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My Hero Academia, a show about a world where everyone has quirk (super powers). In a world full of heroes, villains, and civilians with their uniqueness, Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless. As a child, he grew up admiring his idol All-Might, the number 1 hero in the world. All Might always comes to the rescue with a big smile on his face. And with power and authority, he always saves everyone in danger.

Declared not unique by doctors, Izuku breaks his heart, and his chances of becoming a hero are shattered. Growing up, he kept his eye on all the heroes like any fanboy would. One fateful day, he meets his idol, All-Might himself. He found All Might badly injured and could no longer use his full strength for more than a few hours.

Somewhere in town, a criminal appears but All Might is running out of time. So, despite having no oddities, Izuku ran towards the monster to try to save his friend who had been captured. He failed, of course, but his actions were enough to inspire All Might into action despite reaching his limit. After that, we saw All Might promise Izuku that he too could become a hero.

Enter One for All, a mysterious power that can be transferred from one user to another. And it inherited the uniqueness from all of its past users making it the ultimate uniqueness of all uniqueness. Izuku is a current One for All user and the 9 and previously clear, All Might. So the question arises, who are the others?

Two of the 9 quirk users have not been revealed. This article will cover all of the previously known One for All users. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura is a hero who is recognized by many other powerful heroes. He is the one who gave One for All to Toshinori Yagi or All Might. He is his teacher and has the odd ‘Float’ which allows him to float at will. He was efficient enough with One for All but sadly not enough to beat All for One in battle. He transferred the quirk to All Might before his battle and perished afterward, effectively leaving the responsibility to Toshinori himself. Nana is the 7thth One for All holder.

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2. 6th Holder

Almost nothing has been revealed about One for All users before Nana. The man appeared in Izuku unconscious from time to time with the others but did not do much to interact. He appeared in a high collared jacket and had black hair. In chapter 304 of the manga, we saw Izuku enter her subconscious where she was greeted by several previous One for All users. We see this guy sitting quietly next to the fifth user of the quirk, which we’ll talk about next.

3. Daigoro Banjo

The fifth user of One for All is Daigoro Banjo. Also known as Pro Hero Lariat. Like most users, Daigoro also died in the battle against All for One. Before his death, he shifted his quirk to the unknown 6th user with his blood. He was proficient with the quirk, however, his life span was also shortened due to having two quirks including One for All. Another uniqueness is called the Blackwhip which helps immobilize enemies and provides greater mobility to the user. Deku accidentally opens Daigoro’s quirk but can’t control it. This causes him to appear in his trance and guide Izuku about it.

4. Hikage Shinomori

Hikage held One for All for a long time, second only to Toshinori himself. He held the quirk for a total of 18 years. He died at the age of 40, passing the pun on Daigoro. Unlike the others, Hikage did not face All for One knowing that there was a large power gap between them. He died of old age. This makes it clear that having many habits has a detrimental effect on the body. Hikage had visible cracks on his face all due to the pressure on his body from having so many habits. Another uniqueness is Danger Sense which allows users to know about impending dangers without realizing it.

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5. All for One Brother

All for One and his brother

The first user of the quirk was All for One’s own brother. Its uniqueness is only that it can pass it on to others, therefore its transferable qualities from One for All. He combines this ability with the Power Stockpiling ability bestowed by All for One. She shows Izuku the start of the oddity in a flashback. He then passed it on to a second, unknown quirk user.

The third user of One for All is also unknown and hasn’t had much interaction with Izuku in the manga. She is shown together with a second user standing in the corner facing the wall while the previous user interacts with Izuku.

Apart from all these users, Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku’s childhood friend and rival, also temporarily used the quirk in the film Heroes Rising. He received a tremendous increase in strength and was able to use 100% quirk quite efficiently.

And they are all users of the unique game One for All on My Hero Academia. We will keep you updated on the reveal of the unknown character as soon as the news comes out. What is your theory about this user? Let us know in the comments.

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