Robo Arc Episode 4 (Article ready)


Baku and Takuma recently joined Kamui’s team after discovering the truth about their past. Let’s discover how these three will save the world using the Getter Robo Arc. After their first mission, they disappeared, and the building continued to burn. The soldiers said that the bad boys were important and irreplaceable, and they had to find them. Ninja chased after Takuma at a young age, and he called out his mother’s name. He managed to escape from the village and arrived at another town where they welcomed him. The teacher trains Takuma to become a strong warrior.

Takuma was worried that they would continue to give him rice, vegetables, and fish in this new house. The female martial artist told Takuma that food was important for his martial arts skills. In the past, Takuma’s mother had praised her husband and how he teased him while holding Takuma. Takuma’s mother explained to her son how the fire of love blazed between them. One day a man came, and Taku’s mother thought that it was a dojo challenger. People reveal that they are members of an organization researching Getter Rays. The mother realized that these people were here to take Takuma away.

Takuma’s mother hides her son and tells him that if something happens, he can turn around and run away. The scientist talks about Ryoma Nagare’s son, Takuma, because he inherited a special blood. Takuma’s mother refuses to give up her son and tells the scientist that her son has no relation to them. The scary scientist commented that he didn’t expect that answer. They fought with Takuma’s mother, and she tried to kick them out of the room so Takuma could escape.

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Previously in Getter Robo Arc Episode 3

Takuma watched his mother fight alone with those people and wanted to join her. He realized that she forbade him to fight because he had to run away and leave. Takuma’s mother punished the first two and killed them instantly. But he was seriously injured after they cut off his arms and legs. The other two entered the room and saw that he had lost a lot of blood, and they were able to counterattack with the final blow.

The blonde punk was impressed and said he wasn’t surprised that she was Ryoma Nagare’s wife, but the resistance was futile. Takuma’s mother tells the two that she will never let them have Takuma. The blonde man replied that they wanted his son not to kill him, but he had put them in a difficult position. Takuma’s mother replied that she would not speak; they can use their fists to talk. The blonde man replied that he had no choice and shot him. Takuma heard a gunshot and realized that it had hit his mother.

Getter Robo Arc

Getter Robo Arc

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Bastard League

The image of Takuma and his father falling to the floor with bullet holes. Takuma’s mother fell over the door of the secret hideout and told Takuma to run away and the day would come when his strength was needed. Takuma saw blood entering the room and realized that his mother would die soon. The boy managed to escape, and the blond man tried to find him. When he opened the door, he found that Takuma had escaped and sent his men to look for Takuma.

The crew of scientists set Takuma’s house on fire, and they circled the forest trying to capture Takuma. Takuma swore that those people would pay to destroy his life. Takuma realized that it was the blonde who killed his mother, and he would avenge her death. On his way, he meets a young Samurai who says that they should work together. The young samurai had suffered the same fate as Takuma. Takuma wonders if the Samurai are with the league of ruffians.

Three others arrived and addressed the Samurai as their master. The Samurai man replies that he doesn’t work with that bastard league. Takuma asked why they were working with him, and the Samurai man replied that he received a message from his brother. The person who sent the Samurai was named Tahir, the former leader of the Green Earth Religion. Samurai reveals that he is Baku. It was the day that Baku and Takuma met. On this day, Takuma rides a Getter Ray and shouts that he will kill his mother’s killer.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 4 Release Date

The new Getter Robo Arc Episode 4 release date is July 25, 2021. You can watch Getter Robo Arc online at ANIPLUS and HEALING; You can also view Preview & Recap: Getter Robo Arc Episode 3.

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