Ninja Assassin 2: Is a Sequel Possible? (Article ready)

Since its release, Ninja Assassin has become something of a cult hit. Despite the not-so-good box office performance and mixed critical reception, this film is a delightful Kung Fu film. It was surprising in many ways, with the trailer promising another low-budget Kung Fu movie. However, audiences were surprised when the film turned out to be not only competent but also quite enjoyable. With a charming lead in Rain and a pretty good cast for its budget, this film deserves its status. And while that doesn’t really have to say anything about the interesting subject matter, it smacks of anything. The action in this film is very cinematic, full of ninja fights that drain blood and blood up to 11. So, is Ninja Assassin 2 possible? Read more go find out.

Ninja Assassin has the names of the legendary Wachowski sisters attached to them. The Wachowski family is heavily involved in the film. Their influence and style is evident throughout the film, especially in terms of aesthetics and special effects. The Wachowski sisters take inspiration from anime, like their other works. The film stars South Korean star Rain as Raizo, an outcast ninja who tries to bring down a ruthless clan of ninja assassins. Naomie Harris plays Mika Coretti, a Europol agent who helps Raizo in the uprooting of the clan. The cast also includes Sho Kosugi, the leader of the ruthless Ozunu ninja clan. Rick Yune plays one of the clan ninja to kill Raizo. Ben Miles plays Coretti’s boss, Ryan Maslow. The film hit theaters in November 2009.

Who plays the main role in ninja assassin?

South Star Rain plays the lead role of the ninja assassin Raizo.

Possible Sequels and Wachowskis

James McTeigue, the film’s director, previously directed V for Vendetta for the Wachowskis. He talked about a possible sequel before the film’s release. Talking about a possible sequel, he said there have been conversations about it. Producer Joel Silver also confirmed the idea for Ninja Assassin 2. McTeigue said that the makers are waiting to see how the film performs at the box office. This means that the box office collection dictates the likelihood of a sequel. And that’s why viewers haven’t gotten it yet. As it turned out, the film didn’t really perform well financially. Set at a $40 million budget, the film’s theater revenue was $60 million. It went on and on and made $20 million more in DVD sales. However, this is not enough for the studio/creator to try the sequel.

Another reason why the sequels never see the light of day is Wachowskis. They soak up the film with their iconic and aesthetic flair. However, they were not able to make the film run in terms of commercial success like they did with The Matrix. The sisters have not been able to find commercial success with many of their latest projects. While very ambitious and innovative, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending are commercial outfits. His sister basically retired from filming even their office is about to be sold. They made a comeback with the Netflix series Sense8. It was a critical success, but Netflix ended up canceling it after 2 seasons. However, Lana Wachowski will return with The Matrix 4 this year. Even so, it seems unlikely that they will return to Ninja Assassin 2.

Wachowski's sister

Lana and Lily Wachowski are behind Ninja Assassin (2009)

Will We Be able to See Ninja Assassin 2?

Well, now that the Wachowskis are back and active again, one would think a sequel might be possible. However, we must remember that Lily Wachowski has strayed far from the subtextual stuff of sci-fi films. Since his transition, as he said in an interview, he is no longer interested in subtext. It may also mean that he is not interested in big-budget action dealings either. His latest project, Work in Progress, a comedy-drama series, seems to confirm that. Another thing is the time that has passed since the film was released. It’s been more than eleven years since Ninja Assassin hit theaters. It wasn’t a huge hit back then, and any cult fan base that has grown since then is probably still not enough for commercial success. Plus, the interest for a sequel may not be there at the moment.

There are several reasons why a sequel might not happen at all. Speculation for a possible sequel started when Netflix acquired the film last year. However, as it stands now, a sequel to the cult hit is highly unlikely. It still has to be a never say no to the fans though. After all, we can all do some with the slo-mo ninja fighting it out in hilariously cinematic sequences.

Ninja Assassin is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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