PnB Rock Net Worth: How Much Are Rappers Worth?

We all know PnB Rock, the popular American rapper who is also a hip-hop artist from the Pennsylvania state of Philadelphia. The most heartbreaking thing is that he lost his father when he was three years old to a criminal. After her father’s death, she moved to Germantown’s dirty neighbor who was very inappropriate in every way. Being passionate about song and music he took on Gangsta Rappers like Tupac Shakur and Biggie. But because fate might have happened, he was forced to submit to his family’s financial crisis and leave his school when he was a high school student. Besides, having grown up in a dirty environment, his group of friends consisted mostly of petty and petty criminals. But soon he found his passion and started pursuing his passion in music.

He released his debut mixtape in June 2014 titled Real N * gga Bangaz. As the first mixtape, the album did not have much success but was quite successful and received quite a lot of praise and appreciation from the audience. With the success of his first mixtape, he got an offer to be signed by a popular record group called Atlantic Records. Being part of a great record company, he released songs that were very successful.

With this not only did he become more skilled and but also received heaven-high success. Not only that, he also received support from local audiences who liked his music. After several years namely in 2016, he released his popular single named Selfish. Single, Selfish not just a song but a bridge to become the center of attention of the music industry. In addition, the song was also included in the US Billboard Hot 100 list. He was also selected to be included in the list of 10 New Artists to Know. The list is published by popular Rolling Stone magazine. Her journey of success continued even further, after the release of the popular film track named Fate of the Furious which he sang with the popular singer Wiz Khalifa.

Childhood and education

PnB Rock Net Worth

PnB Rock now and PnB Rock first

Born on the 9thth December 1991, in the neighborhood of Germantown, which is located in Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania, there was Rakim Hasheem Allen, or as we usually know it as PnB Rock. He was born in a family of four children. But because they are not very stable economically, it has become increasingly difficult for the family to care for four children. Not only that, they couldn’t have a normal lifestyle. In order to make a living, his father was forced to join groups that were linked to many illegal activities. But due to some internal reason, a gang fight ensues, in which Rock’s father is killed. After the death of the only breadwinner of the family, Rock’s father, all responsibility for the children fell on his mother’s. Unable to live properly, he, along with his family of four siblings and his mother, often have to go to homeless shelters. Because of this, Rock spent most of his childhood in the shelter itself.

After some time, Rock enrolled in a local school. Not only is he an academically intelligent student but also one of the most popular kids in his school. He got a large following during his school life. However, by becoming popular he failed to manage his studies and got low grades too. During this time, the Rock family was taken care of by his uncle. But because fate is possible, like his father, his uncle was killed also killed in a gang war. His uncle’s death destroyed Rock and changed his whole life. Being depressed he followed a crime path where he used to be friends with petty and petty criminals and also used to do drug sales. Over time, his crime margin continued to increase. When he was 19 years old, he was charged with robbery and for selling drugs. It is alleged that he was sent to prison for a period of three years

He discovered his passion for singing when he was in prison. He also wrote his first song in prison, which was inspired by the story of the struggles in his life. While in prison he began to think about his life and decided to give everything a fresh start after getting out of prison. After a period of three years when he was about 21 years old, he began to follow his passions. He started uploading videos with the popular hashtag #tbh. By becoming a singer on social media platforms, he gained quite a following and fame which further motivated him to create his own art of music.


PnB Rock Net Worth

Poster of PnB Rock’s popular album Catch These Vibes

Being passionate about music, it is not too difficult for a person to find other people with the same interests. With this, he found one of his friends who was a neighbor as well. They both collaborated and made a song named Weekend Baby. With this Rock started his career in early 2014. The main focus of the song is more directed towards the chaotic sound and less on vocals and song melody. But being the first song, it received a lot of appreciation and praise. This is also done to top clubs which increasingly make Rock more confident in his abilities in the music field.

