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Sorawo went to the restroom in the morning and realized that he could not see without his glasses. Nishina called him and invited him to a barbecue in Ikebukuro. He also informed her that he also invited Akari and Kozaharu. Then the two meet outside the mall. They talk about Koharu and Akira. Next week Tuesday, Otherside’s Picnic will host the final episode. Sorawo is talking about Kisaragi Station.

He wondered if Nishina wanted to save the American Soldier. Nishina told Sorawo that it bothers him that they have left the army. But he was afraid there was no way to get there. Sorawo spoke of Madame Hashaku’s hat having the power to send them there. Akari calls Nishina and informs her about the mysterious incident she has faced. Sorawo told him not to move; they come.

Otherside Picnic Episode 11 Release Date

Otherside Picnic Episode 11 will be released on Monday, March 15, 2021, at 11:30 JST on AnimeLab and Funimation. Next week we will release the final episode of Otherside’s Picnic; make sure not to miss any updates. Look at the following.

Previously on Otherside Picnic Episode 10

Akira mentions that there is no restaurant, and the elevator keeps going up and down. His cellphone disconnected before they communicated with him again. Sorawo concluded that this was the path to the Other Side. He reveals that to get to the Other Side, you hit the elevator buttons in a specific order. That’s how according to urban legend you got there.

The method they used to get to the Other Side through the Jinbo-Cho gate was based on that. But Sorawo never thought the same method could be used elsewhere. Sorawo narrates the story of an urban legend. At first, he thought it was just a fabricated story. But ever since he was in this world, those stories have been proven true.

Another Side Picnic

Another Side Picnic

In the original specific story, the elevator in a building has ten floors or more. But there were countless buildings with many floors. The building they enter is the same as the building where you have to use that method. Akira happened to get lost there. Nishina wondered if it was natural for Akira to get lost. Sorawo replied that something must have lured him in. They both entered the first floor.

Fifth floor

Sorawo reveals that Akari might be in the Between worlds region. He advises that they should hurry and get him back before it’s too late. The two of them entered the elevator, and Kozaharu joined them. He thought they would still have a barbecue. Kozaharu apologized for being late, and Sorawo sent Nishina to the fifth floor. Kozaharu asked where they were going, and the two of them stared at him.

He realized that they were going to the Other Side. He wanted to come back, and Sorawo calmed him down. Sorawo tells Kozaharu that Akira is in danger. They will go to the Other Side to save him before anything happens to him. Nishina pursued the method that sent them to the fifth floor. Kozaharu watched the two of them draw out their weapons.

He asks them why they are carrying guns. Sorawo revealed that on the fifth floor there was a strange girl. They both reach the fifth floor, thinking that they will run into the strange girl. But they found that everything had changed. The building has been expanded, and there are no threats. Kozaharu was worried about why the two of them weren’t afraid, and Sowaro said there was no point talking about it.

Grilled Japanese BBQ with Gyurakutei Charcoal

Another Side Picnic

Another Side Picnic

Sorawo told him that they couldn’t leave Akira or leave him. They both began to see Akira’s illusions, but she continued to disappear. They follow a path that leads them to where Akari is. Sorawo realizes that urban legends don’t say what happens when you get to the Other Side. When they entered another room, they found that it was a mirror world. Sorawo saw Akari, and they began to chase him.

When she reached Akari, she asked her why she was silent when they called her. Akari reveals that he was after them because they were right in front of him. Sorawo realized that Akari saw an illusion like them. That person, the Akari he saw, appeared from a distance. Sorawo noticed that it was too dangerous, and he advised them to run. The black smoke caused them to start covering the entire room.

But they made it to the elevator and jumped before being caught. Sorawo woke up and saw Satsuki Urumi; he took Nishina’s magic hand and erased everything before Nishina saw it. Then, they both got up, but Sorawo kept what he saw a secret. They arrived at Gyurakutei Charcoal-Grilled Japanese BBQ. They realized that they had made it back to the real world. The girls end up enjoying the party and vow never to return to the Other Side.

Otherside Picnic Episode 11 Preview

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