Penthouse 2 Episode 12 Release and Promo Dates – Info

Fans are looking forward to The Penthouse 2 Episode 12 as Korean Drama The Penthouse creates quite a sensation among the public with ever increasing demand. Interestingly, The Penthouse 2 also followed its first season and topped the list of the most buzzworthy dramas. However, the latest season is rapidly moving upwards and we’ve already seen one mid-season death at Cheong A Art School. The audience is left to think about the twists and turns that take place in the series.

Penthouse season 1 debuted five months ago and season two just before a month and a half. However, the drama never failed to maintain its ratings and took first place in the week as the most watched. Spectators expect luck to fall or collapse after soaring to a height. The thing that is noteworthy is that no matter how many characters they get, they lose something at one point.

Penthouse 2 Episodes 1 to 10: Recap

There have been some major revelations with the announcement of The Penthouse 2. Episode 1 begins with a time leap two years after the finale of The Penthouse. Scene opens at Cheong A Arts School with a signing show championship. Parents also watch their children give their all on stage. However, suddenly someone fell in a bloody dress while descending the stairs after being stabbed. That scene takes everyone back four months before the show showing what happened at Hera Palace.

Release Date The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 12

Cast of The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 12 (Credit: SBS TV)

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Joo Dan Tae and Seo-Jin are happily engaged and move on with their lives. Nobody knows what happened to Dr. Yoon and Yoon-Hee is still a murderer. We also looked at housekeeper Dan Tae’s obsession and how he committed suicide himself. The bullying also happened to Jenny at school after she tried to help Bae-Rona. Furthermore, Yoon Hee was found not guilty of killing Su-Ryeon. Logan Lee places a fake suicide note next to his housekeeper’s death stating that he killed Su-Ryeon.

Then, Yoon-Hee and Dr. Yoon appears together at Dan Tae and Seo-Jin’s engagement party. They both appear as husband and wife, and also ruin the engagement party. Dr. Yoon started his own business and became quite successful by buying a condo in Hera Palace. Bae Ro Na also returns and goes to Cheong A Art School. She also keeps getting bullied by other students. Eun Byeol also killed Bae Ro Na out of jealousy and the murder investigation is still ongoing.

Na Ae-Kyo was introduced as a new character in the second season who is similar to Su-Ryeon. Later, we learned that she is the biological mother of the twins, Joo Seok-hoon and Joo Seok-Kyung. However, his return was not as simple as it seemed. Gradually, we find out about her hidden agenda as well as the fact that she is actually Su-Ryeon. Dan Tae and Su Jin also got married. Joo Dan Tae continues to force Seo-Jin to give up her rights to the Cheong A Foundation by threatening her daughter. Logan Lee also came back and teamed up with Yoon-Hee.

Release Date The Penthouse 2 Episode 12

Penthouse 2 Episode 12’s release date is March 27, 2021, on SBS TV’s original network at 22: oo KST. As such, there was only one day left for the premiere of the upcoming episode. The next episode will definitely bring joy and tension among the viewers as we find out that Bae Rona and Su-Ryeong are still alive. However, the mystery behind how they returned is still unclear. Plus, the season is coming to an end, so obviously it will end in some big storyline. Even in season one, we saw everyone getting arrested, including Joo Dan Tae and Seo-Jin. However, the plan backfired in the end and they returned alive. Only Su-Ryeon died with Yoon-Hee being framed as the killer.

Deaths and side changes are common occurrences at the Penthouse. Nobody knows who is thinking and planning against whom. Everyone has selfish motives and agendas in mind that involve hurting others or killing in one way or another. Now, The Penthouse Season 2 is coming to an end and season three will pave its way for a premiere.

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