Other Anime Reviews: A Horror And Gore Watch

If you are a fan of horror mysteries then anything else will be your cup of tea. This anime has scored an excellent and all-star review on Metacritic due to its execution and the fact that this anime has caught the attention of both parties. Dark and bright. However, each work has flaws that you won’t hear about until you’ve seen it for yourself. Another is a great anime with lots of gruesome plots and stories to conquer that are conveyed to the audience. Apart from that, this anime remains at the top of the horror list due to its X-factor. No, we’re not talking about a TV show. As said, Another consists of a few boring episodes before you get to the end. But, have you started?


One of the best things Others will teach you is how to structure and time your horror moments to frighten observers. For the sake of mystery, many anime have massacred the original plot, annoyed their characters, and on the other hand, tried to play around with little hints. But Others give you exactly what you need. This eye-catching and gore watch helps you to understand the mystery, to the point of not dying in anime. This brings out a plot set in a beautiful tone. Each character here has a role to play, unlike eye candy to observers. Without holding back for the sake of mystery, it gives you just the right amount of everything.

The story begins with school student Kouichi who is transferred to a quiet place in Yomiyama. The school has a mystery lurking behind it when a student’s death occurs and occurs during an event. But there is a catch. The mysterious events / deaths of students that occurred in class 33 about 26 years ago are still recorded and play a big role in the silence of the mountains. Apart from that, there are other flares to add. Kouichi looked at Misaki. Kouichi believed that he was real when he sat beside him and took the role of his desk mate. But the whole class saw it. After mentioning, everyone said they didn’t see any trace of Misaki or who is it?

Others have a Hollywood feel but have a catchy tint


The thing about Another is that it has a Hollywood feel and touch. But what really catches you is the hue of the colors. If you have seen the End, then you know that everyone involved in the mystery cannot return home, alive. The same thing happened in this anime. Others convey a sense of horror in a classic, twisted style. Kouichi looked at his classmates but the whole world didn’t believe it. But what about the mystery in this anime?

Others give you the option of creating your own imagination. For example, take this as an example. Suppose someone mysteriously walks up to you and tells you not to open the drawer that is located next to your bed. What was your initial reaction? Yes, you are right. Whenever we are told that there is a mystery lurking in a place we shouldn’t be looking for, it takes on an element of tension and a potential leap of fear. But this is the only difference with the others. It doesn’t tell you what you need to build in-store to get ready for the watch. However, this anime has the right to guide you through it. There are times when you will find yourself clutching your sheets and not knowing what calamity will befall you. Yes, you heard that right. The tone and even the atmosphere stun you when you start watching this anime.

It would be effective for the producer to unravel the mystery from the start but others have you clutching your chest to the end. The setting is appealing and the writer’s touch to the source has a good effect. Come up with a proper understanding of how the Other is still at the top.

Another Is A Horrible Watch For Gore Fans


Everything else is sure to be a terrible watch with a lot of graphic and violent content. Only in the last 12 episodes where you will find all the gore going on. Others start out being god-timepieces with all the intimidating incidents. It turned out that it was very unnatural for a group of teenagers to thirst for blood and thirst for blood. You will see the characters slaughter each other and bathe in the blood of students. Another completely unnatural story about how this anime ended up turning. If you are a fan of the battlefield then this is the perfect watch for you. There is ‘blood and blood’ everywhere. Each scene in Another is twisted and has its own twist that will make you think you’re the choice you made, right in the middle of the road.

One other saving thing is the gripping plot. It was composed and filled with mystery from the very beginning. However, as we said. You need to watch it to understand how this anime works.

Art: Overall art is decent. The story and the whole atmosphere is captivating because of the art style to watch out for.

Sound: Another really creepy sound or main bg music. But the creepy feeling begins when the thirst for blood begins.

Story idea: Well, another tells the story. Here is the recap. Young people are selected for a school that has its own mystery, which is located right on a deserted hill. She meets her imaginary friend, who doesn’t really exist but oh, it’s a mystery you are about to unravel. Let us not spoil it for you. On the other hand, this story has the power to captivate the audience. There go all the stars for it.

Final Verdict

Another is pass. Starting from scratch, this anime takes you on an enchanting journey this year. You will find yourself mesmerized by his appearance. It has a story that you need to see and that everyone needs to hear. Also, it’s not meant for the weak heart. If you think that a little blood might come out of your body, then it is your turn to step back. Only if you are a brave heart this is a true anime for you.

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