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Fairy is a 2020 British comedy thriller film directed by Barnaby Thompson. The film stars Olivia Cooke, Ben Hardy, Daryl McCormack, Colm Meaney, and Alec Baldwin. Cooke plays a strong and cunning leader as he crosses paths of gangster priests, thugs, and goofy boys. The film is released in the UK in October 2020. The premise, in simple words, is that a woman and two men find themselves running from an Irish gangster priest after the theft has occurred. Cooke is charming as a strong woman in this film which is quite funny. Critical reception of the film was, on average, positive.

This film follows a free-spirited, beautiful, cunning, and selfish woman named Pixie. She is the step daughter of a gangster in Western Ireland. He wanted to avenge his mother’s death and start over. So he came up with an elaborate (well, not too complicated, as we’ll learn later) plan with two gullible young men. He uses charm and his brains to tie these two idiots into his plan to rob the drug dealer. His plans included robbing a € 1 million MDMA drug from a drug dealer. Regarding his original plan, he wanted to go to San Francisco and enroll in an art school. However, his plans soon take a turn for the worse when entangled with an Irish gangster priest. He had to go through a messy terrain filled with gangster priests, a corpse in the trunk of a car, and two idiots in the back seat.

Pixie Olivia Cooke

Olivia Cooke, Ben Hardy, and Daryl McCormack play Pixie, Frank, and Harland, respectively, in the comedy thriller Pixie (2020).

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Fairy – Plot Details and Synopsis

The film is set in the western part of Ireland. It started with Pixie visiting her mother’s grave. She is seen talking about avenging her death and moving to a faraway place. Meanwhile, elsewhere, we see two thugs Colin and Fergus, stopping outside the church. Colin talks about how his girl broke up with him because of a guy named Tyrone. Moments later, they broke into the church and stole a bag full of medicine from them at gunpoint. A priest tries to perform an action that triggers the screams, causing all the priests to die. Then, we see Pixie waiting at the airport for someone with a boarding pass to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Colin and Fergus walk away from the robbery when Colin looks at Fergus’s passport and discovers that he is Tyrone.

It is revealed that Pixie is the girl Colin was talking about, and Fergus is the man she is meeting now. Enraged and jealous, Colin shoots Fergus in the head and flees with drugs. Meanwhile, Pixie returns home after not finding Fergus at the airport. Elsewhere, we see two best friends, Frank and Harland, at a bar. They saw Pixie and started talking about it. It seems that Pixie has a bit of a reputation for being a sneaky flirt. Frank wants to move in and get in touch with him. That same night, the two friends pulled up outside their house. Frank went inside, while Harland waited outside. Moments later, Harland sees an angry Colin, carrying a gun and heading for Pixie’s house. In a panic, Harland gives in to instincts and runs into Colin with his car.

Using the Gullible Chumps

Frank and Harland then hid the body in the trunk of their car. They found the drugs and decided to sell them for a lot of money. Pixie soon finds out about Fergus and connects the missing drug dots with her two friends. So he went to them, explaining how they were in grave danger because the drugs belonged to Pastor Hector. He is the gangster boss of all the gangster priests who carry guns. He then cunningly persuaded his gullible friends to help him restore his plans. Films from there follow him using manipulative and clever tactics to avoid dangerous people and fools.

Fairy Ending Explained

We know a few things about Pixie’s scheming and its nature as the film moves forward. Through flashback, we learn that his mother was hospitalized for stage IV cancer. But he was killed by a shady man before cancer attacked him. Pixie catches the suspicious man but is unable to pursue him. Then she found out the man’s name through the visitor list. The man was Jeremy Fisher, and later, he found out that it was the alias Colin used. Later in the film, Colin, who was supposed to die after Harland ran over him, is still alive. But Pixie made sure to kill him this time. However, before he kills her, she learns that she was paid by her half-brother Mickey to kill her mother.

Alec Baldwin 2020 pixie film

Alec Baldwin plays Pastor Hector McGrath – a priest and mob gangster. The fairy and her friends stole money from her church. (2020).

Pixie plans to steal money from Hector’s church. He had tied up Fergus to help him with his plan and also killed Colin afterward. And as a cunning woman, she would blame Fergus for Colin’s death. But, as we know, things are not going his way. Fergus becomes skilled, and Colin runs off with the money. However, he was lucky to have two morons with subtle brains by his side. Because of that, he came up with a new plan. We also learn that his stepfather was a gangster who was Pastor Hector’s bitter enemy. During the climactic showdown between his stepfather’s gang and Hector’s gang, he confronts Mickey. However, he didn’t kill her and fled with Harland and Frank.

A Con Through to the End

Meanwhile, Harland decides to go back inside the church and steal a bag filled with money. Then the three of them fled and left. In the end, we see Frank and Harland saying goodbye to Pixie at the airport. When he got on the plane, they realized that he had tricked them. He kept all the money and flew away. We see how Pixie remains a manipulative, clever, and great teaser throughout the film.

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