Ninja Assassin’s Ending Explained: Did Raizo Achieve Retribution? (Article ready)

Ninja Assassin came in 2009, crossed with a noir crime drama involving Ninja. James McTeigue directed the film based on a story written by Matthew San with J. Michael Straczynski on the writing team as well. The film was released on November 25, 2009, to mixed reviews. While everyone admired the brutal action sequences at the same time, the film was criticized for its not so convincing plot. Ninja Assassin tells the story of an orphaned ninja who seeks revenge from his mentor since he killed the love of his life. The film stars South Korean pop musician Rain and Ninja film legend Sho Kosugi along with Naomie Harris and Ben Miles.

Whereas Ninja Assassin might look like a direct revenge movie. There are a few arcs to watch out for. The reason that changed Raizu’s goal to become the successor of the Ozunu clan. How could he defeat Lord Ozunu even though Ozunu was much stronger than Rizu? Plus, how did Mika survive the same attack that killed Kiriko? Lastly, did Raizo find the revenge he was looking for? Let’s see what Ninja Assassin is and what else can be parsed from it.

Ninja Assassin Ninja Plot Summary

Ninja Assassin follows the story of an orphan named Raizo. Along with the other Orphans, Raizo has been training to become a Ninja under the guidance of Lord Ozunu of the Ozunu clan. The Ozunu Clan is one of the fiercest Ninja clans relevant for thousands of years. They had been carrying out high-profile murders for years in exchange for money. Raizo eagerly followed the Ozunu Clan’s extreme methods. So that makes him suitable to be the successor of the clan. In the midst of the life of a brutal ninja, Raizo finally meets a kunoichi named Kiriko, whose love for helping others with her techniques eventually makes him fall in love with her.

Ninja Assassin Story Kisah

From Ninja Assassin Featuring Rain as Raizo and Naomie Harris as Mika Coretti

As Raizo and Kiriko get closer to each other, their paths are very different. Raizo wants to remain the successor, while Kiriko wants to run away to live a different life. On his way out, he asks Raizo to come along which denies. The clan later arrested him and labeled him a traitor. This resulted in Takeshi’s older ninja brother executing him right in front of Raizo.

Years after Kiriko’s murder, Raizu has trained and become what he wants to be. Thus, completing his first mission. But something with a mission doesn’t match. As Raizo was about to execute another traitor Kunuichi, the scenario reminded him of Kirko. So changed his mind and betrayed his ninja brother, and fought Lord Ozunu. While Raizp was carrying out his new mission, someone else was doing the same. Europol agent Mika Coretti is working on an assassination, possibly with connections to Ozunu. This led him to cross paths with Raizo soon after, and now the two are on the run as they battle ninja bent on bringing them down to kill.

Ninja Assassin’s Ending Explanation

The end of Ninja Assassin saw the ninja from the Ozunu clan manage to get Raizo. They took him to Lord Ozuno to execute him for treason. During the same time, Raizo continued to heal himself. Eventually, the military made their presence felt to help Raizo deal with the ninja in their own way. They managed to find Raizos thanks to the tracking device Mika put on Raizo while on duty at the motel. Chaos develops, leading Mika to help free Raizo. What we see next is a fierce battle between Raizu and Takeshi, the man who killed Kiriko. Raizo managed to defeat him but a sword fight with Lord Ozunu was not an easy task.

The Final Meaning of Ninja Assassin

From Ninja Assassin Featuring Rain as Raizo

Raizo admits that he may never defeat Lord Ozunu due to his mentor’s experience and expertise. Only until Mika intervenes to save the defeated Raizo. Thus causing Ozunu to attack Mika in the heart to kill her. The scenario created fire inside Raizo, who used his shadow blending technique to shoot Lord Ozunu, eventually killing him.

When the fight ends and the fire starts to burn. Raizo goes to help Mika. He almost thought he was dead until he put his hand on his chest to realize that he had a special heart. He has a heart on the right side. So he managed to survive. The last moments saw Raizu nurturing the place where he grew up. He moves and climbs the same wall after Kiriko discovers the beautiful scenario and the freedom she told him about. For years, he bore the guilt of letting her pass him and die but nothing more because his revenge was complete and he was free as he is now.

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