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Movies certainly change the way we see things, because of the variety of opinions we get from the people involved in them, more precisely we can say that someone’s opinion is limited to that person’s writer or director. film. So, with this, we continue with the topic that the film I Care A Lot goes with a message to the audience. The story of the film is somewhat unique in that in essence, it involves a series of different earning or making money, the women in the film make money for their lives by kidnapping old women and then selling their big money-making assets.

But towards the end of the film, what the audience hopes for doesn’t happen, and things take a different turn. Towards the final scene of the film, when the final phase of the kidnapping occurs when the director of I Care A Lot almost makes you realize that what Marla is doing is totally wrong ethically as well as legally, but the film takes an absurd turn there and these things start to justify, and then the story ends the other way in the film.

I Care A Lot- Ending Explained

I Still Care

I Care A Lot – Ending Explained

Viewers want or think of a different approach to the Netflix film – I Care A Lot. Morals and values ​​are always lowered when things that rely on money or capital are actually shown in the film, but it is not wrong to see the real world around you. In public work Marla kidnaps an old woman to make her live like she usually does, but this time he’s hooked up with the wrong woman, and he kidnaps another woman and then he realizes that she isn’t that woman. who really wanted him to kidnap.

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Roman is the name of a woman who was mistakenly kidnapped by Marla then realizes that they don’t need to be hurt anymore just if they support each other because they are doing the same thing individually before now they can do it together. At the end of the film, it ends on the note that there is no point fighting for what is right or wrong but more importantly they can definitely make more money if they work together.

I Care A Lot- Ending Explained

I Care A Lot- Ending Explained

Marla And Roman Will Work Together

Marla was shot to death when things seemed fair, but that was the end. Marla failed to learn a good lesson from Jennifer and Roman because the other side of Marla would not be known to anyone as everyone would think of her as the most successful poor businesswoman but was shot and killed by a maniac in the game. This film uses the best topic to show how people’s greed can make them do anything even though they really don’t want to do it, this seems fair to many, seeing things differently.

So, if you think deeply about who exactly killed Marla, the topic itself is very broad as different people may have different perspectives on this question really. But, in general or in short, only his greed killed him; just think if she doesn’t listen to her greed and doesn’t partner with Roman, then everything will be fine. The director of the film has made complete justifications for each role and indeed for every scene in the film, which makes you wonder why is this so and why not so you try to incorporate these things into your own life. If you think movies don’t affect the way someone thinks, then you should watch this I Care A Lot, and there you will also be asking the last question. The final message of the giving film is that in this world, nothing is more important than money, let alone any relationships, commitments, or morals you have known from childhood.

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