Following the success he received locally, Rock began to take his music career further and further. With that, he began working on his first mixtape, which was based on song lyrics and poetry he wrote while in prison for three years. The mixtape’s name Not real Bangaz. The mixtape was released in June 2014. The song someone’s struggle won the hearts of the audience and received an overwhelming response. The success of his debut mixtape earned him more offers and opportunities from many major music companies. With this, he was signed to a major record and music company called Atlantic Records. After some time, he released his third mixtape which was the first to be under the name Atlantic Records RnB 3. The record was released the following year from the release of his first mixtape, namely in 2015. Having several back to back releases of his hit mixtape, he made a position on the list from which he got his inspiration in Gangsta Rap.

His skills improved and he learned the art of blending music. He made an authentic mix of two songs namely R&B and rap music. With the success of the mixing line, he became increasingly popular. Not only that, she is also considered as one of the most popular artists who never followed a certain pattern. Apart from being different, his music is also liked and respected by everyone.

After several years namely in 2016, in June he released his debut single which was named Selfish. The song was not only liked by everyone, but also made it to the list called the US Billboard Hot 100.The song won 51st position in the list. Not only did the success of his debut single stop but it has continued. With his debut single he gained national fame. In addition, he also earned a position in the list of ’10 New Artists to Know ‘. The list was published by a popular magazine called Rolling Stone.

After a while, he collaborated with a popular singer named Fetty Wap. Together they published another mixtape which was named Money, Hoes & Flow. Not only that, he also collaborated with several other popular musicians named Kodak Black and Kevin Hart. After some time, in 2017, he was working on another album. The album is given a title GTTM: Going Thru The Motions. The album was released by a popular production called Empire Distribution and Atlantic Records. Although a few days after its release it was considered Rock’s first album, critics stated that it was more of a mixtape than an album. In addition, this album entered the list called the Billboard 200. In that list, the album was ranked 28th position. Not only did it get ranked but also produced a huge commercial hit. In the first week alone, more than 1,00,000 copies were sold.

After some time, he composed several popular songs which were a combination of popular R&B music which mostly consisted of deep and heartfelt love stories. After releasing back-to-back hit songs, he gained a lot of fans. In addition, he was contracted by a popular producer to release a new soundtrack for their popular film Fate of the Furious. Not only does the list of successes stop but it continues. He had the opportunity to work with several popular singers named 2 Chainz, Young Thug as well as with Wiz Khalifa. Together they created a song called In cahoots.

Later he signed collaboration contracts with A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Kodak Black. Together they created one of the popular singles named Rock Horse. Possessing excellent tunes, she is included in the list of the annual New Student Class. This list was released in 2017, by the popular XXL. Gradually over time, his skills improved. At the end of 2017, namely in September, he released his debut album which was named Catch This Vibration. Since it was his first proper album, he released the album title as well as the cover several months before the album was released, via his Twitter account. Talking about the album, this album consists of a total of 18 songs. In addition, he collaborated with many popular artists to create several songs that were included in his album.

Net worth

PnB Rock Net Worth

PnB Rock Net Worth

Popular American rapper who is also a singer and songwriter named PnB Rock. Not only that, he is also considered as one of the most successful and prominent artists in the music field. With all this, PnB Rock holds a net worth which is thought to be somewhere $ 3 million.

Personal life


PnB Rock with his daughter Milan

Popular American rapper and singer-songwriter PnB Rock has a past that has many difficulties to overcome. But we always saw that he was uncomfortable talking about it. But with his songs, we can understand him trying to tell the natural things that happened to him in the past. When asked once what he wanted to change about his past, he said he didn’t want to change anything and he further said that he is in a position to be considered one of the most successful and prominent artists in music, simply because of his past.

In addition, he also has a brother who has different abilities, namely autism. He died several years ago in a gang fight. With his brother’s love, he donates a portion of his income to autism research as well as for other social causes. Although not much is known about his relationship, there are rumors that he started his dating life when he was a 15 year old teenage boy. But that relationship ended when he went to prison in 2009. With the lyrics, we can imagine that he never had any other relationship. After some time, he had an on-going relationship. Having several relationships, he now has a daughter named Milan who was born in October 2013.

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