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From the recent development of the Other Side’s Picnic, the three of them went to the Other Side and saved Akira. They fought a mysterious monster and made it back. In the morning, Nishina and Sorawo visited Kozaharu. Kozaharu told them that they shouldn’t even think about going to the Other Side. Nishina tells Kozaharu that they need his help, they want to save the US soldiers. Nishina felt that she couldn’t leave them.

He realized that the US soldiers saved them from being eaten by the monsters on the Other Side. Kozaharu decided to help them, and he gave them a map that led them to the Other Side. He told the two of them that they had visited the Otherside many times; that’s why their path is blocked. Sorawo reveals about the magic hat that will help them get there. Kozaharu noticed that the hat would help them and advise them on what to do.

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Kozaharu realized that he was scared and decided to let the two of them go alone on the Other Side. He left them, and Sorawo put on the hat. He thought it didn’t work because they were still in the real world. They both come out and start talking about the Other Side. Sorawo commented that he would never go to the Other Side at night. Suddenly the weather changed. Everything grew darker, and they found themselves in the forest.

Sorawo realized that the magic hat had started working, and they were transferred to the other side. They found a machine gun and wrapped it in a white veil. Sorawo was worried that if he saw soldiers carrying weapons, they would not hesitate to shoot. They would think that they were being attacked, but Nishina had a plan. They both see the train station and head there. But they hear the sound of guns, and they both take cover.

Another Side Picnic

Another Side Picnic

SOS Army Code

Nishina raised her machine gun, but the white hood was shot into pieces. Sorawo realized that what he was afraid of was happening. Nishina played the SOS code, and Sorawo asked where she learned it from. Nishina replied that she learned it from her mother. He fired into the air and raised his machine gun, showing that it was not dangerous. It was an SOS code, and the soldiers paid attention to it. They stopped shooting because they weren’t their enemy.

Sorawo realizes that the SOS code has worked and realizes that Nishina’s mother is a soldier. The two of them headed towards where the army soldiers were. The captain recognized them and said, it’s you two again. Sorawo clears the misunderstanding with the soldiers. He goes that he and Nishina are not monsters, but that he only has blue magic eyes. Nishina had a magical left hand from visiting the Other Side many times.

The captain replied that he had found out about it a few days ago when the two left. Sorawo wondered why he said that, a few days ago. He knew that it had been almost half a year since they had left the Other Side. Sorawo realized that the time between the Other Side and the real world was different. They both hear to US military base. On his way, Sorawo asked about Greg. The captain revealed that Greg had died during a fight with the apes.

Bear Trap

Another Side Picnic

Another Side Picnic

Greg tries to track down the two of them, but the meat cart crashes into him and dies instantly. Sorawo also showed the soldiers how his magic eye worked. He informs them that he used his eyes to see the distraction, but the soldiers summoned a bear trap. Nishina reveals that they are here to save them. The captain also revealed about their soldiers dying from a bear trap. They both arrive at a US military base and meet the Major.

The Major couldn’t believe they had returned. The captain reveals that they are here to save them, and it is the girls. He said the girls were in English and Nishina and Sorawo were wondering what girls were. Both understand Japanese but not English. Nishina understood several English words except for girls. The Major is glad they are back and that they can return to America.

The captain goes with the two of them and shows the different army weapons and vehicles. He left the two of them trying to prepare for war. Sorawo noticed that Nishina was good at using weapons and asked her if she had learned from her mother. Nishina revealed about her mother who became a great warrior. Then they went with the soldiers and saw a bear trap. Sorawo used his eyes to spot distractions. In the distance, he saw the monster Karanda eating humans, and he smiled with blood on his teeth.

Otherside Picnic Episode 12 Release Date

Otherside Picnic Episode 12’s date will be out on Monday, March 22, 2021, at 11:30 am. You can watch Otherside Picnic Episode 12 online at AnimeLab and Funimation.

Otherside Picnic Episode 12 Preview

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