No Call No Life: Release Date and Preview – Info


No Call No Life has been adapted from a novel, and the film is also popularly known as NCNL. The film’s director and screenwriter is Igashi Aya. As the name suggests, the film genre is romance. The story is about a pre-recorded message on the phone that a girl finds in the next part and gradually falls in love with the protagonist. The story is set in summer and shows the life of my third year in high school, when guided by an answering machine, messages from the past have been automatically saved and are now reflected on the mobile. The story revolves around how the recorded message changes their life.

The names of the main cast of the film are Sakura Umi and Harukawa Masahiro. Harukawa Masahiro is the most famous kid in school, and Sakura Umi falls in love with him. In this film, we as viewers will quickly see the two main characters getting into each other’s comfort zone, romance will gradually be seen blooming between the two main characters. The gap or distance between the main cast won’t be long because this is a romantic film. The rest of the plot will cover the secrets that revolve around recorded messages and shocking revelations from Sakura Umi’s past life. The storyline is based on the novel Yakako Kabel with the same title, NO CALL NO LIFE.


As for casting, Yuki Mio will play the main character Sakura Umi, and Inoue Yuki as the male lead to portray the character Harukawa Masahiro.

In supporting roles we will see Inkuai Atsuhiro as Sakura Kusoke, Konishi Sakurako as Hino-chan, Yamada Aina as Chisako, Komagine Kiita as Uchida Shun, Nagaoka Tasuku as Sakura Tatsuhiko, Sakurai Yuki as Harukawa Ai. In side characters and other important side roles

We’ll take a look at Shinohara Atsushi, Oomizu Yousuke, Wada Soko, Suwa Taro, Kinoshita Houka, and Kumaki Rikuto with scenarios and directions under Igashi Aya.

Born on April 5, 1999, we have seen Yuki Mio become a star at a very young age with her prominent contributions in acting such as DAKARA WATASHI WA OSHIMASHITA, BOKU DAKE GA INAI MACH, DEATH NOTE, and many more. We have seen Yuki Mio in both films and dramas, her last film ONE IN A HUNDRED THOUSAND, also received appreciation from the audience but before NO CALL NO LIFE we often saw her in a role or as the second lead, this film, in general, could be a breakthrough. for Yuki Mio because she has played the main role in this film.

No Call No Life: Release Date

NO CALL NO LIFE is a Japanese film to be released on March 5, 2021. In addition, the main character is Inoue Yuki, who was born on June 6, 1996 in Hiroshima. Inoue Yuki is also in need of a breakthrough role for her current career, and apparently, this film could be just that. Although he has received praise for his previous work, he has appeared in very few projects to date. This isn’t his first film as a lead, and we’d like to see him do justice to his character Harukawa Masahiro as well.

In supporting roles, we have Inukai Atsuhiro, a model turned actor, and we’ve seen him in several other dramas and films, side roles too. Inukai Atsuhiro is quite well known and as important as the film, and it would not be wrong to say that this is a film made by young people targeting a younger audience. Inukai has also landed a leading role lately, and we would like to see him more often in the future. Also, we have Konishi Sakurako as the second lead, who is both famous and talented. We have seen him in many films and dramas in both lead and side roles.

The novel is already a success, and with its twinkling and early stars, this film is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially from the younger generation. From my point of view, are you asking me whether we as spectators should watch a film or not? My answer is why didn’t you watch the film? Because a movie has everything one needs to look for, which is a good plot, a good cast under good direction. I really think that this film is worth trying, and I hope you all liked and enjoyed the film.


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