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Sorawo is confronted by a girl who says that she has been watching Sorawo all this time. He told Sorawo that he was Akira Seto, a first year student, and asked to speak to him. Akira says that he knows that Sorawo is an expert in the supernatural and has a sixth sense. Sorawo said he wasn’t sure about that, and Akira asked Sorawo to help him. Akra reveals that he is under attack, and Sorawo is an expert who can help him.

Sorawo asked Akira what attacked him, and he said Ninja cat. Everyone in the class laughed, but Sorawo visited Nishina. He told Nishina about Akira, and Nishina laughed too. He thought that Ninja Cats didn’t exist, and it was a very funny joke. Kozaharu comments that Akira must be drunk, and he advises Sorawo not to use the medicine Akira is using. Sorawo revealed that there is a well-known urban legend on the internet about the Ninja Cats attack.

Otherside Picnic Episode 9 will be released on Monday, March 1, 2021, 11:30 PM JST. Attend the Other Side’s Picnic officially AnimeLab and Funimation.

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Previously on Otherside Picnic Episode 8

Sorawo tells the two that Ninja Cats is a story that started a week ago. He also told them that they shouldn’t think that he was delusional or mentally ill. Sorawo revealed that it was a true story that also happened to him. Ninja Cata has been attacking him lately, just like Akira. Sorawo told Nishina and Kozaharu what he discussed about Ninja Cats with Akira. He also takes contact with Akira if they are attacked again by the Ninja Cat.

Sorawo also said that Akira told him that going to the Temple didn’t help him, and that Sorawo was his only hope. After his conversation with Akira, Sorawo met a group of cats who just looked at him. Nishina commented that Ninja Cats sounded like the episodes from the Other Side. Sorawo comments that Otherside’s encounters are scarier than the Ninja Cats. He also recalled all the mysterious incidents they had encountered on the Other Side.

Another Side Picnic

Another Side Picnic

Ninja cat

Kozaharu tells them that different people are afraid of different things. The Ninja Cats’ fear might reach a traumatic level. Sorawo noticed that Kozaharu was carrying something that looked like a cat. He asks her what she’s carrying, and Kozaharu reveals that she brought a tanuki. Kozaharu reminded Nishina and Sorawa what happened when they visited the Other Side alone. Sorawo teased Kozaharu because he didn’t know the difference between a raccoon and a tanuki.

She told him to look at the striped tail that it was a raccoon, not a tanuki. Kozahuru realized he was wrong, but he stuck to the idea that he was carrying a tanuki. They both heard the doorbell ring and Kozaharu was scared. He thought the two of them had invited something over to his house because they were talking about ninja cats. When Kozaharu opened the door, he found that it was a delivery for him. Kozaharurealise that he has ordered for the AP-1 agricultural vehicle.

In the afternoon, Nishina and Sorawo saw several cats. Nishina comments that they have to help Akira as this is a true story. He also said that they had to find Ninja Cats and eliminate them because they were Other Side monsters. The next day they visited Akra, who asked who Nishina was. Nishina comments that she is a crime partner with Sorawo. They go inside the restaurant, and Akira begins to tell them about the Ninja Cat incident.

City of Cats

Another Side Picnic

Another Side Picnic

Akira shows a video of when the Ninja Cat attacks him. Sorawo asked him what the cats looked like. Akira pointed at them, and they found that it was the real Ninja Cat. Sorawo reveals that they were teleported in the human space-time world. Akira asks him what it is. Sorawo replied that it was the region between the Other Side and their world that he had visited before. Ninja cats started attacking them with their weapons.

But Akira used the table to block shurikens and daggers. Akira comments that he knows very little about karate; he can endure it. Nishina tells them that they have to go, they will do kung fu later when they are outside. The two of them entered a room that only reads cats. Ninja cats follow them, but they make it out. When they are outside, they find that they are in Cat City.

Sorawo said they could not return; they have to fight until they find their way out of Cat Town. Two Ninja Cats appear from the top of the building. Nishina and Sorawo used weapons to fight them, while Akira used her Kung Fu skills to fight back. They beat them, and Nishina realized that Akira was telling the truth about her Kung Fu skills. After that, they were teleported back to their world, and Akira decided to join forces with Nishina and Sarawo.

Episode 9 Preview

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