Parallel Ending Explanation: Mirror, Multiverse, and Ending (Article ready)

Parallel is a science fiction film about a group of people who find a mirror that is a portal to an alternate reality. When they start using it to take things from alternate realities into their own lives to improve their lives, problems begin. They must now compete and navigate through the losses and troubles this new power has caused. The film uses a tried and tested alternative universe formula. There have been several twists to this same idea in many recent Hollywood films. The possibilities and paradoxes that such a concept brings make for great sci-fi. But it can also cause confusion. If you want to understand what Parallel ending is all about, keep reading! However, before we get into the ending, here are some additional details about the film. Also, watch out for spoilers ahead!

Parallel is a 2018 sci-fi thriller film directed by Isaac Ezban. The film follows a group of app developers who find a mirror that leads to an alternate reality. The film stars Aml Ameen as Devin. Martin Wallström plays Noel, Georgia King plays Leena, and Mark O’Brien plays Josh. Alyssa Diaz plays Carmen, Kathleen Quinlan plays Marissa, and David Harewood plays Devin’s father. Shannon Chan-Kent plays Jessica and Josh Blacker plays Damion. Garrick Dion and Matthias Mellingaus serve as producers. Scott Blaszak wrote the screenplay while Edy Lan composed the music. Karim Hussain is handling the cinematography while Ben Baudhuin is the editor. The film premiered at the 2018 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. It came out on demand on 11 December 2020.

Parallel Ending Explanation

Who is the actress in Parallel 2018

A trailer from Parallel (2018).

The parallel begins with an old woman named Marissa confronting a masked intruder in her home. A masked intruder kills Marissa, unbeknownst to her husband in the bedroom. We later learn that the intruder is actually another Marissa when she takes off her mask. She then went to the bedroom and slept with her husband. Later in the film, we find out that the intruder is Marissa from another reality. The reason she traveled through the portal to this reality was the death of her husband in the original world. When her husband died, she came here to reunite with her lost love.

Today, we were introduced to a group of friends who were trying to sell an app called Meter Maid. After a confrontation with each other, they accidentally find a secret room in the house. In a secret room, they discover a mirror that is actually a portal to an alternate reality. Josh was the first to fall into it first. Inside the mirror/alternative reality, he spent about 15 minutes before returning. However, returning to the real world, he finds out that only 5 seconds have passed. The group found that there is a time dilation of about 180 between the two dimensions. Groups use the advantages that widening offers them to work on their applications. They managed to meet tight deadlines for potential clients.

How Do Mirror Portals Work?

They did a little more testing and tinkering and finding out more details about the mirror. In addition to the mirror cum portal, they also found a periscope in the secret room. Periscopes serve an important purpose, allowing the user to see into various other rooms. What this does is allow users to gauge the potential for confrontation with their alternative selves. You can look around different rooms to avoid confrontation with yourself, which would otherwise lead to a grandpa paradox. The group uses a periscope to see the location of their alternate selves and then sneaks out without interacting.

Parallel 2018 ends explained

The group also finds a periscope in a secret room.

As the group begins to venture into alternative realities, they learn about the differences between different realities. Sometimes the difference is very subtle and sometimes it’s not. The group started looking for these differences after they failed to accurately predict lottery numbers. At first glance, they all looked identical. However, soon Josh and Noel find Frankenstein’s DVD in an alternate universe. They saw that the Frankenstein and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone DVDs were credited as clues. This leads them to conclude that the once-so-little artwork differs in an alternate reality. This then causes Noel to seek advanced technology from another reality. He’s trying to bring one of these new techies into his world and become the next tech wizard.

What happened in the end?

Meanwhile, Leena searches for the artwork and brings it back to claim as her own. This caused him to develop imposter syndrome. While everyone is busy getting rich or famous because of other people’s work, Devin is looking for something more personal. He is looking for his dead father. His father went to prison for fraud and later committed suicide. Seeking closure, Devin searches for his father in an alternate universe. After many attempts, he finally found one reality where his father was still alive. Getting closure, he also realizes the business he is doing with Noel is unethical. He wants to be a better man, but this doesn’t go well with Noel replacing him with an alternative Devin.

Parallel movie review

The group finds a mirror.

At the end of Parallel, we see Devin and Leena finish off Noel by killing him. They then decided to donate all the stolen technology and artwork to their own world. They also destroyed the mirror — destroying the source of multiversal travel. However, as it turns out, mirrors are not the only source of jumps between alternative realities. As Parallel nears the end, we see Leena using the gas station restroom while Devin waits outside. While in the bathroom, we heard the sound of the mirror being made every time someone used it. Leena who came out of the restroom was the new, alternate version. This became clear when he said he hadn’t listened to a Dead Pixels song in years. However, Devin replied that they did, some time ago.

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