Perspective: New ITV Mini Series Starring Noel Clarke

If one thing about ITV is popular enough, it’s a series of successful and authentic crime dramas. Events such as Marcella, Unforgotten, Endeavor have garnered high praise for the network. In the same way another event has joined the lineup in the form of Tiger Aspect’s “Viewpoint”. The show was quite eagerly awaited because of the lineup that handled it. It includes some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry. It was Emmy award-winning director Harry Bradbeer who provided the ideas for the series. On the other hand, writing assignments were being handled by Ed Whitmore, who was known as Safehouse and Manhunt. Thus, it promises to be an extraordinary thriller journey.

The point of view follows the short story of a Detective who handles missing persons cases. This leads him to observe the community he lives in through great panoramic locations just to get to know the interesting people who live there. But the question remains as to whether he was the only one observing, or was someone else observing him as well.

Release Date Point of View

ITV’s Viewpoints will be released on April 26th at 9pm on ITV. The show is a five part mini series that will end in a week. Starting on Monday, the show will air new episodes at night in the same time slot. It will finish broadcasting on Friday 30 April 2021. Once an episode has finished airing on ITV, it will be available for streaming on Online ITV hub. Episodes are not available for purchase or rent from now on, but will notify you as soon as the show has finished airing.

Viewpoint Plot

ITV’s Point of View follows DC Martin King to endure with the missing job of elementary school teacher Gemma Hillman. To find out the case, Martin set up an observation post at Zoe Sterling, a single mother. Sterling Homes are built with the finest windows offering panoramic views of Westbury Square. So to observe the prime suspect in this case. Like Greg Sullivan, Gemma’s girlfriend, this place is considered the best choice because it has a clear look into the Gemma home.

Storyline for ITV's Perspective

Footage from ITV’s Perspective Showing Noel Clarke as DCI Martin King

According to ITV, the show took place in the Manchester community. It explores the possibility of taking a peek at other people’s lives. The network describes the show as a character-driven mystery accompanied by the intimate emotions of friendship, trust, and community.

The production house Tiger Aspect describes it as a claustrophobic thriller based on the observations of people who know it conforms to it. So we’re in for a claustrophobic fight along with some upcoming peek-a-boo thrills in this five-part miniseries by ITV. Furthermore, we can see the developing relationship when our two important characters, Martin and Zoe, meet and find each other’s home. But what happened after this case? There are a bunch of interesting characters that make the story even more complicated.

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The Cast From ITV’s Point of View

The cast members who joined Viewpoint are some of the most attractive names in the entertainment industry. Starting with Noel Clarke (Kidulthood, Bulletproof) taking on the role of DCI Martin King. A surveillance officer returns to duty after a tragic accident that sidelined him for two years. Alexandra Roach, best known for her work on Utopia, Killing Eve, Black Mirror, also joined the show. Here, he plays the role of Zoe Sterling. A single mother and friend of Gemma. Kila Lord Cassidy joined the show as Zoe Caitlin Sterling’s daughter with Andrew Hawley as Zoe’s ex and Caithlin’s father, Tim Harris.

Remove Members Who Join ITV Viewpoints

Footage from ITV’s Perspective Showing Noel Clarke as DCI Martin King and Alexandra Roach as Zoe Sterling

Now come to the Westbury Square community. Amy Wren joins the show as missing elementary school teacher, Gemma Hillman. Fehniti Balogun joins as Gemma’s girlfriend, Greg Sullivan, the prime suspect in Gemma’s disappearance. Dominic Allburn and Catherine Tyldesley join the cast of the attractive and quite popular Carl and Kate Tuckman. Especially Kate who became the queen of gossip and the social heart of society. Hubert Hanowicz joins as Carl Pavel Ludic’s best friend, Andrew Hawley as Tim Harris, Karen Henthorn joins as housekeeper Carl and Kate Janice Baines along with Erin Shanagher as lawyer Fiona Baker.

Martin King’s DCI team includes Bronagh Waugh as DC Stella Beckett, Sarah Niles as DCI Jill Conroy, Phil Davis as DI Liam Cox, Shannon Murray as DC Hayley Jones, Marcus Garvey as DC Roly Dalton, and Ian Puleston-Davies as ex-DI Donald ‘Don’ Vernon.

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