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Oden turned Kuri’s lawless land into a habitable place. Kozuki Sukiyaki gave him the title Daimyo Kuri. Sukiyaki is the Shogun of the last 40 years. Oden thought that in the sea, there was something extraordinary that was beyond his imagination. He wanted to go around the sea and find out what was there. While near the port, Whitebeard had arrived with his pirate crew.

His boat is broken, and he asks why there are seas and islands here. The villagers saw them and returned to the village and reported that they saw pirates near the port. Oden heard that, and he came out to see them. News about pirates spread all over Wano Land. Oden arrives at the port, and Whitebeard thinks a strongman is attacking them. He drew his sword. Oden also struck with a two-sword style, and their swords clashed producing an immense flash of lightning.

One Piece Episode 964 will be released on Sunday, February 28, 2021, 9:30 AM JST. More information about One Piece can be accessed at Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

Previously in One Piece Episode 963

Oden and Whitebeard began to turn powerful punches, and Whitbeard said he shouldn’t underestimate him. He jumped up and said Whitebeard was the man he had been waiting for. He had to allow him to board his ship, and he released Oden Two Sword Style: Paradise Waterfall. Whitebeard noticed that Oden didn’t hold back, and he released a very powerful punch.

Whitebeard vs Oden

One piece

One piece

The air freezes and turns to glass when the two clash and Whitebeard increases his superhuman movement. When the glass shattered, Oden was sent flying after receiving a powerful blow to his face. Whitebeard stood in front of Oden and said he told him to leave because he bothered him. Kinemon comes and says, how dare you point your sword at him. He was Kuzaoki Oden the Daimyo, and Whitebeard began to think about the title Daimyo.

Marko tells Kinemon that he will make him pay to talk back to his Pops. The two crews prepare to challenge each other, and Oden says it is his dream to explore the world. Oden’s crew comments that the pirates must leave the country now, or else they will suffer the consequences. Oden asked Whitebeard to sail with him, and Kinemone couldn’t believe it. Oden bowed before Whitebeard and asked him to sail with him, and he wanted to see a free world.

Kinemon was surprised that for the first time, Oden bowed in front of someone. Whitebeard replied that he wished he could, but the ship was destroyed. Oden said they could fix it fast and set sail together. Whitebeard agreed, and they began repairing the ship quickly. While the ship was being repaired, Oden and Whitebeard became friends. They started enjoying liquor together. At the same time, the three minks cook for the rest of the crew.

Moby Dick

Whitebeard noticed that Oden was not the type to serve under someone. He asks her to say it herself as her group is also out of control. Oden comments that he has tried to sail a dozen times, and he failed. He has no experience in navigating ships. Whitebeard told Oden to give up and do his job as a Daimyo. Oden replied that this country is very strict. Kinemon commented that Wano Land has laws that strictly prohibit people from leaving the country.

Oden was now Kuri’s Daimyo, so he couldn’t be forgiven for breaking the law. Whitebeard thanked Kinemon for telling him that. Oden said he didn’t care about the law, and Whitebeard said Oden had a job in this country. Kinemon took Oden away, and they locked him in his room so he wouldn’t leave Wano. The next day Oden slipped out and begged Whitebeard to go with him. He spent two weeks begging Whitebeard to sail with him.

One piece

One piece

After two weeks, Whitebear announced that the Moby Dick fix had been completed. He told everyone to get ready and set sail. Oden realized that this was his last chance, and he slipped into the night. Meanwhile, the ship was leaving at the port, and Whitebeard knew that Oden was going to sneak out. Marko notices that Pops likes Oden, and he teases her. Whitebeard pretended not to be interested in Oden, but he admitted it in front of his crew.

Three Day Challenge

She was worried that if they took Oden away, it would be like they had kidnapped the royal family. Suddenly Oden wrapped the chain around Moby Dick and yelled at Whitebeard that he was coming with him. Whitebeard challenges Oden to hold on to the chain for three days. He’s gonna let it in on the Moby Dick. Oden accepted the challenge, and two days 22 hours passed, but Oden left the chains after hearing a woman’s voice. He went and saved the screaming woman.

One Piece Episode 964 Preview

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