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Navillera (2021) is an upcoming South Korean series that revolves around the theme of achieving dreams and working with passion. The story revolves around the life of Sim Deok-Chool (Park In-Hwan). She has a lifelong dream of performing as a ballet on stage. He is a 70 year old man who has retired from his job where he worked as a post office clerk. Due to some unfavorable life situations, he is unable to pursue his dreams anymore. After retiring, she finally thought about pursuing her dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

Her family was completely against the idea, but she still followed her heart and dreams. He then joined a ballet company and learned ballet from there. At the company, he meets Lee Chae-Rok (Song Kang). He is a 23 year old man. Lee Chae-Rok grew up studying and participating in various sports. He tried various sports such as baseball, swimming and soccer, but he was never successful.

She finally chose ballet and had an interest in learning it. Her mother was a ballerina who died of several illnesses when Chae Rok was a child. His father was broke, and they had almost no contact left between them. After choosing her profession, she experienced some major financial and emotional crises as well. He has no time to live. By living a difficult life, his will somehow faded away. Later, he met Deok-Chool. This is to see how she helps her get back what she wants and how Chae Rok will handle life’s problems.

The main character of Navillera

The Navillera series will star Park In-hwan as (Shim Deok-chu), Song Kang as (Lee Chae-rok), Na Moon-hee as (Choi Hae-Nam), and Hong Seung-hee as (Shim Eun- ho). They will be the main characters of the series, followed by the supporting characters. The prospects look promising, and will probably have a better screen representation as well. The other supporting cast consists of Shin Eun-Jung as (Kim Ae-ran), Jung Hae-Kyun as (Shim Sung-san), Kim Soo-jin as (Shim Sung-suk), Jo Sung-ha as (Lee Moo – young), Yoon Ji-Hye as (Eun So-ri), Kim Tae-hoon as (Ki Seung-Joo), Jeong Hee-Tae as (Young-il), Jo Bok-Rae as (Shim Sung-gwan), Kim Hyun-Mok as (Kim Se-jong), Kim Kwon as (Yang Ho-beom) and Lee So-yeong as (Yoo An-na). Overall the cast looks great; it can only be judged after the play is released.

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Navillera Release Date

Navillera is a South Korean drama due out in 2021. Directed by Han Dong Hwa, and the screenwriter is Lee Eun Mi. The drama will air on tvN and will also make its debut on Netflix. The release date is March 22nd and will air on April 21st. This is one of the most awaited k dramas of the year. Navillera in English translates like butterfly. The drama is based on the webtoon “Like a Butterfly” written by Hun and illustrated by Ji-min between 2016 and 2017. The genre will basically revolve around friendship, life, and family. The drama will also be available to watch on Dramacool and Telegram. Regarding Viki and Viu, there is no guarantee of the availability of the drama. It will be deleted once the drama airs.

This drama will probably have a neutral rating, in my opinion, both above and below the level. The plot looks typical and simple as a boy chasing something from his dream and how he overcomes obstacles. The drama will have a total of 12 episodes. The drama is short and crisp. The episode duration is around 60 minutes, this can be clear after its release on tvN and Netflix. You can keep your expectations a little high from the drama because the trailers seem fun. Overall in-depth reviews will be shared after the drama gets a green signal and releases on the air.

Expected Plot

This drama seems to be moving around the lives of two people who have a desire to learn. The common thing between them is that they are attached to the problems of their life which make them rethink their decisions. Deok-Chool, a 70-year-old retired postal clerk, had dreams of performing ballet from the very beginning of his life. Life went through difficult changes, and he had to leave his dream and have to work. Attending a friend’s funeral, he realized how important it is to fulfill life’s inner desires. This made him rethink his decisions and make new decisions. He enrolled himself with a company that teaches ballet.

Plot continuation

His wife and grown children are totally against the idea of ​​ply daddy pursuing his dreams and learning ballet. At the same point Chae Rok’s life is described, how his life is falling apart. He is a 23 year old boy who has tried various sports to catch up with them but is unable. Chae Rok doesn’t excel at whatever sport he tries. He’s gone for basketball, swimming, baseball and soccer, but hasn’t found a sport that really suits him and he can thrive in it. She finally thought about enrolling herself in ballet.

Her mother was a ballerina who died of several illnesses at a young age. Chae Rok has a completely devastated family where his father went bankrupt after his wife’s death. After choosing a ballet and enrolling in it, Chae Rok has no remaining connection with her father. The period proved to be very tough for the boy financially. She had to pay for her living and expenses to study ballet. The pressures of work and life make the desire for ballet fade at some point. The two leads will run into each other at the Ballet Company, where Deok-Chool will motivate Chae Rook to act on her passion if she doesn’t want to regret it.

I think there will be some rough plot and emotional drama at some point. There can be seen several angles of love whenever possible, which is not a total certainty. The bond between two men who want to make their dreams come true can definitely be witnessed through the drama. Overall the plot looks like a complete roller coaster for chasing dreams in difficult times when there is no family or financial support. The only support that can be witnessed is that the moral support the two leads will appear to be giving each other.

The South Korean series Navillera seems to be a pretty good drama. This would be something new in a typical genre. It sure has an emotional vibe that can be seen through the trailer, so be prepared to use wipes every now and then. Overall, the drama seems to be rewarding at some point or another. Also, it looks like it will be a motivating drama. The plot seems to be well constructed. The webtoon is good but adapting to the drama brings a lot of changes which must be witnessed through the journey.

The cast looks great. The scenario also looks healthy. Drama can turn into a roller coaster of ups and downs and unexpected rides. There may be a romantic angle too, which is uncertain. This drama will focus more on the friendship between Deok-Chool and Chae Rook, who is 70 years old until now.

This drama gives off a great vibe if you are someone who wants to have something different yet refreshing to add to your watch list. You can definitely go for this drama and set your timer. There are some high expectations on my part because it seems different, so I have a keen interest in the drama.

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