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It’s been a long time since The Academy recognized a good comedy film. The last potential catcher was ‘Lady bird’ in 2018, starring Saoirse Roan. The film is labeled a comedy even though there are mostly drama aspects to the film. ‘Lady Bird’ pioneered the Best Picture category after years of the academy enduring heart-touching dramas or catchy crime films.

This year, the film titled ‘Palm Springs’ rejoiced over the triumph of the comedy film at the Oscars which will come in March. ‘Palm Springs’ was released by American streaming service ‘Hulu’ on July 10, 2020, in the US. The buzz surrounding this film is significant. Until now, this film’s trailer has been watched eleven million times and has been reviewed by critics and regular viewers as much as eighteen thousand times on IMDB with a score of 7.4 / 10.

Plot and Summary

Camila Mendes plays a newlywed who will be sworn to get better and worse on her wedding day. The ‘Riverdale’ actress played the character Tala. Actor Tyler Hoechlin plays Abe, Tala’s groom. Since each character behaves in a closed manner for formal ceremonies, Nyles (Andy Samberg) doesn’t care for that. He caught up with his cold reluctance, opening a can of soda in the middle of the ceremony. Later we learned that Andy’s manner of behavior was greatly influenced by the fact that he was caught in the loop of time that kept wedding days repeated in his life. He knows every moment that happens that day, so he tries to mess things up to try a different narrative.

One day in the lap of time, he meets Sarah (Cristin Milioti) and accidentally makes him part of the circle. Sarah blames Nyles at first, but ultimately, the two work together to live their own lives in circles while experiencing everyday absurdities.

Why So Great?

The film itself is enchanting. In the first few minutes of broadcast, this film feels like a mediocre comedy. People who did nothing but laugh temporarily at the audience. But it is enhanced when we really get to know the story and what it is all about. Talking about the originality of the story, the script is phenomenal.

Comedy films that develop characters stuck in time circles seem familiar with some films like ‘Groundhog Day’ in 1993.This film stars Bill Murray, the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay and was made through the test of time as one of the goals of comedy films to day. this.

This ‘PalmSprings’ film, however, is still as valuable as it has never been done before. The show of the main characters Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, is very easy to watch. Andy Samberg as Nyles kills the aloofness and bewilderment of a disgusted man trying to escape the lap of time. Andy Samberg is one of the best performers on Saturday night Lives. No wonder he can deliver such a performance so easily. Fellow countryman Cristin Milioti also put on a fantastic comedy performance that is praiseworthy.

The Perfect Party

Palm Springs Reviews

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti enter Palm Springs.

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Cristin Millioti’s character Sarah is a person who encourages everyone to truly break free from the circle. Sarah was once influenced by Nyles to enjoy life as it is in time. Living every day but also dying every day in exactly the same ways and causes. Laps of time can translate into many different things. Meanwhile Nyles is comfortable with this circle. He didn’t try to get anything done to escape repetitive things. For most of us, this quarantine feels like we’re stuck in a time loop, so this film is perfect for a little partying.

Oscar winner JK Simmons, who won Oscar in 2015 for ‘Whiplash’ also appears as the villain in the film. He appeared extraordinary by playing the enemy of Nyles who always tried to kill him. This could be his best role after hat one in ‘Whiplash’. We’ve seen more of a subtle comedic timing in this film than any other on her acting resume.

The entire film moves back and forth and jumps to the same character in the same setting. But what is unique about this film is that the situations faced by the characters are always changing. This adds to the eye witness of the development of the characters in the film, making us sympathize with the main cast.

Actually Funny and Provocative

Even though this film is all about human confession that is so connected, every scene still makes us cheer and laugh out loud. One of the best scenes is where Nyles has to remember her sex partners from time to time. He then joked about an affair with Sarah’s father. Another scene shows Sarah and Nyles camping on a lonely night and two Brachiosaurs taking a leisurely stroll. This took Sarah and Nyles by surprise. Sarah asked Nyles if dinosaurs were real, then Andy replied, “Who cares?”. This is the use of vivid metaphorical scenes to add depth to the film. You could say ‘Palm Springs’ is like an upgraded version of ‘Groundhog Day’ which feels fresh, philosophical, and provocative.

The film also features characters who whine and think about life in general. This can be risky for an audience who wants a fresh and authentic comedy, but it’s all so well-packaged that you won’t get upset. For this film, Andy Samberg was nominated for Best Performance by a Film, Musical, or Comedy Actor while the film itself was also nominated for Best Film, Musical, or Comedy at the 2021 Golden Globes.

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