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After Oden joined the Whitebeard Pirates, they arrived at an island where the Roger Pirates were located. Buggy was the one who saw them and warned Roger, who was delighted to see Whitebeard again. Rayleigh didn’t want to fight because they had just finished beating the Marines. Oden was the first to meet Roger, but he was crushed, and Whitebeard struck his sword with Roger. One Piece has returned from its weekly break. Come see the update below.

Oden thought he was on the same level as Roger, but he managed to dive a few pirates using Gun Modoki. Rayleigh and he wanted to face Oden, but Roger jumped up and punished Oden with divine punishment. After hitting a few trees, Oden commented what it was. But Whitebeard came to the rescue, and Oden was suppressed when the two clashed their swords. Today we will talk about Roger’s Wish, A New Journey.

Previously in One Piece Episode 966

Roger and Whitebeard’s explosions had rocked the entire island. The two of them jumped back and pulled their weapons back. Whitebeard hits his sword with a base and comments that it’s been a long time. Roger asked how long Newgate had been, and Whitebeard laughed. Marco, Fossa, Vista, Jozu, Rakuyo, White Bay and Teeth are ready to clash. It was the seven extraordinary combined from the Whitebeard Pirates group. Rayleigh, Nozudon, Sambel, Shanks, Gaban, and Buggy are from the Roger Pirates group.

Roger vs. Whitebeard Pirates

One piece

One piece

The two captains laughed as their ally awaited his action. After they finished laughing, they both said, what have you given whatever you have. They refer to the pirate treasure and troupe. It signaled the two Pirate crews to start a war, and Oden was stunned to see the two captains. The two greatest Pirates of the era clashed, and it was the Roger Pirates vs the Whitebeard Pirates. Battle day and night without eating and during.

This tense and tense battle lasted three days and three nights. Marco attacks Rayleigh, who points the finger at him and tells him he’s always been serious. Rayleigh released the khaki while Buggy and Shanks battled Rakuyo and Fossa. The two pirates exchanged bloody blows that nearly claimed their lives. On the third day of the battle, Whitebeard and Roger paused, trying to catch their breath. Their Pirate Crew also stopped, and they continued clashing as the two continued.

Then the fight ended with a draw, and on the fourth day, they both celebrated. They share everything they get because it’s a dead end. But some Pirates like to drink the liquor alone. Rayleigh told them to share because they both deserved it, and now it’s time to exchange gifts. Marco and Teeth think Buggy and Shanks don’t look strong. But they behave as veterans, and Buggy talks about Gigi with Shanks. Buggy told Shanks that Teeth didn’t sleep yesterday during the truce at night.

Red Rock-Ponegliff

Shanks thinks Teeth is trying to show off, and Buggy reveals that Teeth hasn’t slept once since he was born. Shanks wondered if there was such a person in life, but he enjoyed his life twice as much as them. Buggy commented that Gigi was a monster while Roger asked Oden if he could read. Oden said yes and asked why Roger wrote this. Oden reveals that the lore script has been passed down from his father to the only son per generation in the Kozuki Clan.

One piece

One piece

They both enjoy drinking booze with Whitebeard, and Roger comments that it’s been 13 years. He reveals that they have finally made it to Lodestar Island, the last island that Log Poss points to, which no one has ever trodden before. But as they explored, they saw that Lodestar was not the last island. The needle in Log Pose kept turning and aimed nowhere. Roger said he was sure that there was one more island. He revealed that when he makes it there, he will be the first to travel around the world.

He showed Oden the location of the island which was detailed in writing on the four stones that were read. But the World Government always forbids anyone to interpret it. Roger reveals that the red rock is called a Ponegliff, and he thinks it’s just a cultural artifact. But they are important maps for them, and the Government forbids them from going to the last island. The last island holds a lot of treasure, and if they go there, they will be named the greatest pirate group in the world.

Roger and Oden’s journey

Oden was impressed by Roger’s speech, and he asked the White Bear to let him see the last island. Whitebeard was angry and commented that Oden was like his brother. He used his strength to freeze the air and then broke it apart like lightning. The next day Whitebeard allowed Oden to travel with Roger for only one year. The minks told Oden to leave, they will stay with Whitebeard. They tell him they’ll be waiting for him to come back, and Marco says goodbye to Oden.

Whitebeard couldn’t see Oden leaving, and the pirates asked him if he didn’t send Oden away. They told him that Roger had left a lot of treasure and food for them. Whitebeard told them to return it, and he wouldn’t forgive them if they let the Kozuki Oden family starve. The Roger Pirates began their journey with Oden and his family. They were happy to see Oden’s children, Momonosuke and Hiyori. On their way, they stopped at a nearby island, and Oden, Shanks, Buggy, and Gaban left. They clashed with several unclean pirates who were defeated by Oden’s sword style.

One Piece Release Date Episode 967

One Piece Episode 967 will be released on Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 09.30. You can watch One Piece online at Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Let’s move on to the preview and the latest developments of the upcoming update below.

One Piece Episode 967 Preview

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