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Team 7 has decided to drop Mr A0 to avenge Mugino’s death. They hide in the forest, trying to find the traitor. Konohamaru asked Mitsuki about the situation, and Mitsuki used a snake to find Mr. Ao. Konohamaru wondered why they couldn’t find Mr. Ao even though he didn’t have his Bayakug anymore. He comments that Mr. Ao is still a strong warrior.

Suddenly one of the Mitsuki managed to find Mr. Ao, and Mitsuki told the others. Mr. Ao finds Team 7’s hiding place. He comments to himself if this is what they call hiding, and he asks them to come out. Mr. Ao sensed Mitsuki’s presence and fired a missile. Mitsuki lured Mr. Ao deep into the forest, and they started fighting. Mitsuki attacks with Lightning Style: Snakes Lightning. But Pak Ao absorbed the attack with his hands.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 187 will be released on Sunday, February 21, 2021, 5:30 pm JST. Take a look at this official website Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation, to watch Boruto. See below.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation

Boruto Naruto Next Generation

Earlier in Episode 186

Mitsuki disappeared, and Konohamaru attacked Mr. Aoo from above. He began to detonate Fire Style: Flaming Meteors from his mouth. Pak Ao used his hand to absorb the attack. He realized that they were making successive attacks without noticing the chakra depletion. Mr. Ao thinks Team 7 is up to something, and Mitsuki attacks with Lightning Snake. Pak Ao jumped up, but Sarada started showering him with hard blows.

He manages to send him flying, but he teleported behind him, and Mitsuki warns him. Pak Ao slapped Sarada and hit him with a tree. He commented that Dr. Scientific Ninja Tool. Katsuke is really something. Sarada counterattacked with a Chada punch followed by FireStyle: Fire Jutsu. Mr. Ao absorbed the attack again, commenting that they didn’t understand. Meanwhile, Mitsuki and Konohamuru also supported Sarda with their attacks.

Team 7 vs. Mr. Ao

Konohamuru comments that they have to hit Pak Ao together. Team 7 attacks at the same time, and Mr. Ao realized that he was in danger. He used his prosthetic hand to create large blue balls to absorb their attacks. Mr. Ao thought he knew what they were trying to do, but attacks like that weren’t enough to take him down. He thought this was a diversion because he couldn’t see the Hokage brat. Mr. Ao wondered if the boy had run away with Dr. Katatsuke.

He thought it was the opposite of what he thought. Pak Ao concluded that they wanted to finish him off with a sudden blow. He thought that the boy was the fulcrum of their plan. Mr. Ao looked at all his blind spots, thinking that the boy must be there waiting for an opportunity to attack. He said to himself who came out, Uzumaki Boruto. Mr. Ao smiled and thought he would make Boruto his victim. Mr. Ao realized that he was going to suck up all the chakra that Team 7 had.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation

Boruto Naruto Next Generation

Boruto had to appear before that happened because he would put them to sleep. He realized that he was right and knew that Boruto was probably attacking from behind or above. Boruto attacks with the scientific sword of illumination from above. Surprisingly Mr. Ao came prepared for it, and he blocked the attack with his scientific sword. Team 7 is surprised where did he get a sword like that. Lord Ao sends Boruto flying, and he takes the sword that Boruto dropped. When Boruto tries to take his scientific sword, but his stomach is stabbed.

Steam Toad

Mr Ao is glad he dropped it. She comments that she saw everyone coming. But Mitsuki stretched out his hand and wrapped Mr. Ao’s hand. Boruto comments that Mr. Ao doesn’t know anything, and he pooped. Mr. Ao realized that it was a shadow clone, and he had been fooled. He started to struggle and wondered which Scientific Tool was draining his strength. Boruto’s comet that Mr. Ao slowed down a little, and he attacked while releasing the Rasengan.

Mr. Ao comments that the boy got it, but the jutsu won’t work on him. Boruto attacks with another prosthetic hand that he got from Katatsuke. He absorbed Pak Ao’s attack and hit him with a Rasengan. Pak Ao was sent flying while hitting a tree, and his hand was crushed. Boruto comments that it is a jutsu that absorbs jutsu. Mr. Ao couldn’t believe that the brat had sent him flying, and he even paid.

Boruto said he used one jutsu to absorb the one Mr. Ao had. Mr. Ao released the Mirro Drone and sent Konohamaru flying. Boruto uses the final Rasengan attack and breaks Mr. Ao’s legs and arms. Boruto decided to save Mr. Ao. He told Boruto to avenge Mugino, but Boruto refused and told him to repair the part that was broken. Another enemy arrived, and Kashin Koji surprised Boruto by summoning a Steam Toad.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 187 Preview

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