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There may be plenty of movies out there based on detective stories, but there are a few that are definitely worth watching, and one of them looks like the recent release of Enola Holmes, which was recently released on Netflix and managed to get a lot of appreciation from viewers in a short period of time. that’s happening on Netflix. The name seemed very familiar to us with the other detective stories we watched from childhood, but like the name it had nothing to do with it. Enola Holmes has a different set of events to the story, and it’s definitely worth spending a few hours watching this film.

One of the many issues or stories of the main plot of Enola Holmes is based on feminism, and viewers really like the perspective of this film because it involves almost all glimpses of a detective’s life involving his own growth or progress. also about the things he is working on and also he is not sure about his life, which involves the word sacrifice and all these points are well covered in this film and would love to watch it.

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Where Did Enola Holmes Begin?

The first thing Enola Holmes does in this film is find his mother, who has disappeared. Her mother has been shown to be her main teacher, she has taught martial arts, solving puzzles, etc. The film has shown his bond with his mother after the two Enola brothers left the house. He started working on the various clues he got and eventually he found out that he was London and he went to London as soon as he found out. In London, she watched her mother work on controversial political reforms with other women, basically reforms about expanding women’s political rights. In this part of the film, we are shown various insights into a political movement that has several agendas but getting its mother back is not easy. Enola finds her mother only at the end of the film, which she knows from clues to another second case she is working on.

Enola Holmes – Ending Explained

The film continues with the second case of a man running from his family, who is actually the killer who attacked the train. It is here that Enola meets him because he is the one who saved Lord Tewksbury’s life, the man’s name is, and Enola and Tewksbury travel to London. Now, Enola has started an investigation into both the Tewksbury case and his mother. He discovers that his mother has struggled for reform, which one segment of society disapproves of, and the film becomes interesting when we learn that the two cases are not separate but related to one another.

The two cases were intertwined in such a way that Lord Tewksbury was the one who was soon to be appointed Lord, and this had made the assassins aggressive and had tried to kill Tewksbury several times. The Lords are the same group that opposed the reform bill championed by Enola’s mother. Now, Enola has caught up with two things because solving the Tewksbury case would only pass a reform bill in parliament, and then directly block political protests that his mother was a part of.

The story of Enola Holmes then takes a different turn which is certainly quite unexpected but still interesting. Enola herself came out to support the reform bill she gave a speech to young women to fight for their rights. Women have faced various prejudices of inequality in everything, and things will be better to watch than read, and finally, Enola finds her mother, and the film ends on a happy note.



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